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  1. caption contest

    aquaculture- the new green industry.
  2. Pettit Vivid removal options

    wet sand it with a "water bug" power wet sander- no dust, no muss, big mess however. You need air to power it, and a good hose to supply water, and a lot of sand paper.
  3. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    I have no experience in a 33, but I have owned 2 Olson 30's. In light air and chop or a swell, they're the most fun I've ever had racing a keel boat. It is probably best to be or have been a dingy sailor sailing one.
  4. Heavy #1 vs #2

    I use a number 2 on all the different boats I've owned, although it is much more common not to have one and just go from a #1to a #3. I like a 130 or so % sail because one can tack easier and sail with fewer crew. Also, I like them for just day sailing with a couple people. Back when I had a light #1, a heavy #1, a #2, and a #3, I found myself never using my heavy #1.
  5. blooper time!

    what's the use? Ya can't use digital numbers anymore- guess they were too easy to cut and apply.
  6. Adhesive Recommendations

    epoxy with high strength additive from WEST- it what I use for critical bonding of hardware, but, you need clamping pressure of some sort until it's cured.
  7. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    i forgot the 2 Zap 26 boats on the list, then there's the dingy collection. As far as wives?? ONE was more than enough! Good question Cal20sailor.
  8. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Well, I've owned 2 Moore 24's, an Express 27, a Santa Cruz 27, 2 Olson 30's, a Capo 26, and a Merit 25- oh yeah, 2 J24's also. If you're cruising round, if you can find a Capo 26 they go upwind really well in any condition, and they were usually really well made and don't cost a lot.( they weigh quite a bit like many MORC boats did) A Moore 24 is the easiest to sail to 100% without a big crew, an Olson can be a handful but will survive anything except a dock in a hurricane and are fun when their bow is underwater downwind, a Santa Cruz 27 is pretty tough, but doesn't do as well with its bow underwater, and has a fairly large safe cockpit, an Express 27 has a bit more room and is easy to sail, I wouldn't like sailing a J24 well offshore due to occasional sinking, Since you don't have a ton of money, that pretty well excludes a Moore and an Express. A J27 would be a nice boat too. I'd read up on people's adventures in long ocean races on small boats- and go with boats that are proven to last. I'd also read up on boat build quality!!! Also, are you keeping the boat in the water? I'd also consider a boat that's not near you, as small boats are easily delivered.
  9. I have a classic 18 ft. whaler outrage- 1986, 1996 engine.  Solid.  Trouble is, I'm across the usa in California.

  10. Killing Puppies

    we used to run water puppy pumps for wash downs , bait systems, etc. They just die regularly!!
  11. J24 foredeck Hatch - Help!

    that's great story!
  12. J24 foredeck Hatch - Help!

    who has a foreguy on a J24? Locally, years ago we glassed in the cockpit seats, but if she turtles, even with all hatches closed, sinking is an option. That being said- I think they're pretty good PHRF boats, and I felt safe on mine- although I felt safer on my Olson 30.
  13. Probably made by Airmar- check out their webpages for identifying which transducers they supplied. Every brand of depth meter I've owned had transducers made by Airmar.
  14. My 1980 chute was a tri-radial. Dark Blue, light blue, white. In 1981, I did sew a tri- radial competitor's chute- it was red, orange, and yellow.
  15. that time of the month

    I really did enjoy the magazine cover on the front page.