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  1. Rasputin22

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    We see these all the time around my neck of the woods. We call them 'oxygen tents'.
  2. Rasputin22

    Kite Foiling 119nm up the coast of NZ

    Stunning achievement. What an effort! Hat's off to this guy.
  3. Rasputin22

    Wooden boats thread

    Here is a look at some evolved dugout canoes from Martinique and Guadeloupe called 'Yoles'. I doubt there is any Scandinavian connection. Exciting to watch race, lots of crew gymnastics with those hiking poles!
  4. Rasputin22


  5. Loose, Did TRANSIENT ever make it back to St John after the TwoStar in 86? I thought Rich Wilson bought it for the OSTAR 88 and Phil Stegall did a re-rig to much larger wing mast. The Newick Raka 40 (ALIEN) got started down in Brazil not too long after.
  6. Rasputin22

    What boat is this?

    I had a wild night at the Erebus that I should give a couple days to percolate in my memory and have a go at writing up. Also there was a cowboy bar just up the road that was a crazy place. The Bar B H Ranch or something like that. They did a end of dive week party that they called the 'Bar Dive'. I had a shirt that said, "You ain't shit if you ain't done the BAR DIVE as the Bar B H Ranch!"
  7. Rasputin22

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    One of the most gentlemanly exchanges ever seen on SA. Let's hope it sets and example.
  8. Rasputin22

    What boat is this?

    Is that the old Erebus Inn right up the hill from Turtle Cove on Provo?
  9. Rasputin22

    Trimaran mooring system

    Just sail it to the Canaries! Problem solved.
  10. Rasputin22


  11. Rasputin22

    onboard coffee??

    When I was running a cabinetshop for a big beach resort in the Islands, the locals drank more tea in the morning than coffee. I got into the habit because there was always a pot of hot water on the coffee maker next door at central receiving and those restaurant individually packaged teabags. A fresh brewed cup of tea was far better than the dregs from the institutional coffeepot and the locals often would leave a big bag of bush tea or fresh lemongrass to spice things up a bit. I opened up shop early and headed next door and someone had just filled the teapot with water from a gallon plastic bottled water jug still sitting next to the machine. The hotel made RO water but it made lousy tea or coffee and there was always a case of distilled bottled water next to the coffee station. I picked a nice Black Pekoe bag and put in my mug and poured the steaming water from the pot over it. It looked strangely 'light' for black tea much like after one puts a heavy dose of lemon juice in it which sort of bleaches the dark color. I double checked my teabag wrapper to see if I had mistakenly used a lemon tea variety or Constant Comment which has a good dose of orange peel which lightens it. The locals usually drink their tea with milk but someone had left some nice local honey so I put a couple of healthy dollops in my tea and gave it a stir. The water was not fully heated due to my haste and I was able to take a big mouthful without burning and gulped it right down. All of a sudden my mouth and throat were burning intensely and not from the caloric heat of the tea! I spit what I hadn't swallowed out onto the concrete slab and the vile concoction made the concrete bubble and boil up! I poured some more from my cup on the slab and it was like ALKA SELTZER foaming up. I raided the little fridge and drank all the milk that was there hoping that milk would help neutralize whatever I had drank and went to the restroom to try and gag myself. The guy who had first put the pot on was pouring his tea when I got back. I warned him and told him what had happened to me and about them the guy who maintains the dozens of golf carts on the resort came in from the cafeteria. His workstation/bench was right next to the coffee and he looked over and noticed the gallon water jug that he kept his Battery Acid hygrometer (looks like a turkey baster) to top off the 6 volt batteries and it wasn't there. He picked up the gallon jug which the tea pot had been filled and looked at the label and pointed out his illegible attempt to write 'Battery Acid Do Not Use' over the printing on the label. The other guy said there were no fresh bottled water available and he had just looked around and spotted the Battery Acid bottle and used it unknowingly! The golf cart guy splashed some more on the floor and there was the answer to the 'Hot Tea' mystery. I was rushed to the new clinic up on the hill and took the bottle with me and had some ulceration in my mouth and back of my throat but the milk must have helped with what got to my stomach. It wasn't full strength acid in the bottle but had picked up some acid each time the mechanic had dipped his baster in the distilled water and it had a kick to it. The hotel management wrote both those guys up for the sloppy handling of haz mat and I got teased at the cafeteria for a couple of weeks. A new OSHA approved container was added to the golf cart bench and that was the end of it. I did buy a little mini version of the battery tester/baster and started taking it with me to the coffee/tea station as well as the cafeteria and used it to stir my beverages after that aventure. The West Indians really appreciate a White Boy with a sense of humor!
  12. Rasputin22

    Second US Team

    Coming to a town near me! https://www.wkrg.com/news/northwest-florida/america-s-cup-challengers-train-at-pensacola-bay/1658906083
  13. Rasputin22

    it's starting..........

    The body mod weirdos are going to love this!
  14. Rasputin22

    australia builds new attack sub

    Great quote from the Admiral. Reminds me of this old joke A young boy went to his father and asked, "Dad, what's the difference between theory and reality?" "Well, son, the best way to explain this is a practical exercise. Go ask your Mom if she'd sleep with a stranger a million dollars and come tell me her answer." The boy returned and said, " She said she would, Dad." "OK," replied the father, "Go ask your sister the same question." The boy returned and said that his sister also answered yes to the question and then asked his Dad, "What's this got to do with theory and reality?" "It's simple, son. In theory, we live with millionaires. In reality, we live with a couple of sluts."
  15. Rasputin22

    onboard coffee??

    Dual purpose mill