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  1. Yeah, but they haven't revealed how much their computers weigh.
  2. Really They are so ugly don't expect to see anyone on the team wearing even a free one voluntarily - maybe you'll get some swag? They're popular among the manly/meathead celebrities (Statham, Schwarzenegger, and the like). But at least they pay money for them, and not the other way around, like TAG-Heuer has to. Tom Cruise is a Bremont guy. Contrast that to DC, who had Citizen as a sponsor.
  3. Sheesh. Make up you minds already. "They took too long to decide!" "That race didn't end quickly enough!" "Waaagh!" The fact is, they pulled out a knife, and then the other guy pulled out a gun. The AC is interesting because it's rigged, and can get down and dirty. Don't like it? Take it away, and then you get to bend the rules to the best of your ability. But I am in the Anybody But Oracle camp, and would welcome a return to sanity if ETNZ reclaimed the Cup. This neatly-packaged, Pollyanna charade being pushing now is the worst of all worlds, with villainy, incompetence, little of the "boat porn," and key elements of the event blithely shoved aside in a futile chase for an audience it will never receive. LE and RC had their era, it's time for someone else to step up, and move on.
  4. Every time I see a picture of YA, I'm reminded of that uneasy feeling of how DC was doomed before the match even took place. It turned out more like this.
  5. So, my memory is kinda hazy...but remind me what made Fay, with his ambush challenge, any less of a sore loser than Ellison and his ambush challenge? Two peas in a pod, it would appear. Yeah, LE's a hypocrite, but at least he managed to succeed.
  6. What would ETNZ do if they won the Cup? Now that LE/RC have not only kicked open the door, but ripped it off the hinges to allow full freedom to cast aside much of what makes the AC special, it's foolish to try to make any assumptions. Get ready for AC36 in Dubai! Of course, one would hope that ETNZ and the RNZYS care enough to retain their dignity, unlike the GGYC, and try to restore some stature to the event by hosting the defense in their home waters, regardless of the boats chosen, and choose a format that doesn't pander to the short attention span audience.
  7. How would the trip that James May made for Top Gear compare? Granted, they weren't foiling.
  8. When all is said and done, I wouldn't be surprised to find BT looked more kindly upon in history than LE or RC. LV was a loyal sponsor of the CSS through the LVC for well over 20 years, spanning eight events, with the notable exception of the DoG challenges. Had AC33 been held according to EB's vision, LV would not have been a part of it, in protest. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find past threads where many here saluted BT for that stance, including from yourself. But now, BT is an insignificant and ridiculous figure to be scoffed at? For having his own opinions about an event he'd been a part of for many years, as both a sailor and a sponsor? For being upset at the debacle of the CSS during AC34, and not being comfortable with the direction of the Cup under LE's reign? LE may feel that he can do without that kind of sponsor, but they certainly don't grow on trees. The VRO thing may be arguable, but when you take off your rose-colored glasses and drop the Pollyanna routine, you've gotta take a moment to make sure your vision is straight.
  9. Now there's yer problem... Can't let little things like that get in the way of popularizing and commercialing the property. Even if your ideas for doing so strip away some of the things that give it its identity and make it unique.
  10. That must be reassuring for the Bermudans. Even if such a hollow promise didn't come from a regime not known to adhere to its own words and commitments. But, we can't begrudge JS for toeing the company line. He knows who butters his bread. And there isn't exactly a shortage of top-class talent on the market. Few are irreplaceable, and those are usually the ones who sign the checks.
  11. Baghdad Coutts and "Spit-ill" have now found religion? Using terms like "unsustainable" and "ridiculous" in reference to AC34? And EB is talking about an independent referee? What I'd really like is for LE to speak on the record. If his old buddy Jobs rubbed off on him at all, then he might actually be halfway believable. Come on Larry, quit hiding from this mess. LOL at all of them.
  12. I think any SF Bay venue's chances turned a corner once people started filing lawsuits to keep it out. Those unfortunate lawsuits were loud enough for the rest of us to hear since the controversy was even on television news. A "call to arms" to the locals for an SF venue for AC35" was going to be a huge waste of time and money no matter how deafening the silence was to you. RC cancelled the SF effort the morning after an evening meeting with the Mayor. It was obvious to them both, apparently. Throwing up political opposition to anything, even parks and such, is considered sport in SF. LE (or his minions) were surprising ill-prepared for running the typical gauntlet, and because they also torpedoed his P32 condos, probably didn't have the stomach to go through that again. The City, for its part, didn't want to help fund support of a billionaires' boat race again, especially when the supposed three-ring circus that was coming to town ended up being a couple party clowns, however entertaining the final show ended up being (barely, by about 20 minutes?). Aside from some very enthusiastic NZ tourists, the event was mostly a novelty to those who happened to be in town anyway, and met with a collective shrug by the large local businesses and rich folk LE was hoping to help underwrite the event. LE though he could do better elsewhere, and SF didn't need the pain or expense when it has more than enough going on the calendar. Probably the best for both sides, even if it means the AC is no longer really the AC.
  13. When RC finishes perverting the AC, the only things remaining will be the name, and the trophy.
  14. It takes two to tango... The City had its issues, but only a fool would believe that the ACEA didn't put a few bullets in its own feet. And as successful of a guy LE is, he had surprisingly poor understanding about how things operate in his adopted hometown. The carpetbaggers like RC and IM could at least claim to be from out of town.
  15. They'd better hope it works out better than Hutchinson...and Cayard did, also two "local" guys.