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  1. Dick Carter design boats

    Sad to think of Rabbit just rotting away. Glad Dick and YM are in better shape. Chuck Coyer says hi. I think of both of them more often than you might suspect. Mainly because there is a picture of Phoenix directly across from my favorite reading chair.
  2. Dick Carter design boats

    For me, the Carter 39 was the most comfortable boat I have ever steered. The little dual wheels were at the perfect distance from my short arms when I rested my head on the stern pulpit. I never felt like the boat was overpowering to steer and it never spun out suddenly. I do envy the seats on Naif though.
  3. Dick Carter design boats

    I'm saddened to think that Dick had to go through that. He was talented enough that some of the other designers of offbeat IOR boats would bash him from time to time. His boats were fast and handled well, unlike some of the beasts I encountered later.
  4. Dick Carter design boats

    I want to know the story too. I'll see if I can get some of my pictures into a format that will allow posting.
  5. Dick Carter design boats

    Thank you Yves.
  6. Dick Carter design boats

    Whatever happened to Dick? I remember the first time we sailed Rabbit. We were going upwind in about 8 knots and he kept looking at the quarter wave and then his watch. Finally, I asked him what he was doing. He replied that the boat was overweight. I never got an answer I could understand about the relationship between the frequency of the quarterwave and displacement.
  7. Dick Carter design boats

    I had some of the best times of my life on two Carter 39's. Rabbit before it went west and Phoenix. Little Chuck learned to walk on Phoenix on the delivery down from Marblehead. He would bounce between the settees with his life jacket on for padding and laugh every time he rebounded. Then there was the delivery up to Newport when Big Woody was trying to set up a date in Atlantic City with a radio patch. Every time Carter, in the quarter berth, would start to mumble he would stuff the pacifier back in and play with him. Sailing almost side by side with Mark Soverel for the entire SORC in 75. My best memory of all was bringing the boat back from Nassau on a crystal clear day with about 15 knots from the south close reaching to fort Lauderdale. There were five or six boats all in a row, all from the same class with Proud Mary playing on the radio. Good times.