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  1. inhiding

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Wasn't the late, great Larry Klein on a 33 when he drowned. Early/mid 1990's. Anybody know what happened to that boat?
  2. On the other hand, it is rather tacky to only give you 3 days to send the old jackets to them. Perhaps done purposely to get sales, then catch you on a technicality. All a profit ecercise , perhaps I question the tactics of the manufacturer. Makes them and APS look bad.
  3. inhiding

    Are the bots damaging this forum?

    Pure poetry mmiliken! Thank you
  4. inhiding

    Laser mast step repair

    Who is this Fred you speak of? He has reported others for outing him with similar comments.
  5. inhiding

    Fast "safe" boat....

    I am indeed, honored to be quoted by the great LB. At least you have a sense of humor!
  6. inhiding

    Fast "safe" boat....

    You boys are overplaying your hand. Some of you are just as obnoxious as voyager. SA has long lost it's luster.
  7. inhiding

    Fast "safe" boat....

    This is certainly going well.
  8. inhiding

    Florida PHRF sailing

    Sarasota PHRF is toast. Too bad.
  9. inhiding

    A Businessman's View

    Trump is clearly guilty of misappropriating all that money from the Laser Class that you were blamed for when you ran the thing.
  10. inhiding

    Forum change

    So we are depending on a guy out sailing somewhere to fix things? Piss poor way to run things.
  11. inhiding

    Forum change

    So far, it is too fricking confusing. Too old to be re-learning this shit.
  12. inhiding

    cone of silence RP 30

    Longest post ever?
  13. inhiding

    Stupid boat purchase desire

    Columbia Carbon 32. Loved the boat. Way fast downwind. Way ordinary upwind and incredibly slow upwind in chop. However it was designed for downwind distance racing, after all. And some other things Etc.
  14. inhiding

    Marine business Scam!! BEWARE!!!

    Probably payback for the vile you post on PA.
  15. inhiding

    Offshore in a J80/J70?

    And just where does one sleep, on a J70?