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  1. I entered the Worrell 1000 a year after having raced the TwoStar transatlantic from Plymouth to Newport RI on a 35' trimaran. I think I would rate the Worrell as a tougher race that upwind across the Atlantic even on the the tiny trimaran. At least you didn't have to go to the bar or jacuzzi and tell seastories and drink with Russian Spetnaz psychos or amped up sailmakers after a long day on the trapeze like you did on the Worrell! On the TransAt it was 3 hours on and 3 hours off for three weeks and you hardly had to even talk with your mate because you wanted to get in the bunk he just got out of before it cooled off. Not that there was much to say out there...
  2. It would have been better if the Frenchman and I hadn't both fallen hopelessly in love with the same American sailor girl! Bruno Peyron ran off with her leaving both of us desolate... I learned it is better to own the big ocean racing catamaran than a hand crank sewing machine. Actually I had neither.
  3. I could live with this bad boy!
  4. Boxer engines is another term used. http://jalopnik.com/the-pros-and-cons-of-a-boxer-four-engine-versus-an-inli-1797511015
  5. Torqeedo dinghy engine?
  6. This stuff is amazing.
  7. Tri's are really better in many ways. But they sort of fall in the middle of both the pros and cons. Feel great at the helm and are much more responsive due to a bit more heel than a cat. Even more expensive due to THREE hulls to build. Usually more deck space than a cat but at the cost of interior. Still a lot of potential for tris but you just have to accept the realities.
  8. One can dream! GR-RRR! I finished up a delivery of a large motorsailer to Fort Lauderdale and was introduced to a wild and crazy French boat skipper/sailmaker who had bought a musclecar era convertible. I'm not sure if it was this model GTO but it was that color and felt like riding around in an aircraft carrier with that long flat hood. He had bought it cheap after a trans-at delivery and immediately went to the Army-Navy store and bought a couple of big American flags. He had just set up shop in a small storage unit to built spinnaker snuffer sleeves and in no time had made a nicely fitted set of seat covers out of those flags for his 'Big American Guzzler' as he called it. Cruising up and down the Lauderdale strip with the Stars and Stripes so proudly displayed was a lot of fun especially since he had quite the way with the girls. He would stop at a light and as the beach babes would cross in the crosswalk in their bikinis he would invite the best looking ones for a ride. His debonair attitude seemed to work and he would burn rubber when the light changed with the girls squealing. We had some wild nights and sometimes barely escaped the wrath of the rednecks who were offended by the US flag being desecrated by a chain smoking Frenchman and his procession a well lubed G-string wearing bimbos. I tried to explain the pissed off frat boys attitude about the flag seats and he explained in all seriousness to me that as a Frenchman he loved American cars and American girls and felt like he was honoring our nation and its close relationship with France by screwing as many American girls as he could on the flag draped back seat of his GTO! I left it alone at that and actually came to feel that there could be worse ways of tribute!
  9. RKoch, I wanted to do the same 'buy a grounded cat' and pull those stub keels (they plug right into sockets in the hull!) and do some nice daggers. I think I heard about your bosses conversion. So would he be interested in selling it? I'm sure that there are a lot of candidates for such a conversion down in the VI right now and have been thinking of going down and working for the boat surveyors in the hopes of finding the right boat. Glad I procrastinated and am not on my way there now with Maria bearing down. I delivered a cat built in St Kitts that was a poor example of a Shuttleworth knockoff. It had a huge ugly box of a cabin with lots of heavy glass and the boat was way down on its lines especially by the stern. A wave would enter the space between the hulls and then close off the exit just ahead of the back edge of the bridgedeck and it would spit water and spray a couple of boatlengths out the front! Sounded more like a mortar going off rather than a mere grenade. The head was at the aft end of the deckhouse and was a 'Newick Offshore WC' meaning it was a simple outhouse style seat with a hole under it to the open ocean. If one was sitting on the head when a wave concussed under the bridgedeck, you either got a salt water enema and your willy would come flying up from tucked between your legs and flail about due to the air pressure like one of those inflatable dudes you see at store openings. The drains for the head sink and shower stall were the same way and there was always a spattering of mold and algae on the overhead from the exhaust of the underwing. The skippers GF went into the head one day when the 'sneeze machine' was in action and I started to caution her but the Skip motioned to me to zip my lip and it wasn't long before we heard her scream of surprise and disgust. We really shouldn't have laughed and I think the rest of that delivery was in celibacy for the skipper...
  10. Semi, Better get some jackstands under that boat!
  11. I have to file this tidbit from that ad, ' you'll pull more tail than a slow kid at a petting zoo!'
  12. Dauphin Island gets breached in a good gale, a storm like Irma and there might not be a trace of it left. Pretty low-key and funky place though. They had a big benefit party fundraiser yesterday for Irma relief. I'm hoping the Flora-Bama will put one on soon. Puffy is right about the water. Just as soon as you get east of Mobile Bay the water starts improving. By the time you get to Destin it is perfect but gets browner as you approach Appalachicola Bay. Starts getting nice again down around Sarasota.
  13. Dash, I finally got all the translations and log ins and such sorted out and have loaded your very nice flight into that Bing based viewer and it looks great! Hope you don't mind but this display and review is a huge improvement over the Google Earth based stuff I did when I was in training. Makes me want to come out and fly with your club, the scenery is stunning. Show this to your club and I hope that they can use it in their training program. A student with his (or her) instructor going through a flight with the stop action and instrumentation would be invaluable. One feature that my older software had that this could use is that when entering a thermal it would skip ahead after the first couple of turns to the last couple of turns in that thermal. You will see what I mean especially at an advanced timing in the playback, you get dizzy in the thermals. Hope you enjoy this and it will be interesting to load the Perlan II files when they become available. http://doarama.com/view/1618935
  14. I had a Rabbit Diesel marine conversion known as the Pathfinder in my Passport 40 sloop. Great motor and cheap to work on. My friends would be spending thousands on a gasket set for a 'real' marine diesel on their boats and I could order a set from Whitney catalog for under $100! A mechanic friend suggested I could use a valve job and it was cheaper to buy a whole new head with new valves and all for less than I could have bought seals and springs for a Westerbeke. There was a German guy in Canada who did the Pathfinder conversions using Bowman heat exchangers who was just great. You could send him your old motor and he would give it the works, a whole rebuild for surprisingly cheap but I think he has gone on these days.