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  1. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    You should go read Len's wife's words in another thread. I have shared them around with his permission the other day when he first mentioned his loss because I think they'll help people. In this thread, yes, I'm just trying to be an asshole, but mostly to Malarkey and not to Len at all .
  2. .22 Tom

    Commander in Chief

    Once you start a war it is very hard to stop, as evadent, Trump has visited the troops at home, He chummed with them at the BCS, and visited soldiers at Walter Reed. None of that is equal to supporting troops who are actively being shot at, and that is what scares Trump the most. I think the best way to support them would be to bring them here. I also think Rep. Lee was right to oppose that AUMF. She didn't oppose the war. She thought the AUMF would be used by multiple administrations for various meddling around the world for years to come. So she was right about her reason too.
  3. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    I'm not sure how to make it more clear. Go look up what defines "Schedule 1" drugs and which ones are on that list. Tell me if you think any of them is not quite like the rest. My view: heroin and cannabis don't belong on the same list. A view not shared by recent Drug Czars under recent administrations. So I wonder if you agree with my view or theirs?
  4. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Uh oh, that looks like alcohol and/or sugar in the drink in the foreground. Are you aware of the horrific human cost of obesity and alcoholism? How about the horrific human cost of failed big government programs?
  5. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Yes, I do. Now, do you agree with the Duopoly/fedgov position that heroin and cannabis are pretty much the same and should be treated the same under the law?
  6. .22 Tom

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    As I said, My mistake, that was a convenient shooting after all. The lesson, of course, is that we must DO SOMETHING.
  7. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    I agree with Len and would add the the problems we see continuing or expanding are getting better in Portugal. Prison isn't a great answer to addiction. Drug prohibition is a dangerous failure. Malarkey, do you agree with the fedgov that heroin and cannabis are pretty much the same thing, so both should be Schedule 1 Drugs? That's a common Duopoly view expressed by Drug Czars of recent administrations. Is that why you switched from the thread topic to heroin?
  8. .22 Tom

    Missouri Hair Braiders

    No, changing the law meant that ruling would stand unless SCOTUS vacated in their Munsingwear.
  9. .22 Tom

    Missouri Hair Braiders

    Same way as usual. Just hit "Submit Reply."
  10. .22 Tom

    Missouri Hair Braiders

    The revised requirements for hair braiders: The fee doesn't seem burdensome and probably just covers the cost of collecting and not very many board inspections. Whatever those are in the context of a hair braiding business. I wonder why they would be needed? I can actually think of a public health use for such an instructional video. My parents had a friend who was a doctor. Middle aged, good health, got some blood on his hand while shampooing one day and was dead not long after. Melanoma. He had a nice head of hair. Who looks there? Well, someone who is messing with your hair.
  11. .22 Tom

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    The Party-Approved way to express outrage is pretty clear:
  12. .22 Tom

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Those terrible liberals. Noted objective observer Olsonist had this to say about me: Yes. That’s because you’re a Republican. So I want to take the opportunity to apologize for all my partisan Republican rhetoric in this thread. Because it does kind of illustrate that partisans ascribe tribal identity based on our prohibition programs.
  13. .22 Tom

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    Actually, I didn't make that argument. I made a mistake and admitted it.
  14. .22 Tom

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    Is there a way of expressing the outrage you mentioned other than DOING SOMETHING? If so, I haven't seen it.
  15. .22 Tom

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    No, there's really not a number that is going to make me think that this is an "assault" weapon and that possessing it should be a felony.