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  1. Low buck cruising - Ranger 29 vs Cal 29

    yes, absolutely. it was an Alexander Roberts brand part that failed. It was an oversized parr as well - all my shrouds were - and it failed in normal operating conditions. It was a brand new part and they tried to blame me over email and tell me that their parts were not even suited for ocean sailing or some bullshit. it was insane. My rigger (and old boss, as I used to be a rigger) is the one who built the standing rigging himself and he was baffled at the shitty corporate response. I have made sure to use Hayn brand components on the last couple boats now. a bit more $ but apparently a million times better company.
  2. Low buck cruising - Ranger 29 vs Cal 29

    yes, Steve, but not on the Cal 29. My Cal 2-27 dismasted on a lee shore on April Fool's Day 2014 - a week after sailing 20 days solo from Cali - when a brand new lower shroud toggle failed. In either case, both of the Cal's were good boats. It was (in hindsight) shitty rigging components that tripped me up.
  3. I close to agree with you. I think the key is to buy the good, super cheap boat and then start with a good, blank canvas for almost no investment. then put the $15k into the re-fit. on both my Cals, the price of the boat was secondary (and even to some degree on my Peterson 34 now). I used to ask myself, "what is a free boat worth putting money into?". A free, sound hull with a blown diesel and no rig or sails can be easy to find. If you plan to re-rig, piece together sail inventories and replace a ton of parts anyways, then not having those parts to begin with can be a great deal for you. Another example is the free, good boat with a blown Atomic 4, (hence why it's free). Just yank the A4 and go engineless or get a small outboard if you really need. lot of options to get on the water with 15k. lot of good boats. don't know if i orginally stated, but the Ranger 29 is also a fantastic boat, I know them well. lot of options out there. good luck
  4. Low buck cruising - Ranger 29 vs Cal 29

    you only paid too much if you don't use it! Sail it every weekend and get your money's worth! Your boat sounds rad, post a photo!
  5. Solar Systems

    I can not really state how long they last. On my last two boats with Solbians, I installed them, used them hard for a year and then sold that boat. On this boat, I just got the Solbians a month ago when I also installed my wind generator. Solar + wind = good combo for ocean sailing
  6. Low buck cruising - Ranger 29 vs Cal 29

    I can only knowledgeably comment on the Cal 29... Great boats! and the keel will never fall off, as someone with no knowledge of the boat has alluded to. It's glassed on super solid! I loved mine and it was a bullet proof cruiser that I did a lot of weekends, day sails, coastal and a bluewater passage on. True as to the mast step, though it's not the actual step that's the issue. it's the mild steel piece beneath the compression post (it's a deck-stepped piece). If the previous owners used the ice box for actual ice, then it's probably fucked. my ice box had been used only for dry goods, so it was fine. i did a pretty good write up for cruising world about re-fitting my old Cal and sailing it solo to Hawaii a couple years back... even scored the cover of the magazine! https://www.cruisingworld.com/closing-loophole
  7. Solar Systems

    Aloha, I have only had lithium-ion batteries on one boat - a Moore 24 - that i raced solo to Hawaii. They worked well as you could discharge them very deep and they were much lighter than traditional lead/acid batteries. Weight savings was my main motivatino in buying them. As for flexible panels, i have now had Solbian brand flexible solar panels on that boat and two others, including my current boat where i have two 68w Solbian panels. They are not the cheapest, but there's a reason most high end boats with flexi panels run them! They rock! I can make .1-.2 amps AT NIGHT off a full moon! I always get my Solbians from bruce schwab (bruceschwab.com) and he gets me dialed in with Genasun MPPT technology multi stage controllers. as far as percentages, its hard to say, depends how you're using the boat, but something that can power the boat at least through the night with all systems running. Depends a lot on your intended usage. running solar only and with small panels and batteries on a solo race to Hawaii on a cloudy year.... ugh. Just something to consider,, even the best panels don't work too well when it's cloudy.
  8. Very inaccurate quote, in regards to lack of buyers. I had a nice Cal 29 that I prepped and sailed solo to Hawaii in 2015 and ended up selling it for top dollar in a couple days on Craigslist. A year later, the new owner got new military orders and he sold it for top dollar in one day on Craigslist. The boat was nice, but we were both shocked at the market's positive response to the boat. People were coming out the wood work! My Cal 2-27 was a good one too. Both boats were purchased for $4k (27) and $6,500 (29) respectively and I took both of them blue water and would do it again in a heart beat. Thick hulls, glassed-in keels, huge rudders, nice interiors, they sail well and they are generally well built with solid spars. and the hull/ deck joint are glassed over from the factory. Older Cal's are GREAT budget blue water boats. As an aside, I picked up my current Peterson 34 for $10k (now way deeper than that) and it's a solid cruiser that was purchased well under $15k. Lot of options as supply outweighs demand on old sailboats.
  9. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    yeah that high pressure surely flattened out the sea state for him and allowed the high average speeds though! definitely seems to be reaching less pressure and slowing down now. let's hope he can at least keep moving the same speed as the low-pressure and pour on the miles to the RTW reference time.
  10. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Checked in at 851, and then at 850.9 and then 850.8. Seems to be sustaining speed, but not increasing, i wonder if he has peaked.
  11. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    it would be fascinating if the MACIF site would give us TWS, AWS, TWA and AWA numbers as well as what info they do have. Volvo does this. Always curious what speed it's actually blowing when the boats are in these conditions and putting up these kinds of numbers.
  12. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    He's up over 832 miles! Such a fantastic weather window he's been on, this is incredible!
  13. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    this is fascinating to follow. I think Gabart's maneuvers and routing look great thus far, looks like he was getting west to position himself to cross the doldrums and get a better angle on the breeze to make tracks south.
  14. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    SCANAS, I do not know what type of engine is in the boat. I do however highly doubt it was installed or spec'ed for such a voyage, especially with no rig in the boat!
  15. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    yes, they are definitely motoring the boat to Aus. They plan to stretch it, believe it or not, and make it "the world's biggest party pontoon" and use it as a charter vessel on the Gold Coast. Nice folks, but seems like a really bad idea. They took on 1,300 gallons fuel yesterday using the onboard tank and 2 large fuel tanks strapped on deck. I had seen the boat in Kauai for years, and then recently saw it on the hard (not actually in the boat yard but next to it) by the Phoenician boat yard out in Kapolei (west side Oahu). I also appreciate the Aussie "she'll be right mentality", but this seems like a very very very poorly prepared vessel to take from Hawaii to Australia. Any piece of blue water requires a sound vessel with proper preparation, even a supposed jaunt downwind in the trades.