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  1. Quotidian Tom

    Registered my high capacity mag w/state of CT- STOOPID LAW!

    Magazines still are not guns, Joe. But then, despite the blurb under your screen name, you're not moderate, informed, nor a gunowner. Why did you destroy your assault weapon again?
  2. Quotidian Tom

    Cen$oring Google

    If you have been harmed by Google, maybe you can help out with the "heavy lift" referenced above.
  3. Quotidian Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Four were shot. DO SOMETHING! Turns out that the weapon used in that mass shooting was an AKM. DO SOMETHING!
  4. Quotidian Tom

    Cen$oring Google

    We've achieved blessed bipartisan unity on the antitrust suit against Google. As usual, it makes me long for gridlock and partisan bickering.
  5. If that were true, they're also free to ban me, like they did your "random" character. But I've never even gotten a time out here.
  6. Quotidian Tom

    Herassmeant Bills

    Senators have a secret slush fund for that purpose.
  7. Giulianio's wacky theory is that "China manufactured the virus" and "deliberately spread" it around the world.
  8. Quotidian Tom

    Rethinking the drug war

    Hey Tom how come libertarians thinks states should be allowed to ban drugs? Not sure who or what you're talking about. Source?
  9. Quotidian Tom

    The Rudy Thread

    In your photo ^^^, something seems to be wrong with Brady's face ^^^. Yeah, he was struck and killed (33 years later) by a bullet from a .22 revolver. Doesn't look as stupid as Rudy to me though.
  10. I'd suggest reading the link at post 273 and the articles to which it links. But as a summary, if the moderators of this place decide that using examples of some "assault weapons" (like the Ruger 10-22 with adjustable stock) is objectionable and they want to censor that kind of discussion, but using examples of other "assault weapons" (like the AR's and AK's that the gungrabby chorus reference endlessly) is not objectionable, they're free to censor in that way. Yes, even though it's viewpoint-based censorship and even though we're talking about a constitutional right. Similarly, if Facebook and Twitter think the NY Post article about alleged emails is "otherwise objectionable" they can suppress that discussion if they want. They should not be called before Congress to explain that decision. "It's otherwise objectionable" is an acceptable explanation.
  11. Quotidian Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    A reader would know Scalia was talking about the existing closed registry for machine guns, which are not "the like" of ordinary .22's except in the fevered imaginations of grabbers. I see you didn't pull a link from your creepy database to back up your claim about Washington State. I read these laws and know which ones cover ordinary .22's and which ones don't. Kolbe, by the way, did not, and you can't do as I do and use Scot's database to back up your claim because it didn't happen.
  12. Quotidian Tom

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Other than your comments in that thread, Kelo has nothing to do with guns, so it's no surprise you don't even know eminent from imminent. Reason rates high for factual reporting with the rating site used by many here to discredit sources. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/reason/ If grabbers would just come out and say, "We want to take your guns because we hold you responsible for the actions of criminals and we want to protect you from yourself," I wouldn't call bullshit on the nonstop "gun violence" mantra.
  13. Quotidian Tom

    Biden cabinet

    $peaking of flu$hing ca$h, do you recall how much more she $pent than Jerry on her road to defeat? I don't remember the amount but she was the best proof that money can't buy you the love of voters until Bloomberg's Boondoggle this primary season.
  14. Quotidian Tom

    Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

    Obama had a "disposition matrix" and the Joooooooos have nanothermite. I learn the funniest things here!
  15. Quotidian Tom

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Weird that our self-murderization rate is lower than so many countries that have very strict gun control, isn't it?