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  1. No but he did steal a coat of arms for his bullshit golf club in Scotland. (The country, not "Scot Land" i.e. Sailing Anarchy).
  2. Yikes.
  3. Has anyone seen any pics of the Moorings Road Town base?
  4. Don't you find water absorption to be a negative for Laser mainsheets, Gouv?
  5. Paralysis by Analysis.
  6. Manton Scott. Duxbury.
  7. We'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But you sound like a prick.
  8. Ha ha. Seriously, though. No vinyl. I hang mine from halyards (wing, not inline. I'm not an idiot.)
  9. Whatever gets you through the night.
  10. My 12 year old hates Optis and is having the time of his life with our Club's Hartley 12s.
  11. There's a reason the mast butt has rollers on it...!
  12. Three words: creep to failure.
  13. I sailed Stars for about 8 years and never dropped one on or off the water. That is anomalous. It's like motorcycle riders - there are those who have crashed, and those who are going to crash.
  14. It's scary if it's windy and the seven boats on the trailers to leeward of you are all World Champions or Gold medalists.