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  1. Funnily enough, I was running a cabinet shop adjacent to a rack of bins for sweeps,T's, elbows and every sort of PCV pipe fittings when I undertook that project. I guess that proximity might have had some influence on my extravagent conduit system on that boat. Flex conduit would be sweet on a boat.
  2. I was told that a major refit had been done on Avalon by the broker maybe 10 months ago. He gave me the number of a guy(whiz with multihulls who had done the refit) and told me to call him if I had any questions about the refit. I had seen other boat projects that he had done and had always been impressed with his work. Never saw the Avalon last year though as the client who I was trying to get to look at Avalon bought a 60' French cat in Guadelope or Martinique. I've had some excellent sails on Avalon and would consider her if I had the money. We need some Multi Anarchist to go check her out and report in on her present state.
  3. I went to the extreme of running PVC home electrical conduit (Grey Sch 40) in 1" and 1.5" diameters when I rewired my Passport 40. I had all house wiring, engine electrics, and engine controls and generator stuff each in its own conduit. Simple matter to snake a next wire of hose into any of them. I friend saw them fit in before anything had been run through them and thought that I was installing central vacuum system. Not a bad on a liveaboard when you think about it.
  4. If there was ever a Russian that Trump should have as council, it would probably be Kasparov.
  5. I had a good friend who was spray painting his masts in Trinidad and he was suited up to the max, except for his eyes. I think he had rigged fresh air supply to his respirator but it was not full face and head a a painters hood that just had holes for the eyes. He used googles over that but when he came out of the shed and stripped down after the finish coat, you could see his eyelashes frosted in the grey paint and his eyes and the pink linings around the eyes and lids had pick up some paint overspray. He felt like shit that evening and didn't show up at my boat for happy hour cocktails. I radioed his boat and he sounded pretty goofy but I thought it was because he was well into his own happy hour. I got a radio call from his wife saying that he wasn't feeling well and was thinking of taking a room at the boatyard inn for the night since he was having fevers and there was no wind in the anchorage. She checked into the inn with him shortly before midnight. The next morning at the Shark Bake (Trini breakfast favorite) place the word was that they had called an ambulance in the wee hours of the morning and taken him to the hospital. I caught the next bus to the local hospital and was told that he had been transferred to the main hospital downtown about daybreak. I caught another bus only to find that he had died shortly after arrival there. They were already doing an autopsy and although it was never mentioned (even his wife was denied a autopsy report) I couldn't help but think that the cyanide compounds in AwlGrip must have been absorbed by the mucus membranes around the eyes and the wet surface of the eyeballs themselves must have been enough to do him in. His wife and I had waited in a garden next to the hospital morgue hearing the autopsy saws in action and after they ceased we pulled ourselves together and went in to see him and get a report and try and decide what to do with his body. They told us to wait while the report was typed up and I walked a couple of blocks to the US Embassy to see if they could help send him home (US Vietnam war vet with the Marines). When I returned to the morgue the wife was upset because they wouldn't give her an autopsy report and also found that his body had already been sent to a funeral home all the way across town! We caught a cab and were shocked to find when we got to the funeral home that they had already cremated him on orders from the health officials at the hospital! I went a bit ballistic as his wife wanted to send him home to be buried with Portugese fisherman ancestors in New England. It took a while to figure out that an American yachtsman suddenly dropping dead might be attributed to a local outbreak of hemorragic fever (Dengue) which was going around and scare the flow of money coming in at the boatyards. Before coming to Trinidad for the haulout, they had stopped for a few days in some nearby Venuzuelan Islands which had documented cases of the hemorraghic fever and was now boats coming from there were being quarentined. Obviously some sort of conspiracy/coverup by the Trinidadian health gang but I still think the Awlgrip might have been the culprit. So much for SEMPER FI and not leaving your behind on the battlefield! I made a scene back at the Embassy for not having intervened when I first reached out but the deed was done by then. I still have the occasional bout with Dengue flashbacks, it can be so bad at times it makes you wish you were dead!
  6. Hard to even listen to the Patriot Nurse with that little rising inflection (Valley Girl thing is what we always called it, Uptalk seems to be the current name) at the end of each phrase, no matter what she was really saying. Maybe it will come to this
  7. BS has become the Steve Bannon of SA! Or maybe the other way around...
  8. Now if you just turn that trailer end for end you will pick up another 10 MPH!
  9. I knew the kept him around for something...
  10. Right Airlie, it could happen to anyone in that bunch. At anytime.
  11. Nice work, just remember, "God made turds tapered so your asshole doesn't slam shut!" I think it is safe to attribute that to Ted Turner.
  12. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  13. I had thought that BS getting banned here would help steer the thread back on topic. Apparently not.
  14. At the truck stop to the pump attendant, 'Check the tire pressure please Buddy...'