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  1. Barnyb

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Not much talk from you guys about b2? Rumour is it really pushes the envelope, a big step up, throwing the ball out, bla bla bla. When is the launch?
  2. Barnyb

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    To be fair I am still infatuated with this:
  3. Barnyb

    Trying to identify photographer

    You are now more famous than our Part Time Prime Minister, and certainly more useful!
  4. Barnyb

    Team NYYC

    Absolute proof!
  5. Barnyb

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Did Blackjack fall into a hole?
  6. Barnyb

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Up there to pop the spreaders on the gyb
  7. Barnyb


    So: Confirmed 1. TNZ 2. LR 3. Team UK (whatever they are called now!) 4. NYYC The Eight additional: 1. Dutch Team 2. US team 2 3. US Team 3 4. Italy Team 2 5. China Team 6. ? 7. ? 8. ?
  8. Barnyb

    Team UK

    Did someone mention Thomas Lipton? The tea tycoon who was 'the world's best loser' 23 September 2018 The Americas Cup It is the world's oldest international sporting trophy. The America it refers to is not a country but a boat of the same name, built by members of the New York Yacht Club. In 1851 they sailed the schooner to the Isle of Wight at the invitation of the Royal Yacht Squadron for a race - and took home an ornate silver trophy. A few years later they dedicated it to international competitive sailing. As a boy Lipton was entranced by the ships arriving in Glasgow, making models and floating them in the city's ponds. Lipton now joined the world of elite yachting, in his quest for the sport's ultimate accolade....................
  9. Barnyb

    Team UK

    I see they have yet to address the speed issues from last cup!
  10. Barnyb

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    in beach cats!
  11. Barnyb

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Mike Hoskings and GD
  12. Barnyb

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    AC36: Emirates Team NZ switches focus from bases to competitors AUCKLAND – Now that New Zealand has sorted out the location and configuration of the team bases for the 2021 America's Cup (the 36th Defense of the America's Cup, or AC36 in Cup shorthand), the head of Emirates Team New Zealand, Grant Dalton (NZL), says he is switching his focus to recruiting entries.