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  1. DRDNA

    Signet Thru Hulls

    Signet Marine still sells the speed transducers on their site.
  2. DRDNA

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    My name was from a Finn Solo magazine- Chuck Queen wrote an article and called me "Dr. DNA " Why? It's a mystery.
  3. DRDNA

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    How about a Cal 20? I'm sure there are still some over in Kaneohe. They really are fun in breeze, and won't get ruined being wet sailed. My friends and I sailed one ever time it blew over 20 for one winter- they're also pretty cheap!
  4. DRDNA

    Need a Tow

    Anyone headed to California from Midwest, I need to have a dingy towed on out. Has a trailer with new tires. It's an 83 Vanguard Finn. It's in Missouri now. U ship prices all higher than the boat's value. PM me if you're interested! Thank you, Dave
  5. Let's see: New non skid on entire deck and cockpit sole- gelcoat /cabosil.(with added sand from 40 knot breeze, and ashes from Thomas fire in hills.) All new halyards- vectran or dyneema with polyester covers. New blocks everywhere. New genoa tracks. 2 new Harken winches. New cam cleats. Removed bulkhead compass that had no fluid, put inspection port in hole, added Tactick compass to mast. 5 new sails- three from Deke and Gary in Ventura, one from Santa Cruz, one China sail. Replaced trailer tongue and axle that had multiple rusted through areas, also replaced hubs and bearings and brakes. Added a Velocitek Speedpuck as the knot meter reads about three knots fast. Replaced all the sheaves in the mast. Replaced all standing rigging. I think that's all I had to do.
  6. DRDNA

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    Well, to have a J24 or a Moore 24 topsides painted either locally or at a specialty shop it's going to usually be about 5000USD. The quality of the work will depend upon the boatyard's painter, not the price you pay. For the money you'll get sanding- not usually with a longboard, a lot of pinholes filled, a lot of scrapes and scratches filled. More sanding. Lots of taping, A coat of primer. spraying of a darker paint to look for pinholes, followed by more sanding. More taping, Another primer. Pinhole check, More Masking, sanding and some thinned coats of finish paint. Almost everybody uses awlcraft or awlgrip. .
  7. DRDNA

    Broken Becket Harken

    I do like the old school Harken blocks with a SS strap connecting the becket to the cheeks better than the carbo blocks, but they can be difficult to find.
  8. DRDNA

    Storing o/b on its side causes problems

    My friends and I have zero success with 4 stroke kickers being stored on their side- they do love to make a mess too. The only way I could store my 4hp 4 stroke was vertical if I wanted it to start easily and quickly. I've gone back to 2 stroke kickers as they're light and are easier to store.
  9. DRDNA

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    Yes, my small boats had names- although I kept my best efforts for naming my friend Richard Byron's Lasers and Finns. I wrote names with a marking pen or a china marker. Some lovely examples were: "Talk like a barracuda, live like an anchovy", "Bad Watermelon", and "dead meat don't beat", most of mine were just called Ned.
  10. DRDNA

    Front Page - "Pecking Order"

    Fine article, D has been a fun guy to know for decades, and yes, he's super helpful. He's been sailing Scott Griffith's GybeTech Finn in the latest regattas. The class has a bunch of pretty helpful people!
  11. Wow! The masts I've seen that got done by you from Ventura are awesome. Too bad you're selling.
  12. DRDNA


    My only complaint is that they couldn't have come out sooner, therefore I have a shift. As a positive note, the shift, when thrown in rage at something, has more mass- making a bigger impression.
  13. DRDNA

    Sooty transom

    Our local USCG large patrol craft took care of this exhaust staining problem on their white LPU paint job by painting the area around the exhaust port black!
  14. I have a classic 18 ft. whaler outrage- 1986, 1996 engine.  Solid.  Trouble is, I'm across the usa in California.