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  1. Hypercapnic Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    They seem fine, other than the not laying eggs yet part. They were hatched in the beginning of April. The chicken run is just out of the frame, right where the bobcat is looking. No evidence it tried to enter. Doing so would have probably resulted in lots of noise and dogs arriving pretty quickly, so maybe the bobcat was just being discrete? The extension I made to the chicken run really isn't all that bobcat-proof but I saw no evidence it tried to enter. Maybe this one knows from experience what a trap is and thinks this looks like a trap? I'm really not sure why we still have chickens. Bobcats are powerful, smart critters. Lots of people on the FB Backyard Chickens group thought my pic from post 180 was a panther so I've taken to calling the bobcat a short-tailed panther.
  2. Hypercapnic Tom

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    That's a nice looking boat for the Ugly Dodger thread. But since it's here, I kind of Admire the view from inside the dodger. At least it's a lot better than the view from outside, which is kind of the point of this thread. Do they get a pass on the deadly offset companionway if a mast is in the way?
  3. Hypercapnic Tom

    Facebook Political Ads Exempt From Fact Checking

    Section 230 is, for the moment at least, still a thing.
  4. Hypercapnic Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    Experimenting with the video mode. I can't figure out how to get it to only take videos, not pictures. Yesterday, the bobcat came by in the mid-morning, which is weird. In this clip, it's circling the chicken coop. I can't figure out how the bobcat got to where it is without getting its picture taken either coming or going but that's what happened.
  5. Hypercapnic Tom

    2019 Fishing Thread

    Brought my drone out yesterday and got some shots of our fishing boat. If I had been busy catching fish it would have stayed in its box. Oh well, a bad day fishing is better than most kinds of days.
  6. Hypercapnic Tom

    Trump Should End A War

    That's not a new thing. From back when they were called Al Queda, 5 years ago.
  7. Hypercapnic Tom

    Bump Stockas DTS

    You're not allowed to have fingers that are trained that way in the USA. And don't substitute a rubber band either!
  8. Hypercapnic Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    Mmmm... chickens!
  9. Hypercapnic Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    You can view it that way but I think it's about self-ownership. Not sure whether that's a utilitarian thing. The fact that a policy based on self-ownership works better is nice, but it comes with costs that some societies can't accept, largely on utilitarian grounds. For example, we've seen the ACLU defending a KKK march through a Jewish neighborhood. In many countries, the answer to that kind of thing is to prohibit it. Our fourth amendment frequently ties the hands of government and prevents conviction of guilty people. That has costs too, maybe ones that won't withstand utilitarian math. But expression (and expre$$ion) and privacy are self-ownership things, as is the fourth amendment-derived Her Body, Sometimes Her Choice thing.
  10. Hypercapnic Tom

    Whale Fucking

    FloridaMan for President OK, so it's exploding and not fucking, but still whale-related and still funny. Speaking of not fully capturing Dave Barry, reason magazine's sub-headline "Comedy" is true but incomplete. From the interview: He's always a riot when he talks about people $peaking to his campaign. I've been thinking of sending him a yuge bottle of pennies.
  11. Hypercapnic Tom

    Trump vs Property Rights

    Declaring a PANIC has to come with a scary lack of limits on power and oversight/due process applied to that power. I don't think we can change that, nor should we try. But some "gutting" of those powers could be done by more stringently defining conditions that constitute a cause for PANIC. As noted upthread, we've got lots of National PANICS, some of which have been ongoing for decades. I think the oldest one was declared by President Carter but I can't remember what it is. That's not a real PANIC. But far from wanting to rein in Trump's abuse of the Power of PANIC, we see TeamD Presidential Contenders like Kamala Harris salivating over getting to use that power. Blessed bipartisan unity prevails.
  12. Hypercapnic Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    It doesn't work for "victimless" non-crimes like drinking, gambling, smoking weed, etc, that lots of harmless people do with few negative consequences for themselves or anyone else. It's more than possible to destroy your life through drinking or gambling but prohibiting those "crimes" because a few destroy themselves exacerbates the problem it's trying to solve.
  13. Hypercapnic Tom

    Planned power outages this week?

    I have a few trees that are contacting/overhanging the power line to my house almost all the time. I called Florida Power and Light and told them their line had set a cabbage palm on fire. The response, "Yeah, they do that." I'm FloridaMan, so I shrugged and thought, I guess they do. My wife called, very irate, and kept asking to speak to supervisors until a crew was scheduled to come cut some branches. They came and asked me where to cut. I'm not a fan of cabbage palms so suggested "at the ground." They instead did a little trimming at the top and... I saw it arcing again the other day. They do that. Lengthy? My house in Miami was out of power for a month after Andrew, and that was in a pretty high priority area. We were out for less than a week after Charlie, but only because the line to the road didn't fall and the one on the road feeds the water plant, so is one of the highest priorities. My neighbor's line did fall and he was out for a month. He has a bigass diesel generator and was running whole house AC, washer and electric dryer, everything. And running up the road to civilization to get diesel fuel frequently.
  14. Hypercapnic Tom

    It's A Beautiful Day For A Church Shooting

    Same as always. But there were other shootings that are convenient for gungrabby purposes yesterday. Mass Shooting In Baltimore Gee, four young men on an urban street in the evening and police asking for tips. A distinct whiff of the stupid drug war in that one, but the SOLution remains the same as ever: DO SOMETHING. Mass Shooting In Chicago Again Where the city council might as well go ahead and name the place "Chicago Again" Oddly, this one doesn't seem to be obviously related to the stupid drug war. The gun was recovered but we don't know what kind it was. Not that it matters. TeamD knows what kind to ban in response so DO SOMETHING. Mass Shooting In Philly Gee, sounds like a stupid drug war drive by at 3 am again. It is odd that a "military style" rifle was used, since use of those is pretty rare in the drug war drive-by's that make up most "mass" shootings. Of course, lots of guns are "military style" when calling them that is the magic key to banning and confiscating them, so DO SOMETHING. Mass Shooting In Brooklyn Funny, gamblers don't shoot each other all that much in places where it's legal. Stupid war on gambling. The common thread here seems to be mass shootings in our gungrabbiest urban areas. I'll take a wild guess that once again, the NY shooting was not carried out by one of the very few, very well-connected, very wealthy people who can afford to legally have a gun in NYC. But neither that nor the declining crime rates will stop grabbers like DeBlasio from pursuing a stupid prohibition agenda so DO SOMETHING.
  15. Hypercapnic Tom

    Trump Should End A War

    I was replying to learning's post and yours. We can if provoked but we generally don't know what/where Aleppo is, don't know what the mission in Niger is, don't know that some five-figure number of our troops have been sent to the Middle East in the past several months, don't know or care that we're still at war in Korea after all these years. If you're really at war, the population knows it and supports it. That's why Congress should declare it.