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  1. DSE

    Repainting carbon masts

    Razor blades with an angled razor blade holder worked well for the 55ft mast and boom I did. Quicker than sanding and less dust. You have to try pretty hard to get it to dig into the fibers. The flakey stuff comes off pretty easy. Sprayed 545 and rolled/tipped with black awlgrip topcoat. Looks good and has held up 5 years later. Rolling and tipping black was tricky and ultimately had to do it indoors to minimize bugs and specks of dust getting on it.
  2. DSE

    Flying Tiger

    I had a tuff luff foil and am now using harkin as well. It works well for us. I think most of the racing FT10s have gotten rid of their furlers and have gone to just hank-on. Sail goes up and down pretty easy either way. An extra step for the bowman to tie-down if windy, but not really a big deal. A sail maker can change the vertical battens to horizontal, but it may not be worth it if its an old sail. I would not count on the furler for reefing. Way way better to get a smaller sail or reef the main. With the foil, the sail change will be a lot easier. It would better to save the money that you would spend on replacing the furler and put it towards a new sail. Up to about 18knots the full Jib should be ok if it's not blown out. After that, an 80% jib or flatter heavy jib is what I think most do.
  3. DSE

    Sailx status?

    Yes, bring SailX back!
  4. DSE

    Race tracking service

    Yes RaceQs will do this.
  5. DSE

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    I picked up simrad TP10 tiller pilot on ebay and installed on my FT10 last fall. My goal was to keep it as simple, lightweight and minimalist as possible with it being a sportboat. I don't plan to cross oceans, just deliveries and something to hold the tiller while do occasional tasks single or double-handing. The only thing wished I had was wireless remote operation. I looked at the pelagic, but it just seemed like a bit of beast and overkill for my needs.
  6. DSE

    Ulman Sails - Wally Cross - System Sailing

    It would be a bit unreliable of Ulman to promise and not follow through.
  7. Also have been looking for a less kludgy solution for a long time. Had high hopes for Pixel QI. A major problem with LCD tablets on deck is sunlight readability. E-ink seems like an obvious solution. I've been tempted to try the sailracer display http://sailracer.net/inkdisplay/ if I knew you could run Opencpn on it. It's waterproof and has large battery. Not sure about using as a repeater.
  8. DSE

    Flying Tiger

    The fractional spinnaker halyard was probably not original and is using the reefing line clutch.
  9. DSE

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    That's pretty much what I said: " But, with any speed you get from the very light air, you should be building apparent wind which gives potential to increase speed, so a smooth bottom would allow you to more easily break away from that 3 knots of hull speed. "
  10. DSE

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    Some jumbled thoughts on this. Early on, this didn't make sense to me since drag is a function of velocity squared. What I understand now is that if it's light and your hitting hull speeds the drag has more of an effect on a displacement hull in light air than heavier air. In heavy air, resistance from the bow-wave dominates. If it's really light though and you are only going 3 knots and your hull speed is 6 knots, then I would say a smooth bottom is less important. But, with any speed you get from the very light air, you should be building apparent wind which gives potential to increase speed, so a smooth bottom would allow you to more easily break away from that 3 knots of hull speed.
  11. DSE

    Flying Tiger

    It's a standard system. The line for the clew goes through the boom and ultimately to a clutch and winch on the cabin top.
  12. This is pretty interesting. 15 knot current against 15 knots of wind: waves go away.
  13. Alex is a regular on this forum and has created this app: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/88a169bd-e109-4a9f-b090-0ca5d94a7b8c It doesn't work on the Quatix 5 yet but I think he was planning to support it. Otherwise, as others have said, Raceqs.
  14. DSE

    1st Sailboat: SJ 7.7 - Advice?

    Congrats on the new boat. I started out with 7.7 as well. A good friend of mine still has it in Lake Chelan. Great boat. I seem to remember mine having 4.5 inch of lead added to the keel. I also remember it not being obvious as it was faired in. xyzzy is right about racing and gaining experience. 6-pack races are supposed to be low key and inviting to those that don't normally race. I'd recommend doing that. I have to warn you though, it can be addicting and I think a cocaine habit might be cheaper.
  15. DSE

    Sailracer E-ink Display

    Anybody using this one yet? About $400 for a display that mirror's their phone app. https://www.amazon.com/Multifunction-InkDisplay-Shockproof-Waterproof-Mounting/dp/B07C2WWVZK I don't like that they want 35 euros a year for the "premium" version of their app.