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  1. When we are talking about "war" we are really talking about "peace".
  2. Nailing Malarkey

    Smart Party - Official Founding Announcement.

    I love a good party.
  3. Nailing Malarkey

    Did HRC Tell Europe to Build a Wall

    I hope it is a manly wall. Oooh.
  4. Nailing Malarkey


    A mushroom head. Ooooh goodness.
  5. Nailing Malarkey

    Laughing Stock

    I admire it. So exciting.
  6. Nailing Malarkey

    Did You All Underestimate Trump Again

    I never thought he could end up getting the House flipped. Definitely underestimated.
  7. Nailing Malarkey

    Make Your Midterm Prediction

    Silly Snowflakes.
  8. Every Jew a dogballs. Classic.
  9. Nailing Malarkey

    Make Your Midterm Prediction

    Hey copycat, democrat party hypocrisy is my thing. Go get your own cause celebre, socky.
  10. Nailing Malarkey

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    An altered videotape is worth many more words than a picture.
  11. Nailing Malarkey

    Birthright Citizenship

    Immigrants should have to show their Voter ID card at the border.
  12. Nailing Malarkey

    Make Your Midterm Prediction

    I think they will all be pardoned by the time any of them reach their mid term.
  13. Nailing Malarkey

    Trump Skids Into The Gutter As Ratings Tank Before Midterms

    The F35 gives me a Ridgeline. Right in my pants.
  14. Nailing Malarkey

    The Left needs to know they would lose a civil war.

    I like to polish my little cannon but it takes me some time to reload when I am done.
  15. Nailing Malarkey

    Who's Your President.

    My president is a Man's man! Isn't he just dreamy?