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  1. Older fast Aus multies

    What Happened to the pod cat John West?
  2. Older fast Aus multies

    Lindsay Cumming did a talk at our recent meeting both he and Val are retired from sailing now and have sold their Grainger Azure that they bought to replace "Bags". They have not been invited out for a test sail on Bagatelle so it seems that restoration has stalled. It seems strange as the photos of Bagatelle after the accident showed that the restoration was proceeding quickly and it looked like much of the hull damage had allready been repaired. The final incarnation of Bagatelle had a really good looking new bridgedeck done by Shawn Arbor. The old arguement between Alex and Lindsay over who's boat was faster is still going on so some things never change.
  3. women of sa calendar

    I received the calendar yesterday good work girls and boys looks great. It's all struck home fairly hard as my mother went in for surgery last night to remove a cancer from her breast. I hope your travelling well Mainsheetgirl and our best wishes from Bonbeach in Australia. p.s. calendar is taking pride of place on my workshop wall.
  4. Older fast Aus multies

    I recall reading somewhere that whole sections of the hull were "breathing" in and out on Flat Chat on the ocean swells when she crossed the Tasman. It all sounded a bit of a concern but they got there.
  5. Older fast Aus multies

    This is the only Kraken I know about. Dont know whether it flipped in Manly though. http://www.thecoasta....com/triad.html There was the 37 Yumi Maru. Small world.......I see Phil Webb (owner of Triad)regularly as we both race Superkarts around Australia........very sad story that....he's an absolute lovely guy. Hey Pil Happy New Year I remember it sitting in Montys rotting away years ago maybe before Phil got hold of it. Credits to The Coastal Passage didnt notice the copyright at the bottom of the page first off. I thought Yumi Maru was a Kraken 55? Or was there more than one tri with the same name?
  6. Older fast Aus multies

    The boat was designed at the time to meet the C class box rule as they stood at the time its 25' x 14' and has 300 sqft of sail. I know Lock was irritated that tri's could not race in C class. The boat was the same that lived down on the Gippsland Lakes later it was sailed out of Frankston Yacht Club then my parents bought the boat and Sailed it out of Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on the Mornington Peninsula. I hope to take it down there to race when its all ready to go.
  7. Older fast Aus multies

    Keep us upto date with your progress with some photo's. Do you know whether this was the only one built? I have a build log up on boatdesign.net Kraken 25 build log I've rebuilt the main hull from scratch luckily I had a photocopy of the original plans out of scale but able to rescale quite well. I'm up to the final lamination of the main hull triple diagonal cold molding with about 1 1/2 of the main hull to finish. I also found the floats were too rotted out to reuse so I'm building a new set in double diagonal using the original float with the outer layer removed as a base the new floats will be a shade wider but should make no difference at all to performance. I'm looking forward to turning the main hull prior to Christmas and aim to get the boat on the water by mid 2012. I've saved a few bits from the original boat the rudder blade and stock, the original daggerboard, the mast and boom and the crossbeams will be salvageable. The original hulls were just too far gone to be worth rebuilding. There were a few Kraken 25's built, one called Jabberwock was built by Martin Cooper in Queensland. I recall reading about a Kraken 25 in the states that carried the sail number 45 so quite a few plan sets were sold.
  8. Older fast Aus multies

    I'm restoring a C Class trimaran Lock Crowthers original Kraken 25 this was one of Lock's earliest tri's around 1962. Hope to do some club racing with the Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria on the boat. I reckon we'll do ok when the wind is light.