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  1. Cacoethesic Tom

    Police Qualified Immunity

    What I know about this comes from reading Tom's thread, but it appears to me that the decisions have come down on the side of 'what is not specifically forbidden to the nth degree of specificity is permitted' That's basically the bottom line, though there is a tiny bit of wiggle room that the fifth circuit managed to find, as noted above. George Floyd and Beyond: How “Qualified Immunity” Enables Bad Policing OK, so it was written by Koch-$pon$ored nutjobs, but that's still right. For more cases, see their Project on Immunity and Accountability
  2. Cacoethesic Tom

    Police Qualified Immunity

    Of course. Much like hiding in a closet while a person is raped as discussed above, kneeling on a person's neck until he dies is just part of a cop's job. Or something.
  3. Cacoethesic Tom

    There is a resemblance

    It's not just Pooh that is censored in China Oops.
  4. Cacoethesic Tom

    Police Qualified Immunity

  5. Cacoethesic Tom

    Where's all the 2A people now?

    Indoors, of course. We've always had indoor militias. There's a whole thread about this.
  6. Australian Court Rules Media Outlets Are Responsible for Facebook Users' Comments The European Court of Justice's order doesn't seem to be working all that well. My post saying that Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek is a corrupt oaf is still on Facebook. I wonder if The Ed can afford to risk continuing to allow Aussies to post here?
  7. Cacoethesic Tom

    red light camera violation

    Sounds like a workaround for their revenue problem.
  8. Cacoethesic Tom

    You need a "good and substantial reason" to exercise your righ

    Umm... that's only true in some places.
  9. Cacoethesic Tom

    2nd Amendment: In the home only?

    Is this a trick question? The bean bag and paintball guns are obviously responsible.
  10. Cacoethesic Tom

    2nd Amendment: In the home only?

    They have a different definition of "in public" from mine. The statute in question prohibited carrying handguns outside the home... Posted from one of my four outbuildings, all of which seem like private places to me, not public ones. We may at last have agreement on the question of whether a front porch is a public space. I continue to believe, as I did in 2013, that a front porch is not a public space.
  11. Those seem like good points until one notes behavior of those who are fact checked. I get called a liar and other names regularly for pointing out the fact that "assault weapon" means, among other things, "ordinary .22." A Sock That's Randumbly Operated just called me a liar for pointing out the fact that Aussie grabbers are going after museum collections. Some facts are just darn inconvenient.
  12. Cacoethesic Tom

    Not generally speaking unruly

    Yes, we know, not even a museum collection of disabled and secured guns.
  13. Cacoethesic Tom

    Not generally speaking unruly

    Could be lots of reasons. The dangerous tactics used to enforce the stupid drug war. The reckless disregard for Constitutional obligations. The emboldened white nationalists.
  14. Cacoethesic Tom

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Doesn't seem to be working for you, so I'll help. My wife's potato salad improved dramatically when she learned that it needs some bacon fat.
  15. Cacoethesic Tom

    On being a Liberal

    Yeah, that's the only reason I can think up for going after museum collections. Glad we can agree on at least that much.