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  1. tommays

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    I am hopeful with the huge guard deployment it will be delayed in the short term BUT there our so many crazy people now intent on violence there will be more domestic terror issues
  2. tommays

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    In watching the posted video it’s unlikely the police could have held them back without massive gunfire which nobody was quite prepared to due at the time BUT much more likely now that the violence level is more clear
  3. The worst thing is with this many well armed insane people running around on a mission from god some of them them will succeed
  4. tommays

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    I am getting them intensely this week
  5. I am pretty surprised a lot more people were not shot because they seemed pretty intent on causing harm
  6. South Carolina is concealed carry and so not much visible from the far right as there very serious about the concealed part
  7. I was shocked at the open arms of some police BUT it seems like on the other extreme anyone who was in the area is now guilty of something
  8. tommays

    Rush Still Blatherng

    Another day Another narrative as they can all bloviate endlessly
  9. tommays

    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    I wish I had the Can-am 400 and the GS850 as they were rock solid performers and dead reliable but there were cold start issues and altitude issues with the lack of EFI 1. CZ250 Black Frame 2. CZ400 Red Frame 3. Husqvarna 390 Enduro 4. Can-am 400 Qualifier 5.KZ650 Road 6.GS850 Shaft Drive I had used up my motorcycle 9 lives by this point putting 50,000 miles on in three years
  10. tommays

    LEO response to riot thread

    If it was and Embassy there would have been a lot more dead people as they our all armed up and not going to allow anyone to break any barrier
  11. tommays

    What's at your bird feeder?

    First day out of the nest 7 eggs 6 walked out and sadly only 2 flew away
  12. tommays

    What's at your bird feeder?

    Somedays you just get lucky with the iPhone
  13. tommays

    Evaluating a small business worth?

    A while back I was looking with a friend to buy a metal business we had worked who owned everything (building and machines) with the land and building becoming crazy valuable the land and building had become to valuable for a new ownership to make it work in metal fab
  14. tommays


    From my bought a J24 In 1981 POV it got do many into sailing it should get a video
  15. tommays

    Robo Calls - WTH

    Getting bad again on T-Mobile also