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  1. Hypercapnic Tom

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    Neither, I'm suggesting that these militias are a threat to a real military, even ours and certainly Turkey's. Do you think they're a threat?
  2. Hypercapnic Tom

    AI/ML and the future of non-work

    It's the beginning of the end of what we currently consider strong encryption. Brute force attacks on "strong" encryption are currently possible, but would take many years for our fastest computers. With high hopes that this will take a while, I'm off to the work computer to do a bit of online banking.
  3. Hypercapnic Tom

    Apple's Fight With the Feds

    What 'Rights' Do We Have When We're Talking About Our Private Online Data? "Private online data" seems a bit oxymoronic to me.
  4. Hypercapnic Tom

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    That's just silly. Turkey is a NATO ally with a real military. There's no way some ragtag militia can present any kind of threat. Read more gun threads and you'll learn important info like that. Meanwhile, the "immediate" withdrawal that was announced most of a year ago turns out NOT to be about bringing troops home.
  5. Hypercapnic Tom

    Crossing the "red line" in Syria - or not

    So the real red line is messing with royalty?
  6. Hypercapnic Tom

    I may have found RBooze!

    Now it seems that the unlicensed math was actually accurate. Hooray for mathematicians in pajamas! Whoop whoop!
  7. Hypercapnic Tom


    Meanwhile Sarasota cops seem to want to grab a headline more than they want to grab a predator
  8. Hypercapnic Tom

    Florida Poll Taxes

    Florida Poll Taxes They're apparently OK if you can pay them. Or something. I'm happy as usual to see corporations like the ACLU exercise their long-established first amendment-protected right to expre$$ themselves by filing civil rights lawsuits. As for the ruling in question, the judge says FL must establish a clear and simple process to determine who is too broke to pay. I doubt that's possible. I guess we'll find out as the wheels slowly turn...
  9. Hypercapnic Tom


    The miracles continue. UN Elects Venezuela To Human Rights Council Really? This might explain why almost no one takes it seriously when the UN points out that our noble Kurdish allies have been keeping thousands of women and children in concentration camps. That's sometimes bad, you know.
  10. Hypercapnic Tom


    Sex Work Decriminalization Bill in D.C. Draws 14 Hours of Passionate Public Testimony Conflating abuse and "trafficking" with consensual sex work is the oldest Puritan trick in the book, and I guess it's still a good one. 2nd oldest trick, I guess.
  11. Hypercapnic Tom

    the potential of civil war

    Seems like a great suggestion to me.
  12. Hypercapnic Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Banks and other companies are canna-curious https://mjbizdaily.com/big-banking-interest-serve-cannabis-clients-safe-banking-act-passage-u-s-house/ Thinking Canna-Curious Tom might be a fun screen name...
  13. But did you go all in and say that Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek is a corrupt oaf?
  14. Hypercapnic Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Since the ones here are so mute on the subject, I've been checking out what other grabbers have to say about Beto's confiscation proposal. At Mother Jones, he's a visionary. At the Chicago Tribune, he's boneheaded A Politico piece that goes on and on kind of agrees with both, or neither, saying Beto found new meaning but may be hurting the cause with his honesty on the confiscation issue. Kind of, except that in eminent domain cases everyone says that what is happening is a "taking" not a "buyback." ...and get around to the confiscation part later, he didn't quite say. Gun owners who read gungrabby proposals like the one before the Florida legislature understand the end game is confiscation because it's right there in the law that TeamD has proposed. Complaining that we know their "secret" because we read legislation is silly, but that's where TeamD is today.
  15. Hypercapnic Tom

    Time to impeach?

    The courts are sometimes invited to be involved but respond by standing well clear. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.