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  1. Pedagogical Tom

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    Looks like a better answer may come out of Arizona this year. TeamD resistance to reform seems to have (mostly) crumbled this time around.
  2. Pedagogical Tom

    Too many nuts, or too many guns?

    I looked a bit further and you can own a slingshot in your state. You can't have it in a state park nor use it in some cities. You can probably shoot a rat with it.
  3. The Aussie government changed the law a bit and Facebook backed down a bit
  4. Pedagogical Tom

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    Cuomo Asks America To Hold Off on Believing Women This Time I wonder if NY's government has a secret slush fund like the US Congress does to pay off herassmeant allegations?
  5. Pedagogical Tom

    Everglades Challenge 2021

    Just checking the Sailflow Sailfantasy. For the Skyway: And one for MrMoon from Grove City, near CP1: The one for Charlotte Harbor is almost identical to Grove City. There's no way we're going to see even one 32 knot gust on Sunday on Lemon Bay or Charlotte Harbor. 20 knots on Charlotte Harbor on Sunday is forecast by other sources that are a bit more reliable, making it increasingly likely that I won't want to drive a pontoon boat all the way up the harbor. If it's windy enough on Saturday I might bring an Adventure Island to play around Stump Pass instead of an aluminum boat.
  6. Pedagogical Tom

    2020 Fishing Thread

    Fishin' Frank's Is Coming Back! Saw the news on Frank's FB this morning. (There was some talk about Robert, who is mostly blind, opening a store, if you're wondering what that part at the end is about.)
  7. Pedagogical Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    The whole "aw shucks they don't really mean it" argument would be more persuasive if I didn't know about the ongoing confiscation programs in places like California, New Jersey, and Connecticut. But I do, so it's not persuasive at all, and gets less so with each round of name-calling directed at me.
  8. Pedagogical Tom

    Neo-Liberal agenda - back in Syria.

    Are you finally going to read post 4 of this thread?
  9. Pedagogical Tom


    How FOSTA-SESTA is fucking online sex workers around the world
  10. Pedagogical Tom

    When Carrots Have Meanings

    In Massachusetts, Local Health Departments Have To Start Learning From Local Farmers and Markets It really shouldn't take a law to get know-it-all regulators to listen to people who actually produce and sell food, but since it does, it seems like a good idea to me. Who knew that Massachusetts has pockets of flyover country?
  11. Pedagogical Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Virginia has passed their legalization bill. Glad to see another legislature do this instead of the more common approach of voter initiatives pushing it despite a recalcitrant legislature. Also glad to see it allows people to grow their own, though that would still be a risky move because there's no sign of any reform of our asset forfeiture laws. Growing it is still a federal crime and if your property is presumed to be guilty of that crime, it's not your property any more.
  12. When do politicians who want to make the internet safe become a real threat? Soon, if they get their way.
  13. Pedagogical Tom

    Police Qualified Immunity

    Amash is gone but Rep. Pressley is still there and still trying to end qualified immunity, to the delight of nutjobs everywhere.
  14. Pedagogical Tom

    If you like Uni...

    Urchin spines are calcium and can be dissolved using lemon juice or, in a pinch, piss. And that's today's entry from my list of things I know, but should not.