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    My wonderful children and my smart,fun, funny and beautiful wife!Sharing: experiences; memories; moments... Building old Jeeps and boats... turning wrenches, shaping wood, welding, moulding fiberglas/resin, photography, cooking, reading, bicycling, and sailing again, SOON! Can you tell I am ADD?
  1. Boats13

    never fuckin' mind

    Yes.... wanna get pancakes?
  2. Boats13

    never fuckin' mind

    Can't stop the signal, Mal...
  3. Boats13

    Bacon Anarchy

    Hot chicks on golfcarts were giving them away at the 2013 500. The bumperstickers were on magnetic backing.... I had one on my Jeep until someone stole the sticker a month ago!!
  4. (604): The goal for tonight is vagina. In and around. Doesn't matter who. How. Or why. Ah, to be young and fearless...and Stooopid.
  5. (610): I have a fannypack full of condoms and acid. Let's get weird. You could overload on the texture changes.....
  6. (613): Marking my student's "don't do drugs" posters while simultaneously texting my dealer, is this what being a grown up is like? Higher education in Canada........................
  7. I REALLY don't want to know what he did to GET the Hemi!
  8. (317): Sorry I never showed up last night. It was between spending time with you and our freinds or having violent multiple orgasims. I chose the low road.
  9. (505): i purposely bought her a small sweater. My way of saying, you've gotten fat. (306): So not only just find my adoption papers that I didnt know about in my parents house, but they say "child shows some signs of mental retardation".
  10. Boats13


    Slackers, page two.
  11. (813): she asked me what the final straw was. i had to tell her i caught him jerking off to digimon porn. i don't know what i'm more upset by, that he was masturbating to cartoons, or that he was masturbating to sub-par cartoons Jeezhus!
  12. THIS is probably THE truest thing I've read here or anywhere, EVER! Provincetown included? Do FagHags drink beer? NTTIATWWT Dude, you need to lay off smoking the Bufo Toad, that shit will string you out!
  13. (847): Jesus people on campus asked me what i do for joy. I said i love sinning especially pre-marital sex.
  14. (512): its amazing how hard it is to tell vomit from stuffing the day after (925): just had sex with a midget and didnt wrap it... were totally gonna have a tv show :)
  15. (221): I am far too drunk to be making a tuna melt . There's blood EVERYWHERE. 13