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  1. markvannote

    Quick connect bilge hose?
  2. markvannote

    W/L racing - hanks OR tuff luff / harken carbo foil

    Huh. That's a new one. Sure it wasn't your stupid bowman?
  3. Oh hey, look at that. You guys are never a bother. Right? Sending you a PM CPT.
  4. markvannote

    J80 Hall Mast Parts & Pieces

    Hi Tonka, I was looking to message you but possibly you have the feature turned off. First, if you are looking for Hall parts do call Cara as someone mentioned in your other post. She would be the only one who knows if there are any parts in their containers. Second, we have been talking to the class president a lot about being involved more with the class and helping out with the worlds. (By "we" I mean Sparcraft.) Give us a ring and we can talk about what your region needs and how we can help out. We have things going out to Kevin Hayes all the time so shipping probably is quite reasonable depending on what is needed. Again, give us a ring. (or email Henry at Thanks Mark
  5. markvannote

    Best knee pads for bowperson?

    Got these last summer and was quite pleased with them. (Amazon link was ridiculous so that's a hyperlink) Inexpensive enough that I wouldn't be upset if they didn't hold up to the non-skid but they performed well. Learned they stay in place better under rather than over compression pants if you are wearing those. I would definitely buy them again. Thanks. Mark
  6. markvannote

    Cable less Code Zero development

    Skipping the Helix part of this conversation for a second, top/down with internal luff cable has been going on for a while now. Most IRC 75% girth masthead zeros, Volvo 65 A3's, Gunboat A3's and screachers. I do have personal experience with this and it's fantastic.
  7. markvannote

    Cable less Code Zero development

    Yeah, this sail appears to be Doyle. Which video is this? Would like to get a view of what appears to be a furling non-overlapping sail and figure out why you would even do that. (I started watching the finish live and until the end so maybe there was a peel I missed.)
  8. markvannote

    Cable less Code Zero development

    That was a "standard" code zero with cable in the luff pocket and not a cable-less sail. North logo on the front so it would have been an original sail to the boat. There is no lack of backstay/forestay tension in that boat especially in 5-8 knots of breeze. Tons of development has gone into cable-less sails including North's Helix, Doyle and Quantum. One sailmaker I know who was seriously questioning it as a gimmick has fully drank the punch and loves them. Given his past and current customer base I am happy to listen to him. The shape and benefits of a positive luff profile was always going to be good. The biggest concern was in the furl as we had all gone with top/down systems for IRC masthead zeros because of all that garbage high luff to achieve 75% mid-girth. The cable-less sails have proven to furl just fine. I have not sailed with one myself but spend a bit of time worrying about such things and believe it is the way forward. I would guess that 75% of the zeros built in 2020 will be cable-less. Thanks Mark
  9. markvannote

    INEOS Team GB

    US based F1 team driver Roman Grosjean speaking to INEOS Team UK. They will crash out of every race they enter now. Well played AM, well played indeed. Mwaahaahaaa.
  10. markvannote

    Jib Furler Suggestions

    Guess I am late to the thread but nice choice. Who was your distributor BTW? Mark
  11. Any reason your cover buries into core don't look as good as hers?
  12. markvannote

    Team NYYC

    Just Sayin.
  13. markvannote

    Gear Question - Night sailing - illuminating telltales

    I know it’s a bit spendy but glowfast draft stripes are a game changer offshore at night. I have done some good amount of miles and cannot remember the last time I asked for a torch while steering when they are on the sails. Yes, trimmers have to use a torch when doing finite sail trim but illuminated telltales will not change that.
  14. markvannote

    Main Halyard Line Choice

    Have a look at your lead in angle to the winch drum. If it is too low then the friction as it rides over the skirt of the drum will add a considerable amount of twist. On that note, every part of your system is potentially able to induce twist. Mast base blocks, anything that the line goes over. Also, hard to say from the specs given but is the halyard 1:1 or 2:1? People would be surprised how often they let twist run out of the working end of a halyard without even thinking about it when attaching a shackle to a headboard. 2:1, being a "captive" system for the most part, does not allow this. Chris is right, PolyTec will just be more expensive twisted rope. Am I still allowed to comment on rigging Chris? Let me know when you guys give me the boot.
  15. markvannote

    Furler Help - Explanation Of Types.

    Well, as the one who is putting my neck out here in a forum, I will say printing ads that say "never need replacement" gets a raised eyebrow from me. Sometimes things do not last forever cause, boats. I can only say that I can look at them on a case by case basis. We are working on defining, better, our service centers throughout the country so if there is an issue people will know where to go. If it is a manufacturing issue then we will do our best to make you whole. Regarding the sealed bearings being harder to roll from the start there is a part of that which is true. As compared to the competitors the bearings in the Profurl units are more thrust bearings than ball bearings, much like a code zero furler. It is harder to spin when it is in your hand. It will never free spin. That said they rotate better when loaded as compared to a ball bearing race which is the end game. So, harder to roll right from the start is intentional. Still trying to figure out if Ostfront is a compliment to the brand. I think I will take it as such. Thanks man!