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  1. I think the whole end plate thing is a bit over stated. There are plenty of beach cats with transom hung rudders that go pretty fast. Any foiling catamaran also has no end plate working for it once it is up on the foils. A center hung center board that is incorporated into an extended loggeron makes a lot of sense to me . I hope this gets tried in a modern performance cruising catamaran.
  2. steve g

    What is it?

    Grainger Ocean Renegade 52 South africa
  3. steve g

    Over the horizon

    I agree on the philo cat. Saw it in the Bahamas absolutely stunning. Completely sailed away from the fleet in the Arc .last time it was for sale it was at a way higher price seems like a deal now. Might be slightly small for Soma’s needs. Not sure there is a better performance cruiser in that price range.
  4. steve g

    Over the horizon

    This Schionning just came on the market. listing
  5. steve g

    Over the horizon

    Really like Avalon and the price is right.. Might want to check out this Schionning G force 51. A bit above your budget but a very nice modern boat.
  6. steve g

    what is it?

    Fish class
  7. steve g

    EXCESS Catamarans?

    Maybe it is the Ocean Renegade 52. A Grainger design with a similar layout to the Gunboat 55. I think it looks awesome if that is the case. Would love to see a 42 to 45 version which would be ideal for a couple.
  8. steve g

    EXCESS Catamarans?

    I think calling the Neel a dog is a bit harsh. The only race result I have seen for the Neel 45 was the 2015 Arc. I know it is only one race but to many sailors surprise the Neel 45 beat both the Outremer 51's in the Arc . Division IV Multihull.pdf I have not warmed up to the style of the Neel 45 but the 47 is a big step forward compared to their previous boats.
  9. steve g

    EXCESS Catamarans?

    From the little that has been presented not seeing anything very progressive. With traditional bows it starts out looking a bit dated compared to reverse bows. There does seem to be a serious shortage of performance crusing cats at affordable prices. If they can fill that market it could be sizable .
  10. steve g

    what is it?

    Did Dali draw the window
  11. steve g

    what is it?

    I like it real well. The interior looks fine for a couple in each hull. Top could be closed in like Maine cat for nasty weather. I imagine the price is pretty steep.
  12. steve g

    BVI Spring Regatta

    Kind of surprising that the Asia catamaran Wow rates so high. i am sure it is pretty fast as it did beat the Gunboat 60 and F4 boat for boat a few times. Just would not think a $400 thousand dollar 45 foot boat would owe a Gunboat 60 time.
  13. steve g

    Caribbean 600

    I think the Asia Catamaran WOW is racing . Should be interesting to see how they do compared to the TS 42 and Daz boats.