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  1. 59er XX

    try this instead
  2. 59er XX

    Well I cant even imagine a tasar with a 59er rig, that's gone way beyond pimp my ride, once that sucker falls right over your dead crew become unbalanced, next minute theyre in the water. its been a life long dream of mine to own a 59er, well that and a silver delorean tow vehicle. I could take Julian back to 1998 where it all could be repeated with 20/20 hind sight.
  3. 59er XX

    I think your confused with the 69er.
  4. 59er XX

    What if your crew is dead, some people I know can only get dead people to sail with, they don't mind much about anything.
  5. Radio Control Multihulls

    ah so that's how you do it, fascinating.
  6. What's happened to the VX One ?

    yes we'll just take it as it comes, might get one off a tasar, don't know how it would measure though.
  7. What's happened to the VX One ?

    arh they haven't been offered to me, I saw they were going to ovingtons. I could borrow one from turkey, its not as good as the vx but its right up there.
  8. What's happened to the VX One ?

    im not sure what your motivation is but you consistently start negative press about the vx 1, they never ran out of dildos for the keel or tiller end. in fact the availability of dildos is not in question here. if you have no attention? of sailing a vx then maybe spent? your time on a thread talking about a boat you are going to sail.
  9. Artemis?

    maybe I should head over there with some tools whats the hourly rate for patching up these things.
  10. My Next Boat

    How about the cal 2/46 anyone have experience with one of these.
  11. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    scarecrow, a bit more info on this please.
  12. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    the knockoffs are already out there, you dont have to diy. i really dont think your game is under threat, just too many fat pigs in the troff fighting over the scraps, so long as you are prepared to tow your boat to the water and race it with other like minded your game will go on
  13. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    whats to stop you lifting the identity from a $50.00 fucked out surfmat laser and pasting it onto a new fake.
  14. So what news of Syd's new ride?

    my geuss possesion is 9/10 where syds invoved.