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  1. .22 Tom


    USA, looking backwards to tomorrow. Both sides have a point, it seems to me. If you decided to have sex for money, that's your body and your business in a way. OTOH, It is a business, there are public health and crime problems that arise in association with it, and governments regulate such businesses. Sometimes, "regulate" means "prohibit entirely," as in the case of prostitution in most of the US. I think the prohibition is stupid and harmful, like most. Does that mean I think prostitution businesses, if legal, should be completely immune from regulation because of the sacrosanct woman's body involved? Nope. By the way, have you noticed that this thread reeks of sea lion shit for some reason?
  2. A Vermont Man Responds To Zoning Troubles
  3. .22 Tom

    Sessions is toast - what next?

    A younger version of Sessions, it turns out. My take: you don't get to be Attorney General unless you're a strong supporter of your team's preferred prohibition program(s).
  4. .22 Tom

    Federal Prison Reform

    It does suck, but when the DNA comes back and you walk free, you've gotta think it would have sucked worse to have been summarily killed for a crime you did not commit?
  5. .22 Tom

    2nd Amendment: In the home only?

    Sounds like something that would only apply indoors, doesn't it? Especially when you get to the next word!
  6. .22 Tom

    Censoring T-Bizzle

    No Safe Space For Cops Hat tip to Mr. Webb for his Uncooperative spirit. Though the song and his attitude about a traffic stop point to a much bigger problem in my view: why Fuck The Police? Because they interfere with one of the only viable businesses in our neighborhood: the black market for drugs. I don't look at a traffic stop and think "Fuck the Police." I think "that guy was probably speeding." Because cops don't represent any barrier to making money to me.
  7. .22 Tom

    Federal Prison Reform

    Our stupid drug war has created the black market that's one of the only viable sources of income for some of those kids. RO Lack Of I could be achieved by ending it but that's asking TeamR to give up a sacred prohibition program (something neither team will do) and asking TeamD to reduce the size and power of government, which isn't their strong suit.
  8. .22 Tom

    Federal Prison Reform

    The guilt of the accused is only one part of a proper verdict. The other part is: the government must prove it and not misbehave when doing so. It's really not asking too much, I don't think. If there's no escaping the verdict, behave properly and get the right verdict. But "no escaping the verdict" can't become an excuse for "we broke the rules because this guy is a POS and doesn't deserve rules." That will quickly spread.
  9. .22 Tom

    Does this happen often in your neighborhood?

    That "obvious risk" can be avoided by simply not being in the wrong home. For example, the latest "mass shooting" (which really was not one by the definition used by the Gun Grabby Archive, but it's politically useful to spread fear by padding the numbers with "almost" mass shootings.) It doesn't have its own thread because, like the vast majority of "mass shootings," it's not particularly convenient by itself in calling for gun bans. It's only convenient in the aggregate, which is why the details of the inconvenient ones are only chronicled by me.
  10. .22 Tom

    2nd Amendment: In the home only?

    Yes. Exactly. ^^^ Feel free to copy this response into whatever thread you feel appropriate. Roger that. I don't think this one is really appropriate but it is funny to me. Indoor militias are a riot, don't you think?
  11. .22 Tom

    Does this happen often in your neighborhood?

    10,000 times "almost zero" is still almost zero. Our hoplophobes like to stir up fear but will then say you must be paranoid to think you'll ever need a gun to defend yourself. They're right about the latter. Most of our cops never fire at anyone, and their job is to go looking for trouble. I'm almost certain that, just like almost every American, it will be a heart problem, cancer, a car wreck, or one of the things that really kills us in large numbers that takes me out.
  12. .22 Tom

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    That makes a lot of sense to me. I've seen how moving some weight forward on a squatting powerboat can make a big difference. A wedge aft should do the same. It's way up high on the sailboat. Looks like it could only perform that function if the boat were overloaded, overpowered, and at full throttle.
  13. .22 Tom

    I thought Kavanaugh would be the end of PP

    Leaving a split circuit situation alone can't be deciding both sides of the split are correct, nor either of them. It's just leaving a split alone. Yes. When people don't like the exercise of a right, they often attack those who provide or enable it somehow rather than those actually exercising it, who are usually quite numerous voters.
  14. .22 Tom

    Pelosi makes clear, politics matters, America doesn't

    Which part? It's a muddled mess. About the only thing on which all 9 continue to agree is that corporations are people.
  15. .22 Tom

    Twitterer In Chief

    Sean actually used the same title for that purpose shortly after I started this one. Maybe the mods can merge them?