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  1. .22 Tom

    All Quiet On The Right Wing Front

    Oops, it was after all. Now Schumer is talking about bringing the filibuster back. I'd say the appropriations process is a good example of reckless boondoggling, but that is a kind of good example. Getting a new SCOTUS Justice every couple of years would be interesting to say the least.
  2. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Don't shatter illusions. You and I both admitted supporting NORML so we're constantly hitting massive bongs, only taking occasional breaks to vote for commies before returning to our welfare couches.
  3. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Hmm. I don't have the normal sniffling kind, thank goodness. I'm allergic to Poison Ivy and seem to have encountered a bit the other day. Maybe a reduced effect, I don't know, but there was some.
  4. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    But if I don't comment on TX, how will people know stuff like this is wrong? You're probably right about 1% being a minimum for effectiveness, though it varies person to person, as mentioned in the Stupid Prohibition thread. But "effective THC" are two words that drug warriors do NOT wish to see in that order, which is why the actual limit in TX is half the minimum you mentioned.
  5. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Thank you. That's what I thought I was saying with, "laws in one state influence what legislators in other states do." And you're right, when voting rights or abortion or other issues come up in one state, we tend to see lots of input from non-residents, including Cliff.
  6. .22 Tom


    Idaho, mostly, but also Canada, Washington and Oregon, among other places. It's in orange on the map. https://missoulian.com/columbia-river-watershed-map/pdf_b0a8ab62-eb5f-11e2-8542-001a4bcf887a.html
  7. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    I just bought a two gallon bucket from a local guy. I like a little coffee with my honey in the morning. I discovered that honey in a bucket is kind of a PITA but way better and cheaper than the stuff from the grocery store.
  8. Are the "transfer" violations ever prosecuted? If not, are they real, or fiction? As I explained before, proposed laws can not be violated and acting contrary to a proposed law is never prosecuted. Still, the transfer rules described in the law are real. And real stoopid.
  9. .22 Tom


    Such a cool picture. But there's too much poop in the water. While his point about regulatory capture is true, I, for one, think that stricter regulations have worked and can work some more. Regulations that incorporate market incentives can work but aren't the only kind that can work. Regulations can also be useless, annoying, and expensive. I have no idea why I was spared the time and expense of doing the required "as built" drainage plan after my Boatport was built. That's nice, but the rule exists and complying would have been useless, annoying, and expensive. The rule exists because a person might decide to build a giant warehouse that spits out a huge pile of animal shit every day and we do need rules about stuff like that.
  10. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Weed isn't "hash oil." And yes, these kinds of felony cases are actually prosecuted. https://www.davidbreston.com/possession-thc-wax-felony-texas/ I'd suggest following her on Facebook to learn those answers. Texas is being stupid. I want the stupidity to end. As mentioned repeatedly, Federal involvement is more a problem than a solution here. In the unlikely event that the Duopoly decided that heroin and cannabis are, in fact, different, I'd be very skeptical of any federal mandate to that effect. But we're a long way from facing that problem. We live in America, where cannabis is the same as heroin. Where the government will take your stuff if they suspect it's involved in cannabis. Nonsensical federal laws and police looting are tragedies, among others like the ignored Flash Bang Baby. And laws in one state influence what legislators in other states do. So when Malarkey starts spreading Malarkey about how prohibition could save lives in a state where I don't live, I might comment.
  11. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Those $oro$ $hill$ $ay stuff like this: Questioning the Schedule 1 classification of weed is a heresy of the same order as others I commit around here regularly. That's why we keep seeing Drug Czars say heroin and weed are the same.
  12. .22 Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    That article concludes by noting that Christie can probably read polls. My experience with friends and family is that those older people are having medical problems and are finding relief using cannabis products. A whole bunch of them who most emphatically would NOT have been among the 12% back in 1969 are rubbing cannabis-derived cream on their hands for arthritis, for example.
  13. .22 Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    From the Mary Jane thread: I hope you understand why I had to move this post. If others talk guns in that thread, that's one thing. If I do it, that's very different. For some reason. Anyway, I agree with you that those things are problems. We recently had another incident with a local individual who absolutely should not have any guns. He wanders his neighborhood with his AR and does weird shit, scaring the neighbors, one of whom cuts my wife's hair. The cops know him well and he knows them and knows just when to quit to avoid being locked up, at least for long. I learned about it because my wife texted me that he was out at the end of our street. The thing about it is, that guy is a problem. My wife's assault weapon is not.
  14. .22 Tom

    Is this a racist comment?

    Another lie. Here's a quick picture of what it looks like when you search my database to try to verify this allegation. What's happened here is that Jocelyn wanted another excuse to mention the name of a very convenient murderer. He's been doing it more since I pointed out to him that this is what these sick freaks crave and every time one of them is mentioned it makes the next one more likely to go off.
  15. .22 Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Massive loss for drug warriors Is calling him "massive" a form of fat shaming? Oh well. He reminds me a great deal of Trump. Here's the list of principles by which both men operate: 1. What looks best for me at the moment? It's not a long list. It also makes analysis of his behavior rather straightforward. He no longer thinks it is in his interest to be a hard core drug warrior.