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  1. Teams?

    "The best-laid plans of mice and men..." Three American challengers? I have my doubts about even a single challenger. The AC is and has always been a rich man's game. All the dreams that this niche event in a niche sport would ever have any sort of wider appeal and commercial sustainability has been pure fantasy. Even if the potential sponsor pool wasn't already limited by its very nature, the wider sports world is seeing declining ratings, and the popular sports are having difficultly finding sponsorship to reach much larger audiences with better ROI. That leaves the AC reliant on the whims of a rich guy wanting to scratch an itch, or settle a grudge. At that level, money is never the issue, it's about keeping score and bragging rights. DC was fortunate to ride the wave of history and sentiment that allowed him to do what he did, and carry it forward for a few years, but that was a different sports world in a different time. LE is driven by being the kind who likes to stir the pot, but he already got to stick it to both EB and ETNZ, so what's left to do? Dunzo. NZ can appreciate the AC, and Bertelli is still trying to scratch his itch. Good for them, and I hope they're successful in restoring some sense of sanity and dignity to the event. But I'd be surprised if anyone in the U.S. still gives enough of a shit. But those MLM guys are nothing if not very pushy. We'll see. And just for entertainment, let's just say the Amway Challenge materializes, is successful, and takes the Cup. Are the Great Lakes an "arm of the sea?" Does anyone want to open that can of worms again, LOL?
  2. I'd just be happy with the restoration of a few AC fundamentals: -Competition in home waters -CiC and participant rules with some teeth (but not detrimentally restrictive) that at least follow the spirit of a national competition, instead of the mercenarial free-for-all that currently exists. Those would be a good start. In my perfect world, I'd also keep RC as far away from AC as possible, except as a sailor. To me, he's patient zero for a lot of its ills for the past 20 years of so.
  3. The Spitbull...

    Only fools enter in a game of Three-card Monte thinking it's a fair game. The AC is one of the longest running examples in history. That's what makes it what it is, and all the more rewarding to those who manage to win. Who's going to be the Kirk in RC's Kobayashi Maru?
  4. 100,000 lines of code to fly

    Yeah, but they haven't revealed how much their computers weigh.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    Really They are so ugly don't expect to see anyone on the team wearing even a free one voluntarily - maybe you'll get some swag? They're popular among the manly/meathead celebrities (Statham, Schwarzenegger, and the like). But at least they pay money for them, and not the other way around, like TAG-Heuer has to. Tom Cruise is a Bremont guy. Contrast that to DC, who had Citizen as a sponsor.
  6. AC50 Boat Porn

    Sheesh. Make up you minds already. "They took too long to decide!" "That race didn't end quickly enough!" "Waaagh!" The fact is, they pulled out a knife, and then the other guy pulled out a gun. The AC is interesting because it's rigged, and can get down and dirty. Don't like it? Take it away, and then you get to bend the rules to the best of your ability. But I am in the Anybody But Oracle camp, and would welcome a return to sanity if ETNZ reclaimed the Cup. This neatly-packaged, Pollyanna charade being pushing now is the worst of all worlds, with villainy, incompetence, little of the "boat porn," and key elements of the event blithely shoved aside in a futile chase for an audience it will never receive. LE and RC had their era, it's time for someone else to step up, and move on.
  7. AC50 Boat Porn

    Every time I see a picture of YA, I'm reminded of that uneasy feeling of how DC was doomed before the match even took place. It turned out more like this.
  8. AC50 Boat Porn

    So, my memory is kinda hazy...but remind me what made Fay, with his ambush challenge, any less of a sore loser than Ellison and his ambush challenge? Two peas in a pod, it would appear. Yeah, LE's a hypocrite, but at least he managed to succeed.
  9. ACWS Toulon - 9, 10 & 11 September

    What would ETNZ do if they won the Cup? Now that LE/RC have not only kicked open the door, but ripped it off the hinges to allow full freedom to cast aside much of what makes the AC special, it's foolish to try to make any assumptions. Get ready for AC36 in Dubai! Of course, one would hope that ETNZ and the RNZYS care enough to retain their dignity, unlike the GGYC, and try to restore some stature to the event by hosting the defense in their home waters, regardless of the boats chosen, and choose a format that doesn't pander to the short attention span audience.
  10. Team France

    How would the trip that James May made for Top Gear compare? Granted, they weren't foiling.
  11. Team Japan

    When all is said and done, I wouldn't be surprised to find BT looked more kindly upon in history than LE or RC. LV was a loyal sponsor of the CSS through the LVC for well over 20 years, spanning eight events, with the notable exception of the DoG challenges. Had AC33 been held according to EB's vision, LV would not have been a part of it, in protest. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find past threads where many here saluted BT for that stance, including from yourself. But now, BT is an insignificant and ridiculous figure to be scoffed at? For having his own opinions about an event he'd been a part of for many years, as both a sailor and a sponsor? For being upset at the debacle of the CSS during AC34, and not being comfortable with the direction of the Cup under LE's reign? LE may feel that he can do without that kind of sponsor, but they certainly don't grow on trees. The VRO thing may be arguable, but when you take off your rose-colored glasses and drop the Pollyanna routine, you've gotta take a moment to make sure your vision is straight.
  12. Team NZ

    Now there's yer problem... Can't let little things like that get in the way of popularizing and commercialing the property. Even if your ideas for doing so strip away some of the things that give it its identity and make it unique.
  13. Artemis?

    They'd better hope it works out better than Hutchinson...and Cayard did, also two "local" guys.
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Well, the folks at Embraer would disagree with you, but I understand where you're coming from. It's no surprise that a Cupholder that won't honor the things that make the AC what it is would have a free for all.
  15. Oracle Team USA

    Wow, Ernesto was quite generous... Hope BB didn't spend it all in one place.