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  1. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    All Drug Offenders Should Be Treated Like Hunter Biden: Leniently I'd say "contributing" but not chief drug war architect. The examples offered in the Examiner article from the 1980's and yet one searches the article in vain for the name Reagan. I think either Reagan could more accurately be called the "chief" architect of the stupid drug war than Biden. And 35 years later we're still plagued by looters, but that's another thread.
  2. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Banning Vaping?

    Yes, the Power of PANIC is attractive because scaring people works. This Was the Decade When Politicians Stopped Panicking About Marijuana and Started Panicking About Nicotine
  3. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Banning Vaping?

    Some public health scientists weigh in (NRT refers to nicotine patches and nicotine gum). They appear to have noticed that the recent PANIC over vaping is mostly, if not entirely, related to vitamin E acetate found in black market THC vapes. That's a nice way of saying that more prohibition is a ridiculous answer to problems brought on by prohibition.
  4. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Stun Guns: Dangerous and Unusual?

    Try to keep up, Mid. The grabbers' idea that the second amendment, alone among the Bill of Rights, only applies to 18th century technology was unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court.
  5. Plenipotentiary Tom

    The Wall

    Though I'm supportive as usual when corporations like the Sierra Club and ACLU exercise their first amendment right to expre$$ themselves by filing lawsuits, the headline is Fake News, as their first paragraph shows. The wall isn't illegal, it's the Power of PANIC that is illegal, which is why I posted about it in the relevant thread. In that thread, readers might also learn that It looks like the Power of Drug War PANIC remains unrestrained. So it was only sorta good news, since only some of the Power of PANIC was restrained. Also, guns.
  6. Plenipotentiary Tom

    The Stray Goat Julie B

    Hi Michael, Thanks for dropping by. I haven't messed with the Goat much this week so didn't look at this thread until now. I hit one side with the grinder and removed the old glue, paint, and primer. I may do the other side tomorrow. I'm already in your FB group and love the pics and info I find there. Tom Ray
  7. Plenipotentiary Tom

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    I'd think a reader of the screenplay for this story would be thinking, "It has to be at least a little bit believable to be good!" And that's before getting to the peak weirdness of the final voyage. And after all that, "then he went to Hawaii for a while and rebuilt an old car" isn't much of an ending. Hard sell IMO.
  8. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Time to impeach!

    Careful, Sol. I've heard "they" have nanothermite.
  9. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    The bobcat passed through again a couple of nights ago.
  10. Plenipotentiary Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    So the only legal and operational semiauto's would be antiques. Any other semiauto rifle is an "assault" weapon. All the rhetoric about banning military weapons from our streets was just the usual crap designed to disguise a broad ban on ordinary guns. I guess Joe destroyed his assault weapon just in the nick of time. Washington State Department of Redundancy Department Proposal That doesn't make much sense, considering that most gun violence takes the form of self-murder and any gun that goes BANG can be used for that purpose whether or not it has scary features or a "large" magazine. Umm... yeah. I guess "these types" is sorta accurate. More accurate would be to point out that "large" meant 15 rounds in 1994 and means 10, 7, or 5 today, depending on which state or territory we're talking about. The legislation under consideration It represents the will of the people expressed in the ballot initiative above by saying: Some have said that corporate personhood is a bad thing but the old Gungrabbines Uber Alles trump card negates that argument on this issue, as on pretty much any other issue. Handing a scary-looking weapon or "large" magazine to a dealer or gunsmith is OK, as is, of course, handing it to a government agent for destruction, but handing it to a friend in your yard to do some plinking would not be allowed under the proposed transfer rules. If the assault weapon has a telescoping stock like my wife's .22, I presume the measurement is to be made with the stock in assassin mode, like this: I haven't measured it. If it's over 30 inches, it might not be an assault weapon under this proposal because the catch-all section on copycat weapons says: A list of scary features that have nothing to do with most gun violence follows, but I note that it says "centerfire" but not "rimfire" so lots of .22's that appear frightening might not actually be "assault" weapons.
  11. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Missouri Hair Braiders

    Do they even have carnivals in Somalia?
  12. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Virginia Gun Laws

    Disobeying stupid laws is a proud, old American tradition that can take many forms, from "boating accidents" that never really happen to official defiance to make a political point.
  13. I agree, apart from the fact that an almost equal amount of stupid drug war money can still go to that purpose.
  14. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Missouri Hair Braiders

    Texas Considers Becoming Somalia And of course nutjob libertarians like the idea! Alarm installers with a history of smoking weed? The horror!
  15. Plenipotentiary Tom

    Trump vs Property Rights

    You've got options at the link, you know...