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  1. Anyone else jumped today?

    The catboat guys don't play around. You get jumped in/jumped out. He was initiating you into the class.
  2. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Is it confirmed that they are planning to motor to AUS? No chance that they are going as deck cargo?
  3. Adhesive Recommendations

    Sorry. I didn't get past the first sentence before the self-righteousness flooded over me and off I went.
  4. Adhesive Recommendations

    No offense but tweakers on a J/109? That's what the boom is for.
  5. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    Not a big deal at all, but if you don't ask your competitors for a pass and then break a class rule and get chucked so be it. Nobody's gonna object if you ask first...group emails tend to shame assholes into silence.
  6. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    Confucius say "He who type with toes no throw stones..."
  7. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    What was the reason they cited for reinstating Lou Lou? Did they break the class rules or not?
  8. Appeal decision help

    Why is a coach allowed to appeal a decision against one of his sailors?
  9. In Over Our Head

    Sweet. Any thoughts on the Mumm 36?
  10. In Over Our Head

    You have to go fast before you can go high. Your idea of 'scary loads' is likely not calibrated for a Mumm 36. There's nothing you can do to a main with the draft that far aft that will ever make it fast upwind. Sorry.
  11. A Rare Craigslist Find for those who Don't like my posts

    I wish he knew the difference between "recommended dosage" and "I wouldn't eat the whole thing, dude!"...
  12. In Over Our Head

    Lot of boats respond well to weight on the rail as well. Favorite Mumm 36 story is a friend had one and it was delaminating up near the bow near the hull/deck joint. He calls Barely Careful to ask about it and, after a couple of minutes, BC says "Wait. You aren't keeping this boat in the WATER are you?" Classic.
  13. Burgee Identification

    No but he did steal a coat of arms for his bullshit golf club in Scotland. (The country, not "Scot Land" i.e. Sailing Anarchy).
  14. Irma

  15. Irma

    Has anyone seen any pics of the Moorings Road Town base?