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  1. markvannote

    TufLuff Foil Screw Fail

    If the unit was new five years ago it is either a Mark IV furler or ESP. The Mark IV uses 5200 to retain the connectors and fasteners. The ESP uses blue loctite. A photo would tell the collective which model it is. If it is a Mark IV then someone used the wrong stuff to assemble it. If it is an ESP then my first question is did the assembler make sure to THOROUGHLY clean both parts with acetone before assembly? "Standard" loctite used will not kick with the presense of any lubricant or grease. 243-blue and 263-red, instead of 242 or 262, are "okay" with contaminates but are not what you usually find on the shelf. Using red on the ESP would be no problem and, probably, preferred if you know how to use a torch with care taking it apart for service later. Loctite also requires the absence of air to kick so I am surprised that they use it on the ESP. The tolerances on the Mark IV were loose enough to go 5200 so they somehow made the cheaper version better? (What say you Harken peeps? I know you are watching.) Chris asked the next logical question. Those threads are tiny, fine pitched and into anodized aluminum instead of hardcoat so an aggressive rigger could strip it no problem. (done it) So, yeah, find out what model. Check that it was assembled with the right stuff. Check and see if the connector is stripped. Once you have that info in hand call Harken as someone earlier suggested. They are pretty great and will REALLY love the call if you have all the info ahead of time. Wow, really geeked out on that one. Thanks. Mark
  2. markvannote

    Rigging a multi with a monohull mast, why not?

    This is a long shot but.... There is a cruising multi up on the hard in Christiansted, St. Croix post hurricane. Sounds about the same size as your man's prospect. This particular boat is f-ed, never to be one with the water again. The rig is laying on the top, though, looks to be pristine. When I say it's on the hard I mean the crane deposited it on a property next to the water because there was space. It is at the end of the boardwalk on the Angry Nate's end. (If you know the area at all) I am sure someone should be able to make a deal for the mast on that boat. It is the only thing worth a dime left. Again, long shot but maybe worth looking into for your friend. Thanks. Mark
  3. markvannote

    Navtec Backstay Cylinder Question

    Bam is being easy here, NO tape on the JIC fitting. It will most likely interfere with the mating surfaces causing leakage and could add the benefit of getting into the oil, then the pump, etc. which is potentially bad. Plugging the hose and pressurizing the system is spot on. I would add that a place to look is between the elbow and the cylinder body. Between the stainless elbow and the aluminum female thread with some anger I have seen the elbow win a few times. You mentioned it was bench tested so this is not a high probability. You can lighten up on your tightening procedure. With no pressure in the system you should be able to tighten the hose onto your cylinder with average strength on an 8" cresent and see no leaking. If you do then something is amiss. In general with hydraulics, clean the living daylights out of everything then do your testing. If it's not spotless it is very hard to see where the issue is. Thanks. Mark
  4. markvannote

    Harken GP Blocks

    Yur funny.
  5. markvannote

    Sailing La Vagabonde

    Pics or GTFO She drew the line at posting her tits. Nice pic taken from the Chive. (right there when you "inspect" the picture) Most unfortunate is the tits boast, she's the one in the middle.
  6. markvannote

    Integral Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster

    Double-check the pin sizes of your Navtec clevis's versus the Sailtec if you are going in that direction. They are not always a straight match. Found this a lot on J-Boats but this could have been a J-Boat driven issue with their chainplate pin sizing. Depending on the age of your backstay it may be a good option to get the longer new cylinder and have your backstay re-headed. Sounds like Svendsen's did what they could with a 30 year old part but the old girl has given you all she's got. Thanks. Mark
  7. markvannote

    Constrictor clutch as REEF lock

    Nils, They were used on the G4 for reef locks. Did the trip from NC to Newport last year tucking one and two reefs in and out and they worked great. Hope that helps. Mark
  8. markvannote

    Constrictor clutch as halyard lock

    Not if they are set up correctly. You want about 7lbs of tension on the shock cord and make sure the sock of the Constrictor is not twisted. Cheers, Jim Hey Jim, You know who rmb is, right? That said, I have disagreed with him before. Sorry Ryan. Mark
  9. markvannote

    RORC Caribbean 600

    Laser pointer maybe? Shit, you are right. That IS the laser they have for the finish line. Taking it all back.
  10. markvannote

    RORC Caribbean 600

    Almost sounds a little outside-assistance-y. Not saying they did, just dangerous speculation based on the color. All I know is the mark we look for four times is barely visible. And, last year, they did have some kind of laser beam yours sails went through at the finish.
  11. markvannote

    RORC Caribbean 600

    There is not a lot that the Phaedo team misses. That standard finish light is a bitch to find at night, after 600 miles. (Speaking from IRC 50 speeds, not approaching at 20 knots.) Looks like the team dropped their own right next to it, Hope they were sporting and kept it in for the other MOD.
  12. markvannote

    Dynex Dux vs. New England STS

    Hey Rod, I was just checking the forums out and saw this. Got myself a different job. I am still happy to help out with any rigging questions but am not on here as much as before. Good luck. Mark
  13. markvannote


    Just wanted to put it out ther that I am no longer with Hall Spars. I honestly do not know if anyone else at Hall had been following this thread. If anyone has any questions regarding this, or similar, issues I will be happy to answer or at least let the good folks at Hall know their attention is required. I was happy to be on the first J88 the first time it sailed. It is a very cool boat for the right person. I hope those who have bought one are happy with it. Thanks. Mark
  14. markvannote


    For sure North has this information. We worked very closely with Tim Dawson during the design stages. We were both on for the sea trial and he was on for more sessions during the tuning development along with Chuck Allen who was taking pictures from off the boat. I do not know if Quantum has been in touch with is or not but they are sure to be fairly dialed in by now if not soon.
  15. markvannote


    Sorry this took so long to get. The boys in the engineering office are quite busy no matter what time of year. The sprit for the J88 has a static working load of 675 lbs. At that load you should have 2.5" of deflection. Dynamic loading you should see a spike of two times that. We would expect to see the tube start to buckle at the hull entry point around 1800-2000lbs of load at the tip. Regarding the Code 0, I am guessing the tack load will not meet the buckling load but will certainly exceed safe working. If it were my boat I would have a bobstay for both safety and sail trim. A Code 0 will just not be effective if the tip of the sprit is moving inches on each wave. The luff will be all over the place as well as the leech shutting down again and again. In the end, if you buy the boat the sprit is yours and you can hoist whatever sail your sailmaker sells you. I hope the information above is helpful in your decisions. Thanks. Mark