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  1. http://www.catholiccharities.cc/our-services/mental-health-residential We have the above and I work with someone who had a very difficult time with one child who was placed here and the long term result was very good
  2. I don't panic at all with my driveway roll & tip Awlgrip as its doing fine at 7 years and the Cal 29 is doing quite well at 47 years
  3. I started with the Milwaukee M28 which was pretty sad as the speed control was NOT up to the current the battery could put out Vs the current Dewalt 60 VOLT which has and electronic clutch and shuts down instantly on overload
  4. It it really depends on the area and how the trail is made as we have many poorly done hiking only trails that allow intense erosion as they become small rivers with every rain We also have well conceived biking areas done under DEC approval that don't do any damage as there properly planed Somehow in this crowded area we are able to have hiking biking and horseback in a pretty peaceful way as the DEC is pretty level headed about there mission to preserve the land while allowing it to be used
  5. Its not going to leak of ever come lose in several lifetimes as the original crappy ones lasted 40 years
  6. I am enjoying the food in Sabadell and taking a tour of Barcelona Monday before I start inspection of the new machine I bought for my job its a tough life but somebody has to do it Two people 17 euros life is good here
  7. Well As a traveling technician repair person starting in 1975 who has traveled a good bit I have ALWAYS GOTTEN SHIT when entering Canada through a French province despite having there fucking silly letter of introduction and all the other nonsense Despite having all the papers and a return flight rarely more than 48 hours later it's always a how do I know your not going to steal a French persons work for two days and more often then not I have been required to leave my tools at the Airport and claim them when leaving This never fucking happens when going into and English speaking province and in fact it was much easer to enter Israel tools and all
  8. Sunray is easy on the eye and goes nicely
  9. I have some modern like the cross bike because it was cheaper to buy then build but still prefere my self built and painted classic rides The art of the fillet just called me to diy 20 year old 18 spoke front wheel what's really changed other than and obsession with carbon
  10. How many times are you going to find an excuse to post the same lousy photo. Everybody gets it, you like hiking. Hooray for you. I give you a few lousy bicycle building photos to change things up
  11. Got feet don't need all that complex stuff
  12. Seafever a 8000 + pound Cal 29 was broken down on a mooring under the Throgs Neck Bridge and had to be moved to Glen Cove to be placed on a trailer to be be moved for restoration 4HP with a high thrust prop moved it no problem at 4.5 knots with the big issue being keeping the motor from submergeing go over some of the tug boat wakes Had I been more sure of how well 4 HP at the prop would have moved the boat we would have gone all the way to Huntington The same thing is true 6 years later with the now restored A4 the flex-o-fold prop blows away the original Sailor 2 blade and has reverse power like a tug boat were with the fixed prop reverse was almost non-existentant
  13. In the 80s when I got the first J24 which was bought as Good day sailor I got talked into and active fleet in Greenport and as we lived out east I joined Orient Yacht Club and had a really good time as there was a strong junior program with a great bunch kids and it was easy to race for very littel money and I had very littel at that time 2016 we have a nice Cal 29 and everything is a PITA as I need at least a million dollar umbrella policy to leave the dock so for the last 10 years I just crew for somebody who is willing to jump through all the hoops and spend the money to keep a boat competitive 60 years old and slow I put the most effort into trail running events because it's fun and simple like the the J24 was in the 80s
  14. I was going to get a carplay radio in my 2010 truck BUT cant see much advantage over my 6S plus on a mount that leaves the car with me for safe keeping We also have and equinox with navigation and the phone also plays nice with it through Bluetooth and you can use either for navigation
  15. The shape is as old as time and quite certain the ability to loft it not so much