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  1. Importunate Tom

    White supremacy and the internet

    A no buy list for people who are on a secret list for secret reasons has already been proposed. Of course I oppose it, along with the NRA. The NRA was smart to purchase the ACLU and get them to oppose it as well.
  2. Importunate Tom

    The Wall

    So Trump doesn't want to put a wall in such stupid places? Wow. Why does he keep saying he does?
  3. Importunate Tom

    White supremacy and the internet

    If the senate thinks that then you have much dumber politicians than us, not an easy thing to achieve. If? They do. It's just a matter of fact. I researched it. So can you. I agree with you that their "assault weapon" ban is so stupid it's hard to believe, but you don't have to believe me. You can read it here. How would you react if you were me? They not only propose unbelievably stupid shit, but I get called a liar for stating the proposals because they're just too stupid to believe. As if that's my fault.
  4. Importunate Tom

    Shooting at a Mosque in Christchurch NZ

    They look for attention in more than one way. For example, forum posts. Which is why I take stuff like this to the "assault weapons" thread. Fewer posts on this one. They want more posts, more mentions, more pictures, etc, so every time someone like jocal or Sol mentions that racist murderer's name, his followers get happier. Take the gun debate elsewhere to thwart them.
  5. Importunate Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Nobody? You haven't, but others here have urged me to "keep killing kids" and talked about my "assault weapon" as my "kid killer." I could do that annoying thing where I pull the actual quotes, but it was Mid and Mitch in those specific cases. I'll prove if desired. When you say "this" should not be available to civilians, do you agree with the TeamD US Senators who include this? It's a S&W Victory in the censored caliber. It's an "assault weapon" because of the threaded barrel, which I propose to use for fashion accessories. The idea that this is too dangerous for civilians may fly in New York, where licensed and registered owners are allowed to go to one gun range only with such things. The "credence" you see in this argument blows away quickly once you get anywhere near unpaved roads.
  6. Importunate Tom

    Death Qualified Juries

    I would not vote to execute someone. Not sure if I'd lie about that during voir dire.
  7. Importunate Tom

    The Wall

    By impeding the flow of illegals. Did you not agree a while back that a speed bump in a remote desert area isn't much of an impediment because it's so easy to go over or under or through?
  8. Importunate Tom

    Today is the 16th anniversary of Bush's invasion of Iraq

    A good start would be to avoid voting for anyone who authorized that war. By the way, who did you vote for in the last Presidential election?
  9. Importunate Tom

    Would you change your next presidential vote for $48,000

    It's a nice-sounding idea but the bolded part sounds unlikely. Government programs don't spontaneously end. They're darn hard to kill, even long after usefulness has expired.
  10. People can fight for their rights without paying such fees. It's happening right now in Still confused, huh? It can't be a penalty. That would be a regulation of interstate commerce and the majority said that would not fly. It has to be a tax INSTEAD of a penalty, not a "tax penalty."
  11. Importunate Tom

    Unsuspected Suspects

    It's not really that new. Wasn't Richard Jewell a person of interest in 1996?
  12. Importunate Tom

    Unsuspected Suspects

    Huh? Information Seeking In addition to asking the Supreme Court to grant the petition for certiorari, we ask the Court to grant cert and summarily reverse the court below. Sounds like a candidate for summary reversal to me. I can think of another word for "information seeking" and it's searching. We have a whole amendment about it. Suspect means "someone under reasonable suspicion" to me. The bolded bit above is oxymoronic and regular old moronic.
  13. Importunate Tom

    Today is the 16th anniversary of Bush's invasion of Iraq

    I respond by noting that sensible ones opposed the war when it mattered and were called traitors and Putin puppets for doing it. This is why the cries of "Traitor!" or "Putin puppet" for opposing our meddling in Syria don't have any effect on me. Tried and failed long ago.
  14. Importunate Tom

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    Canadians are hardly alone in their inability to get prohibition and confiscation right. Ooops. "Scores of thousands" of newly minted felons who need to be taught a lesson. That was posted in 2014. CT still has scores of thousands of felons in possession of previously-legal property, as far as I know. Any confiscation program to correct that situation or any change in the law would have been noticed. So they're like Canadian felons in possession: sitting in limbo, waiting for the confiscation tide to flow.
  15. Importunate Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Her opinion has changed and that's funny too, apparently. So she secretly agreed with the guy she mocked a few years ago, but lacked the courage to say so at the time. Understandable. Saying you agree with libertarians is dangerous stuff for an elected official, even if the majority of voters agree. Cory Booker is right that it's really not that funny.