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    Surf Anarchy

    I know we have a Kitesurfing Anarchy but why not one for surfing in general and SUP since SUP is growing so fast. Just for the hell of it I'll start with this!
  2. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    We have been trying to come up with a line of small products using the scrap Ti from this project. The big Ti vendors will try and sell to you with the caveat that they waterjet cut the parts to your CNC files. If that can be done on their equipment under their roof they will give you a scrap price for the waste material. If you buy the full sheets and do your own cutting then your scraps are of very little value since the provenance of those are suspect. As long as they can track the material as in the first case they can verify the grade of the Ti but still offer only a fraction of the original cost for the waste. It is very expensive to take scrap and melt it all back down for virgin stock so that really isn't an option. We bought US CP2 for the project with the grade and mill markings clearly marked on it to help with the Coast Guard inspection and verification process. So we are looking at belt buckles, hair brooches, caribiners, dive knives, MultiTools all marked with the boat logo to sell to the daycharter guests at their beach kiosk. What do you guys want made from the scrap?
  3. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    We couldn't find any gopher wood so decided to build using Titanium.
  4. Rasputin22

    Wooden boats thread

    I'm heading for a week on Bequia in the morning! I've sailed there several times over the past couple of decades but will be relying on the big jet plane for a first. I'll try and see what is up with the local wooden boat scene lately and report. Just realised I should have booked this trip over Easter because that is the big Annual Regatta but I'm ready to just get away from winter. If anyone who frequents the place has any idea of the whereabouts of a native guy named Terry (the lineman) who I knew on St John, please let me know. He worked for the phone company on St John and his wife Evelyn was the Post Mistress in Cruz Bay. I'm sure he retired home to Bequia and think I can find him by coconut telegraph but would love to hear from anyone who might have any info on him and his whereabouts.
  5. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    I think Jim must have learned that from Noah...
  6. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    Ya think? May as well be built out of Unobtanium!
  7. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    Betts sent out welded test panels to a testing lab and they broke their machine twice in pull tests. We are going to need a bigger test machine. One of the test panels sent to the client was subjected to first his big Dual Cab Dually pickup running over it on concrete. Then he had the big high rise forklift at the marina run over it. Still no issues. Then he had the 100 Ton Travelift run over it and he finally saw some bending at the welds but no cracking. All the welding is being done in an inert gas shield.
  8. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    Actually that is not aluminum or aluminium for that matter. Every part of the boat you see in that photo is .125" Titanium as well as the hull plating. Keelson may be 1/4" (instead of 3/8") as Jim didn't like the big difference between the thickness of the two plates for welding. Lots of pitfalls welding with Ti!
  9. Rasputin22

    Sea Breacher? New type of water craft

    While you are at it, may as well get a couple of these to go with the other rig. https://www.jetovator.com?wix-vod-video-id=9a693123ee7b4721b54ffff63237c45a&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-j3qcjhh9#
  10. Rasputin22

    what is it?

    Titanium 50' charter catamaran for Waikiki Beach.
  11. Rasputin22

    Over the horizon

    It was still knocking around the Caribbean up until a couple of years ago but I think is homeported somewhere jus north on Newport. Good underwing clearance and not loaded down with too much gear. Good turn of speed and I'm not sure why it never got more notice. Soma would do just fine with it if available. Lets put out an APB on it!
  12. Rasputin22

    Over the horizon

    I'm trying to figure out where this cat got off to. A Ron Givens open bridgedeck design that had the deckhouse cabin after being sailed from NZ to the Caribbean by a good friend. I later delivered it from St T to Newport and think it would be a good match for your stated purpose. Bit of a handful in a blow and we had some dicey times before getting into Bermuda just before the shit hit the fan heading North that trip. It had stupidly undersize Lombardi diesels at the time and we had to keep up more sail than I would have otherwise to get into safe harbor. Not as many bunks as its size would indicate but for your family that might not be an issue.
  13. Rasputin22

    What would you do?

    No, I'm sure I have met the skipper on trial in St Thomas if he has been going down there for as long as the reports say. Just can't seem to place him though. The mate that went into self quarantine is someone different altogether and I had known and sailed with him for years before the incident I mentioned. It would have been far worse in that instance if he had been a pier head jumper like in the topic of this post.
  14. Rasputin22

    Ft. Lauderdale to Key West

    Well then I won't give you the phone number of the gal in Key West that runs the nude maid service! They do boat detailing too... Say hi to Anastasia for me.
  15. Rasputin22

    Ft. Lauderdale to Key West

    Most of the escorts I knew down in that area worked out of R Donuts but as mentioned above that place of business is no longer there. The conch chowder bar/restaurant just down the street may still offer what you need! Damn! I just found out that 'Dirty Ernie's' closed in 2017! Is nothing sacred? Ft Lauderdale is going to the dogs I tell you... https://www.sun-sentinel.com/features/food/recipe-requests/fl-fea-conch-chowder-recipe-20180310-story.html Sad I tell you.
  16. Rasputin22

    What would you do?

    Yeah, he was really suffering and it was huge that he spared us the agony of witnessing it. Great guy and I'm glad now that the trip was able to provide for him one last hurrah.
  17. Rasputin22

    Video of Helicopter rescue of injured skier in France

    They are going to need longer skid mounts to keep doing that sort of stuff! That had to be a 45deg slope.
  18. Rasputin22

    College Football 2018

    May have to recycle this, Having attended Auburn and having a LSU grad for a girlfriend, we always say when Auburn, LSU and now Clemson play Bama, 'A Tiger is a Tiger'. My Dad said that when he was at Auburn he and his buddies always bragged about how good Clemson TIger tail was and they loved to make the roadtrips up there to chase the Clemson girls.
  19. Rasputin22

    Over the horizon

    Nils, I should have some up to date photos of this boat for you in a couple of days.
  20. Rasputin22

    For those that mock the great lakes

    I am continually amazed at how dumbed down the TV weather people are getting. I guess they are chosen to match the viewers these days. I like this one better
  21. Rasputin22

    For those that mock the great lakes

    Maybe just build a line of lighthouses on our southern border instead of a wall.
  22. Rasputin22

    When is old, too old? P16

    Pretty much the same. Really thin inner glass skin. I used to do a lot of repair work on all beach cats and the QC on Prindles was pretty good. I should have pulled the tramp on my p18 once I figured out what was going on and could have drilled from the top through the top laminate into the foam being careful not to go through inner skin. A 1/4" hole every three inches or so over the affected area and then use a syringe to inject West Epoxy clear a couble of time to soak into the core and then follow up with a mayonnaise consistency plug of West thickened with milled fibers and some colloidial silica which would sort of 'rivet' the panel back into a semblance of rigidity. You wouldn't really have to worry about cosmetics in this case because the tramp would cover the repairs. Probably could still do that but I bought a Jim Brown 28' SeaClipper tri so the old cat is now a ornament on our beach. I had a Hobie 18 that was so delaminated that ants had built their colony of tunnels all through the core. The hulls had been professionally AwlGripped in Tortola and the owner (At John) didn't pick them up for a couple of years! The yard finally told him to come get them or they would send them to the dump. I was over for the Spring Regatta and told the guy I would pick them up and bring home if I got sailing privileges. The hulls looked great laying on the ground behind the paint shop and I put the stern plugs in and towed them out to my big trimaran and loaded before the final Sunday race. I was racing on a monohull and we had a great regatta and podiumed. Big party until late and had a few extra guests that night on the boat. We were all trying to sleep in late (Mt Gay hangover!) and the 'guests' sleeping in the tramps started making a ruckus shortly after dawn. I went up on deck for a pee over the side and to tell them to pipe down and it seemed that they were being eaten alive by hordes of angry ants pouring out of the Hobie hulls! I had seen no sign of them when I first put the drain plugs in but they had managed to find some way out and pretty much took over my boat. I was so pissed at the owner that he gave me all the rest of the beams and rig and sails to put the boat away and helped me fog my boat. When you looked in through the inspection ports it looked like one of those 'Ant Farm' things that were popular when we were kids. I never trusted the boat structurally on account of that but did make a centerling pod/sled and hung a Yamaha 9.9 on it and used it as my commuter/surf exploration boat for about three years!
  23. Rasputin22

    Harken Sun Screen

    If the sunscreen from Harken reacts with sweat anything close to the way the Harken sailing shoes did when they first came out, then they better sell nose clips with it!