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  1. Rasputin22

    The Dude is sick

  2. Rasputin22

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    pith /piTH/ Learn to pronounce verb past tense: pithed; past participle: pithed 1. remove the pith from. "peel and pith the oranges" 2. pierce or sever the spinal cord of (an animal) so as to kill or immobilize it.
  3. Rasputin22

    The Dude is sick

  4. Rasputin22

    Oh, this looks like fun---- Not

    A well known French sailmaker upon coming to the US bought a big 60's era Detroit Big Iron convertible and promptly sewed a set of nice seat covers from some US flags he bought at the Army-Navy Store. The car was painted a nice metalflake blue and it looked great but he got some grief from the Ft Lauderdale rednecks about sitting on the flags. His response was that fucking beautiful American girls in the back seat was his way of tribute to the flag. That usually didn't go over too well...
  5. Rasputin22

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Saw one of these flying on the Bubba boats last weekend. Maybe this is the Gadsen version... Weird thing is the boat I saw had several young kids on board. Raise 'em right down here in Dixie...
  6. Rasputin22

    INEOS Team GB

    To accommodate a folding wing the designers considered retracting the main landing gear rearward but, for the chord of wing that was chosen, it was difficult to make the landing gear struts long enough to provide ground clearance for the large propeller. Their solution was an inverted gull wing, which considerably shortened the required length of the struts.[24] The anhedral of the wing's center-section also permitted the wing and fuselage to meet at the optimum angle for minimizing drag, without using wing root fairings.[24] The bent wing, however, was heavier and more difficult to construct, offsetting these benefits.
  7. Rasputin22

    Nuclear Sailing

    And you know this how???
  8. Rasputin22

    INEOS Team GB

    Very 'Bolgeresque' indeed.
  9. Rasputin22

    Race to Alaska best boat

    I have trouble laughing when I am cold Russ. But you are right about that price.
  10. Rasputin22

    Random PicThread

    In 1968, mid-Hillbillies, Buddy sailed and crewed his catamaran, "The Polynesian Concept," past James Arness’s “Seasmoke,” as he won the 2,400-miles Transpacific Multi-Hull Ocean race in 1968. Buddy came in first…again.
  11. Rasputin22

    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    Thanks Raz'r. I would want one. The next was was a step up from a rowing/power pram to a power/rowing pram. Russell Brown said some nice things about the designs and I begged him to sell me his nesting hardware kits but to no avail. A Torqeedo was a candidate. You can double the output of them by stepping up the voltage with a second battery. So a 4KW/8KW between the two versions. Still have the file in the dust bins of a hardrive somewhere so will look for the other version to share.
  12. Rasputin22

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Better bring Pete Goss with you...
  13. Rasputin22

    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    Bob P and I came up with this nester that might be of interest. The client looked at it and wanted it to handle more power so I took out one chine for more of a planing shape. Then the client wanted to cut holes in the topsides for some goofy rack mount that would let it be stowed on the back bumper of a RV and hinged up vertically so as to not interfere with the RV TOAD. I called it the TAILGATER but the client had made a half ass prototype of the rack mechanism that would have butchered what was a nice nesting dink. I'll look for the subsequent version.
  14. Rasputin22

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    Put your forementioned lips on it...