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  1. Rasputin22

    NY to SFO the hard way

    The huge battery pack for the FCS obviously broke its tie down straps when the boat crashed down from an altitude or 2X its LOA and guillotined its way right through the bottom of the pod!
  2. Rasputin22

    Thistle repair questions

    Don't dare let the kids out in that donated boat until it is SAFE! When I was a Sea Scout, I was thrilled with all the donated skiffs and dinghy in the lot out behind our facility. On a windy Santa Ana day I begged my skipper to let me try out first a Snipe and then a Blue Jay. The rigs promptly came out of both boats and I got towed back in by the Harbor Patrol. I was rigging a third POS boat when the Harbor Patrol Jefe came into the yard with my Sea Scout skipper who looked like he had just gotten a world class ass chewing. He looked at the general state of the donated fleet and thanked me for my days efforts in destroying boats that should have never left the dock but told me that the SS's were under his orders to FIX what could be fixed and he condemned the rest. The tax write-offs that people donating boats that deserved nothing more than a match was disgusting. At least I already had gone through the excellent sail training program at the Naval Sailing Club at the Long Beach Navy base and had not really put myself or my crew at risk but it could have gone the other way. The Queen of the Donation Fleet was a Internatioal 5.5 Meter sloop that I finally was given the OK to sail but not before I had gone over everything on the boat and had the Harbor Patrol boss come give it his blessing. No kids were harmed in this story but we almost lost a couple of SS Skippers that day...
  3. Rasputin22

    what's in a name?

    Dr. Robin Tattersall had agreed to do a home waterbirth for my first daughter. He got all excited at the prospect and would have just taken his powerboat over from Tortola to St John upon receiving our call. As it turned out she went breach and we went to Puerto Rico to a doc that specialized flipping breach babies back over and once they get their heads down properly into the pelvis and 'engaged' they will stay that way until the birth. Our little flipper somehow didn't understand that and flipped back at the last moment so no go with Tat and she was delivered by C-section in the hospital on St Thomas. I'm not sure I would have trusted Jol with birthing one of my kids but he just was a blast to race and party with. Tat was more reserved but you wouldn't ever have to face him in a protest committee room!
  4. Rasputin22

    Caption Contest

    Who told you about the Hot Tub boat?
  5. Rasputin22

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    No that is actually a real sailing couple 'out there, doing it' somewhere in the S. Pacific. I knew the guy from St Croix. Prize from my desk for anyone who can guess. Not much of a challenge but here is a hint...
  6. Rasputin22

    COVID Dreaming

    Be careful of the 4000X cup!
  7. Rasputin22


    Did you find any crawdads up that crick?
  8. Rasputin22

    Physics of sail power.

    Does the French Toast Girl have a Twist? I was hoping this would be her...
  9. Rasputin22

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I prefer mangoes... Now about that papaya!
  10. Rasputin22

    Spreader Anarchy

    May as well fill the spreader with lead while you are at it...
  11. Rasputin22


    Thanks Foghorn. I'd like to know more about that boat.
  12. Rasputin22

    Random PicThread

    Here is the scoop on Kitten Kitten Natividad demonstrates how they make popcorn at a local movie theater. I remember seeing pics of Kitten in a few magazines like National Lampoon, I think, and maybe some horror movie magazines back when I was a young teen or at least I think so. She damned near made my head explode. I am not sure she was ever a real Scream Queen but she did appear in her share of sex comedies and soft R movies back in the early Big80s. Porky’s or Private Tutor with Crispin Glover, anyone? I remember feeling sad when I read that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and money was tight for her. She seemed like a fun and sexy lady in her day.
  13. Rasputin22


    Funny that you bring up 'lift from the tunnel'. My first tri was a Norm Cross 42R stretched to 46'. The forward and aft akas (crossbeams) had an airfoil shape with the twist that the nearly flat side (actually part of the deck) was on top hence the airfoil shapes created downforce! Norm was an aeronautical engineer and that feature didn't happen by accident. He preached the benefit of these inverted airfoil shapes to help the boat stay level and in the water and I can attest that they were effective in that role. He got a lot of flack for that theory as well as his 'constant cross sectional' hull area of curves which formed a 'wasp waist' in the main hull where the fin non ballast keel was attached. Not a 'dillet' exactly but during Hurricane Hugo in Culebra the down force and stalling action of the foiled akas saved my butt for sure. Out of 10 multihulls anchored in the Bahia Honda (which until then had the reputation of being the best hurricane refuge in the Caribbean) my tri was the only one still upright the next morning. A huge Piver that had been converted to a dive boat with heavy compressors and dozens of scuba tanks ripped out of the mangroves when the 200+MPH winds flipped it over the transoms and that beast flew about 300 yards and well into the mangroves on the downwind side of the creek. Went right over a 35' ketch and took out the mainmast but cleared the mizzen. The skipper of that boat swore that an aircraft had hit his rig and insisted that a crashed plane would be found. Lots of laughs at the bar on that story but he finally got a machete and waded into the mangroves and found the tri not an airplane right where he had said! I have to admit my tri would do wheelies in the big gusts and dance around on the transoms and I did cut one overloaded anchor line away from my precarious perch on the bow when I thought the boat would go over backwards. But you could feel when the angle of attack reached the stall point and the 'lift relief' feature would kick and and suck the boat back down level hard, too hard at times... When we finally got phones back up on the island, I phoned Norm up in San Diego to share my wild ride and affirm his somewhat ridiculed design choices only to speak with his recently widowed wife. She was grateful for my call and told me that she felt that Norm must have been in sailors Valhalla protecting me that night. I could not agree more!
  14. Rasputin22

    Anchors Astern!!

    Tin Badges in a Tinny! What could go wrong?
  15. Rasputin22


    Yes, there is a point of diminishing returns when waterballasting down on a multihull. I think it all depends on the fetch and wave state so if you are in a narrow hurricane hole mangrove creek where there would be no appreciable wave action then you could safely 'ballast down' to a greater extent.