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  1. Where do you work on your boat?

    Yup! All these issues need to be considered. That's way costs get inflated, to cover insurance premiums and qualification expenses. The disposal of hazards is the same whether working indoors or out. Additionally, boat transport is not cheap. It all adds up.
  2. Where do you work on your boat?

    Bartman, I sent you a PM.
  3. Where do you work on your boat?

    Definitely, working indoors doesn't relieve one from the responsibilities of containing hazardous dust. I encapsulate much like someone working outdoors would. The advantage of working indoors comes with temperature and moisture control. I've left many a outdoor topside paint jobs, some them covered with plastic tent, in the evening only to come back the next day and have the gloss ruined by morning dew. It so much easier to predict results of epoxy bonding and two part paint curing performance when the environment is controlled.
  4. Where do you work on your boat?

    Bartman, I've been repairing/restoring big boats on the side for many years and I finished building the blue i550 recently. My engineering career is finished in a few years (can't stand the cubicle). I purchased this warehouse in Carrollton VA. I want to mess with boats. I currently have two large boats to restore the topsides and bottoms on (white one is mine, blue one is close friend and tenant). Are you in the area?
  5. Where do you work on your boat?

    Now, I'm taking over a warehouse. My career is close to retirement. I've decided the best way to stay active is to work for myself and to work on boats. The future looks FUN!
  6. Where do you work on your boat?

    Then, I took over the garage.
  7. Where do you work on your boat?

    First, I took over the living room!
  8. i550

    Timber, Yah! Thank you! -Mist
  9. i550

    Can someone turn my dot green? Mist, Hull 296, Suffolk VA
  10. i550

    And I'm not ever going to forget!
  11. i550

    After taking way too long to build hull #296, I finally went sailing in early Aug. Mist has a 155 pound keel and a tin (Dywer DM-5) rig. By no means do I know the ins and outs of sailing a sportboat. I feel no rest when sailing this boat in winds greater than 12 knots. I feel I have been pushing the boat to the limits of the crew (we've experienced many calamities). The asym has been the most challenging. Wrapping the lazy sheet around the bulb during a jibe, getting caught in too much air, on a reach, on a plane, with the rudder retracted too far. On this occasion I was knocked down shortly after jibing the spin in 16ish knots of wind. The mast was in the water and one crew was thrown to leeward. Myself and my 110 pound daughter were on the high side watching at the bulb dance well out of the water. It took awhile (couple a minutes) but the boat finally righted itself, suprizingly we had no inrush of water into the cabin. All in all the boat performed well and I feel I was pushing may luck as I was sooo close to going all the way upside-down.
  12. DIY chainplates

    Another idea, dyneema stop knot through a G-10 tube reinforced with uni-carbon. I just painted the boat today. I'll try to post completed photo soon. Sorry the photo is sideways, my patience is short with figuring out how to rotate it.
  13. i550

    Data of hull dimensions compared to Class Association requirements: 2 Hull Construction 2.5 Fair curve of cabin roof adjacent to the mast step or partners shall be no less than 42" above the bottom of the hull at station 89. (Mist #296 = 42-1/2") 2.6 Cockpit may only extend 106" (2692mm) forward of the aft face of the transom. (Mist #296 = 103-1/2"). 2.8.1 The overall length of the hull shall not exceed 216" (5486mm) excluding all rudder fittings, bowsprit fittings, drain plugs and stem fittings (Mist #296 = 214-1/2") 2.9.1 Beam at sheer measured 90" (2286mm) forward of the aft face of transom shall not exceed 90.6" (2301mm). (Mist #296 = 90-1/4") 2.9.2 Beam at chine measured 90" (2286mm) forward of the aft face of transom shall be 46" (1168mm) +/- 1" (25mm). (Mist #296 = 46-3/8") 2.10.1 Beam at sheer measured on the aft face of transom shall be 95" (2413mm) +/- 1" (25mm). (Mist #296 = 95-1/4")2.10.2 Beam at chine measured on the aft face of transom shall be 47.7" (1212mm) +/- 1" (25mm). (Mist #296 - 47 5/8") 2.11.1 Beam at the chine 6" (152mm) aft of the stem shall not exceed 4.5" (114mm). (Mist #296 = 3-5/8") 2.11.2 Freeboard measured at 6" (152mm) aft of the stem shall be 28" (711mm) +/- 1" (25mm). (Mist #296 = 28-3/8") 2.12.1 Maximum deviation from designed hull shapes from sheer to chine is +1" (25mm) and - .25" (6mm). Hull side panels from sheer to chine shall be a shape that can be substantially followed by a 1/4" (6mm) thick wood batten. The top 2" (51mm) of hull side panel and any chine radius complying with 4.5 shall be excluded from this measurement. (I'm certain Mist fits this requirement. I used Watershed provided templates to cut the panels.) 2.12.2 Maximum deviation from designed hull shapes from chine to chine shall be +/- .25" (6mm). (I'm certain Mist fits this requirement. I used Watershed provided templates to cut the panels.) Keep in mind that Mist's deck is 1/2" thick foam not 1/4" ply. The cabin top is 3/8" thick Cedar. I'll be glad to answer any other questions you may have. -Tim K.
  14. i550

    Hello,Timber - WaterShed - Tim Hello,TimFordi550#87 - Tim, I mean Dave Hello,I live in Sydney and sometimes work in Canberra and want to build a i550 - Tim Thisis Mist - Tim, builder of hull #296, Ifar as which configuration to build, definitely consider the long cockpit. The short cockpit is a pain in thebottom with the keel stuck in the interior hatch area. Flushor Cabin, if the sole purpose of the boat is to race - go flush. If there is anypossibility you’ll be out on the water for lengthy trips go with thecabin. Enjoy the build no matterwhat you pick. You can call me Bob!