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  1. Cacoethesic Tom


    Hah! Looks can be deceiving! That's a great picture but she's just an OK sailor. In the world of 8 year old girls, she's a superstar sailor but she has the attention span of an 8 year old girl, so... She's not discouraged by anything that happens, always cheerful, and likes to sail so she'll be in other boats before long. One of our other campers this past week was a girl who I have nominated for SCOTW before, a few years ago. She's mostly blind so it's a real challenge for her but she's a good sailor. She crews on a 420. She was bummed out that the 420s are all off in storage because the county wants us to clear the property so they can give us a building. We've moved the 2.4's, 420's, and Hobie cats but there's more work to do. It'll be nice to have a building but we have quite a few boats on racks that have to be moved, plus one 25 foot candidate for the Zombie Fleet on the rusty remains of a trailer and a Hunter 21 on a decent trailer.
  2. Cacoethesic Tom


    I don't have a picture of Aly at age 8 and am not sure she ever sailed a Minifish. I was going to guess the answer to your question is the painter but zoomed in on my phone and it looks like the tag end of the halyard, which is being used as a downhaul on the boom and should have been tucked in neatly. Not sure if she's coming back for our next kids sailing camp in a couple of weeks but if she does I'll haze her about it. She's a great kid.
  3. Cacoethesic Tom

    Why we as a country (USA) are collectively screwed

    It continued in the 90's.
  4. Cacoethesic Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Justice Department Finds Massachusetts Drug Squad Regularly Uses Excessive Force and Covers It Up Who is surprised that Jeff Sessions is a non-reader? (doesn't raise hand)
  5. Cacoethesic Tom

    Police Qualified Immunity

    Cops who killed Tony Timpa get qualified impunity And on it goes...
  6. Cacoethesic Tom

    Kelo v. City of New London,

    I think so. If you think not, start by reading the opinions and sharing your views here.
  7. Cacoethesic Tom


    By doing this when you're 8? Taken yesterday on Charlotte Harbor.
  8. Cacoethesic Tom

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    That was my first guess until I read Jules' post that it was an actual professional. Or claimed to be. There are skilled workers here but we do have more than our share of ones... like that. I don't mind the heat but almost melted today while sailing a Sunfish. Being on a roof on a day like today would be absolute misery. And it's not even August yet.
  9. Cacoethesic Tom

    What's in your arsenal??

    Those two things and also, in the case of the 27, there's not much grip in the first place. My wife and I both put +1 grip extensions on ours not so much for the extra round but for one more place for a finger to grab.
  10. Cacoethesic Tom

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    And you're the non-reader who thinks Otis McDonald is Miller!
  11. Cacoethesic Tom

    Banning Vaping?

    A pony-based economy is coming soon and we'll all enjoy the prosperity caused by free ponies for all.
  12. Cacoethesic Tom

    Banning Vaping?

    Massachusetts Regulators Knowingly Drive Vapers to the Black Market Over 20% of their market was already illegal in 2017? That's an astonishingly high failure rate. The need for increased enforcement efforts has been apparent in the stupid drug war for decades. The failures have been too. Doubling down with things like "stop and frisk" and mandatory minimum sentences has gone so poorly that even former advocates have slowly begun to see the light.
  13. Cacoethesic Tom

    Are Illegal Immigrants Also The People?

    The Panicdemic has created an emergency need to deport foreign students. Or something.
  14. Cacoethesic Tom

    small-business Covid loans

    As noted in an earlier "what's gonna happen to the panicdemic boondoggle money" thread, they said it was justified because any method of getting tax money back out of the government's hands is justified. The Cato Institute and I don't see it that way.
  15. Cacoethesic Tom

    Spooky Action At A Distance Anarchy

    A couple of years ago, it was big news that objects that were too tiny to see could exhibit quantum entanglement, which Einstein dismissed as "spooky action at a distance." Now they've observed this effect in a couple of 40 kilogram mirrors Also,