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  1. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Perdido can be treacherous after what we found on the bar when we pulled that 61'er out at our lift a couple of days later! Our yard did the 'mitigation' thing, ripped out all the plush foam and Faux-Naugahide interior and as much as we could do. Odd thing was that they didn't make an effort to pull or pickle the motors and they were scrap after the boat sat in the yard for nearly a year I think. It actually ran over that stone breakwater and jumped it into the inside of the pass! You could see the first corner of a big rock inscribed along the propellor shafts in a nice helix. Then it folded over the struts and the props were wound up tight as they hit the rock. The cold molded hull took the abuse surprisingly well and if the crew hadn't been so shit faced after the initial hit they probably could have gotten to a dock or lift. Their own pumps should have handled the flooding from what I saw as the breaches were amazingly minimal. I guess the stuffing boxes leaked worse after the hit than the hull did but the boat settled to the bottom on the sandbar INSIDE the pass with water up to about the top of the engines. I boxed up stuff in the upper lockers in the quarters down below that never got wet. I was going to bid on repairing the bottom after the boat was auctioned off but the guy that bought it seemed to be as big of a prick as the original owner so I passed! The boat (and owner) got a lot of grief on The Hull Truth for the name, TAR BABY. The boat was homeported in Fl but when it made the news wrecked in Alabama everyone figured that the name was a reference to the old Brer Rabbit stories which are major politically incorrect. I sort of remember that the owner had a road paving business and that was the inspiration for the name.
  2. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Mind the Helm or Meet the Reef! This was only about 300 yards from the other photo! I'll have to look for the WRECK MARK.
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Indiana Navigation on the water of the Northern Gulf Skeleton Coast
  4. Proa w/ roller furling

    If they are in the Lake then the water is pretty fresh. Proa is used to seeing the boat in salt water probably. Enough to make a difference to the discerning eye.
  5. Proa w/ roller furling

    360 sq foot! I guess your Proa jibs could be called 180 jibs... Thibodeaux was standing on his dock the other morning, and saw Boudreaux coming down the bayou in his pirogue. Boudreaux stopped to visit for a minute. Thibodeaux noticed that Boudreaux had some rolls of duct tape in his boat, and asked, "Mais what you doin' wid dat duct tape ?" Boudreaux says, "Mais, I'm going duck hunting." Thibodeaux tells him, "You can't get no ducks wid duct tape." Boudreaux says, "We'll see." That afternoon, Boudreaux passes back by with a boat full of ducks. The next morning, Boudreaux comes by again, and Thibodeaux sees that Boudreaux has some Nutra-sweet in the boat. He asks him, "What you doin' wit dat Nutra-sweet ?" Boudreaux says, "Mais, I'm goin' hunt for some nutria to make a stew." Thibodeaux tells him, "You ain't gonna get no nutria wid dat Nutra-sweet." Boudreaux replies, "We'll see." That afternoon, Boudreaux passes by, and sure enough, his pirogue is full of nutria. Again the next morning, same routine, Boudreaux passes by and Thibodeaux asks him what he has in his pirogue today. Boudreaux tells him, "Mais, dats some pussy willows." Thibodeaux tells him, "Hold on for a minute. I'm goin' get my coat. I'm coming with you today, for sure !"
  6. "National Cleavage Day"

    Most women are blatant in their own way too!
  7. "National Cleavage Day"

    Is that a Peeping Thomasina?
  8. Proa w/ roller furling

    Thibodeaux should be along anytime now on the thread...
  9. Proa w/ roller furling

    Nice! I've been considering that furler for a 360 jib on a catamaran. How big are those jibs?
  10. Fast "safe" boat....

    Where is our Resident Wreck?
  11. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Who likes it most? This annual event has been protested by groups saying that it is cruel to the pigs when clearly they love it as LB has just said! Seems kind of like when Dwarf Tossing at bars got a bad rep. Those little guys loved it too!
  12. Bronze Nuts?

    Sex Bolts
  13. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    For you Unkle Crusty.