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  1. Stu McCrea

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Eagle wings for sale in Grendada looks like its an alum rig in the boat.
  2. Stu McCrea

    J/120 trucking

    Removal of wheel, bow pulpit, first two stanchions, life lines. I have a pdf from Jboat showing shipping dimensions if you want it.
  3. Stu McCrea

    J 121

    90% of the time that's how we drop on our J120. If done right it comes down pretty quick.
  4. Stu McCrea

    J109 outhaul cleat upgrade

    where did you get the carbon vang…..
  5. Stu McCrea

    Marblehead to Halifax 2019

    Were in, hopefully get some weather this time. Past two have been warm and kind.
  6. Stu McCrea

    J/105 Companionway trim

    goto mcmasters carr to see if they have the product and if you have someone who can mill it
  7. Stu McCrea

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    22.7 J120 delivery to Marblehead 2015
  8. Stu McCrea

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    It certainly requires some TLC. Hull 14
  9. Have the issue. Masthead tri has LED and when switched on at night (obviously) almost all, if not all AIS targets disappear on both chart plotter and expedition. Switch to LED bow lights and switch off Masthead they re-appear. Going to test a few different LED bulbs in masthead to see if there is one with less interference. Good thing is although we might not see targets, we are still transmitting from our AIS (using masthead ANT). Great of Coast Guard to finally come out.
  10. Stu McCrea

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    i was wondering why it was not listed. So its confirm it is head to Detroit
  11. Stu McCrea

    J70 Trailer retro kit for 'up' trailering?

    Sadly your going to find that the axle capacity on the trailer you have may not be capable of taking the load of all the parts required for keel down trailering. That said, the bunks can be bought from C&C (builder) and I guess if one was good with welding alum you could try to build uprights lighter then the steel that is currently used. Most people appear to be simply buying a new trailer (crazy)
  12. Selma should watch the race from Castle Hill, anytime after noon will be good as the crusing boats start first an faster all out racing machines are last (3-4pm) Crew party requires a wrist band as usually is at Newport shipyard (assuming they haven't changed it). Usually the owner has to purchase these as part of the entry process. There might be some available at event. Make sure as crew you get to the New York Yacht Club right away to pre clear customs as it gets busy especially with 180 boats doing race. If Selma is sailing boat back get a letter from owner stating she is doing that as it will make her entry into Bermuda a lot smoother as they are picky about how long your there and when your leaving (especially if your leaving by sea). Events in Bermuda, the yacht club parties can be fun for sure, that's where you should be.
  13. Stu McCrea

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Rasin Cane is former Morning Glory out of Bermuda
  14. Stu McCrea

    Sprit seal for J/125

    Did you try McMaster Carr?
  15. Stu McCrea

    J 121

    Yup an 8 J120s. Will be fun to see how the new J121 goes against other J's (44, 122, 120, 125)