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  1. Rasputin22

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    SF What makes you say that? He is a maker/builder roll your sleeves up 'git er done' kind of guys willing to get his hands dirty! No Ivory Tower poseur but a really pragmatic thinking man. If you walked in his shop and looked around at the half dozen guys at work on spars, rowing shells, or feather light propellers for man powered aircraft Ted would be the last guy you would pick as the owner. He has been winding masts (and much more!) with that machine since 1975! His biggest fault in my eyes is being too modest in his accomplishments and creative blessings and he is the last one to rest (or even flaunt) his academic laurels. That website of his is totally unlike who he really is and probably the result of some web author who overplayed the whole academic angle.
  2. Rasputin22

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    Ted is a sharp guy and his triaxial machine is a wonder to behold. I think he and Forte were partners in the early days of CF spars but he went a different direction with mandrel wound autoclaved infused spars. He can use most any aluminum extruded spar section as a mandrel that is pulled out after winding, infusing and autoclaving or he can make a lightweight molded 'leave in' mandrel as he did for a 60' airfoil wing mast for a catamaran project off mine. His website is awaiting updating with new address and phone numbers during his relocation. I can get you a number if you need. Here is a peek at the winding machine.
  3. Rasputin22

    Porch Swing Anarchy

    Be careful at Home Depot when you go shopping for rope... https://www.delawareonline.com/videos/news/2019/07/15/women-recount-finding-noose-wilmington-home-depot/1740542001/
  4. Rasputin22

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    Moore Brothers now has Composite Engineering's triaxial winding machine and their 60' autoclave up and running in Bristol RI. They will be winding a tapered non stayed mast for a big Wylie cat rigged sloop being built up at Bett's in Anacortes. There will be (hopefully) a second wingmast built by Van Duesen (CE) on the same truck in the fall so you might give them a call and see if they could add a third for you. They sold the bldg recently and there was a whole assortment of carbon mandrels, bare tubes, and mast sections that they hauled to a new shop under construction so they may have something in the bargain bin that would suite you. Worth a phone call.
  5. Rasputin22

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Thanks, I guess that is a good idea. I trust 105's in many respects but the electrolyte spill is a no go.I wonder if you could build a gimbaled battery box that would let them pivot around in a capsized vessel and not spill if they would approve that? Just a crazy thought.
  6. Rasputin22

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Why would they object to T-105's?
  7. Rasputin22

    2020 Fishing Thread

  8. Rasputin22

    Random PicThread

  9. Rasputin22

    Is this what we have come to?

    Eventually the thing got so tophampered (new word?) that the rig got ditched and it became a trawler cat and seemed a better match. Never went very far and I can't believe M&M still have it on their webpages. Sort of a 'Ben Hur' chariot for the FlyBridge on a split level arrangement from the main deck. Something that I was very familiar with from my days a Gold Coat. Makes a lot of sense in many ways.
  10. Rasputin22

    Is this what we have come to?

    This was my design for a 44 catamaran 'Motorsailer' about 8 years ago. The flybridge was kept as minimal as I could but the hull and house kept getting higher and topheavy looking as the clients kept piling on shit. Junk on the trunk? There was junk everywhere! Damn mission creep...
  11. Rasputin22

    Tourist Power Boat Anarchy

    Here is the latest tourist trap on the Redneck Riviera! (besides the DUWK boat)
  12. Rasputin22

    POS found DTS

    Ha! you are a quick one! No, she was way past her 'use by' date.
  13. Rasputin22

    Random PicThread

    I hope they check the crankcase of that stbd outboard engine...
  14. Rasputin22

    POS found DTS

    delete Glad they caught up with her. Why on earth would she ever come to this country knowing they were scouring the world looking for her?