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  1. DSE

    Flying Tiger

    How did you guys do it?
  2. DSE

    Flying Tiger

    I don't think there is a good way to put a second sheave (2 side by side) in the mast head without doing major modifications to the masthead. There's not much room in the carbon fiber either. You could put one below the existing, but it wouldn't be as strong as the original as you wouldn't be able to tie in to the masthead structure. You also lose a few inches of height. The masthead carrier is way simpler. A second jib halyard would be nice. It would be nice for sail changes. Again though, it seems a side by side sheave would need a significant hole cutout in the mast and would really weaken it. The harken 51mm 310 are the sheaves currently used https://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?sku=310
  3. DSE

    Best cold weather sailing gloves?

    The Atlas gloves are good. Hard to put on if your hands are wet
  4. Thanks for the help. So one of the things I was trying to get away from was something hard mounted. During a hard gybe the boom seems like it tends to unnecessarily twist, stress, and wear the gooseneck fitting. Also, to keep it from sliding fore and aft on the boom I was thing using some like this. https://www.suncorstainless.com/footmans-loop I should have thought of using dyneema webbing. I see sailrite has some. Any other sources?
  5. What are people using for the loops used to attach mainsheet blocks to a carbon fiber boom? This for a 30ft sportboat. Example: https://www.melges.com/?p=store/details&sku=15963&cat=43
  6. It looks like someone spent some time and money on this boat. If it had new sails, it wouldn't be that bad of a deal. I've had both outboards and inboard diesels. I'd prefer an inboard diesel for cruising. As said above it would have better range, better alternator for charging, quieter, better in heavy chop, etc. Definitely advantages to an outboard as well. It would be $1800 to replace that outboard (that one is probably new). If something major breaks, you can just go get a new one. They are easy pull off, take home and do maintenance and a lot less weight if you do end up racing. A new diesel is going to be 10-15K, but with good maintenance will last a lot longer. You'll want to have a sail ready to go if it does get choppy, starts to swamp and pull out in the waves, but you probably won't be running into that often in the Puget Sound during the summer. A Catalina 30 is another good boat to look at. I had one and actually raced it. A good bang for the buck. They seem to hold their value well and are easy to sell. Avoid the atomic 4 gasoline inboard common to many of the older ones.
  7. DSE

    Old 5o5 rigging in Tacoma

    Dust, This boat looks pretty similar to yours: https://picclick.co.uk/505-sailing-dinghy-Parker-1978-sails-combi-trailer-323208570250.html#&gid=1&pid=2 I see this a lot recommendations for this book: https://www.amazon.com/Rig-Your-Dinghy-Right-Installation/dp/0070291233 Found some other applicable 505 rigging threads:
  8. Machine learning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_learning
  9. DSE

    How to build large format display

    I wonder if it would work as an cheap on-deck chartplotter as well. With it running android, I'm guessing it could run openCPN. Great to finally see some progress with marine displays with what appears to be more option becoming available.
  10. DSE

    How to build large format display

    Anyone know anything about this one? https://www.vakaros.com/ Looks like e-ink or something. I wonder if it will display NMEA data.
  11. DSE

    Recoating carbon mast

    If its already flaking, razor blades are going to be quicker in getting the bulk of it off. It's lot of sanding otherwise and it seems like you end up removing more of the carbon.
  12. DSE

    Recoating carbon mast

    Use razor blades to scrape old clear coat and sand (lightly). Wear a respirator, long sleeves and gloves. It'll be itchy. That will be most of the work. Solid color Awlgrip is the way to go. You can roll and tip to get a good finish, but spray is probably best. If you can, coat it indoors if in a controlled temperature environment to avoid variability in the finish due temperature changes, issues with bugs and dust, and issues with condensation causing it to haze if you leave it to dry overnight.
  13. DSE

    Using an iPad for a Mast Instrument Display

    Sunlight readability is the biggest problem with an iPad. Pretty good discussion here:
  14. DSE

    How to build large format display

    This looks pretty cool and am kind of tempted to order one. Like the OP, my main interest is the displaying large digits for boat speed, depth, apparent wind, TWS, etc. and not so much the start line and tacking angle stuff. You are saying this will display "4 items of telemetry in real time". So you could display something like boat speed, apparent wind direction, wind speed and depth on one page/screen? I'm currently using tacktick. It sounds like I would just need to run a wire to carry the 0183 data from the tacktick NMEA interface to this display.
  15. DSE

    Bad Company

    That's one of the yellow SC27s. Yes, a well sailed and dedicated crew. I remember that race and the speech from the crew afterwards.