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  1. Repastinate Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Mass Shooting In Missouri Four is four so we must DO SOMETHING. Can I help it if I'm the only one who actually takes a look at all these mass shootings that are used to justify banning squirrel shooters, plinking pistols, and other assault weapons?
  2. Repastinate Tom

    Bump Stockas DTS

    People who are contemplating mass murder want to make sure they obey gun laws? I still agree with Obama that the President doesn't have the authority to legislate from the Oval Office and admire his restraint in refraining from doing so. Of course, he had reasons for restraint: TeamR would have freaked right out if he engaged in the kind of power grab that Trump did, but they won't stand up to Trump because TeamR. Meanwhile, we can't count on TeamD to stand up to Trump's power grab because it was in the service of gungrabbing and anything, including Trump power grabs, is OK in the service of gungrabbing.
  3. Repastinate Tom

    Gunlickers - are you proud of this?

    Actually I was primarily referring to the first line. Blocking and preventing fair compensation and sensible legislation does not give you and your elk a license to complain when uncompensated workarounds are devised. It is simply more of your usual disingenuous lying. I have never heard of any nutter blocking compensation, probably because I have not heard of grabbers offering compensation. They propose grabbing and don't view guns as property. They also don't propose sensible legislation in the first place. You're making up stuff that hasn't happened. If you have examples of the "workarounds" you mentioned, I'd be interested in seeing them. You're just about alone in that view among grabbers. The ongoing confiscation programs in New Jersey, California, and Connecticut don't provide for compensation and it was never proposed to my knowledge. The proposed Florida confiscation program contemplates no compensation. Compensation of gun owners is just not a thing grabbers propose. Instead, they rely on the "nuisance" justification to simply take guns, which is how I knew to expect it in the example I gave. Which, by the way, is one more example than you've given.
  4. Repastinate Tom

    Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout

    Umm... he bought it 20 years ago and it was decided that it is "historic" this year. From the Denver Post article linked to the one I posted: 5 people with extremely poor taste in architecture decided to wreck his retirement plan. Now they've changed their minds.
  5. Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout That's a historic landmark that needs preservation? I Admire the sign more, which is damning with faint praise in this case. Here's an idea: preservationists should cough up a $4.9 million dollar offer instead of asking Mr. Messina to take a yuge financial hit due to their complete lack of taste.
  6. Repastinate Tom

    6 Shot in Mass Shooting

    So you don't believe grabbers who protest that they don't wish to confiscate our guns either, huh? Glad we can at least agree on that, if not on sensible policies like destroying museum collections that your country is implementing.
  7. Repastinate Tom

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    LieFi is a more descriptive name than DiFi But fear will trump facts most of the time, so inventing "hundreds of school shootings using assault weapons that have taken place in recent history" is a winning gungrabby strategy.
  8. Trump Wants Israel to Bar Reps. Omar and Tlaib. He Says Allowing a Visit Would Be 'Weakness.' He's Wrong. Sorry as usual for posting more Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading.
  9. Repastinate Tom

    ICE arrests

    E-Verified Failure Nowrasteh seems cynical but probably right in the part I bolded.
  10. Repastinate Tom

    Photography Is Not A Crime

    Police helicopters have cameras too The supervisor would have gotten away with repeatedly telling his officers to revise their reports and try to make them look more like what the helicopter video actually recorded except for one thing: Changing those reports left a digital trail. A digital trail that was wildly at odds with his recollection that maybe he had asked for one or two minor corrections of grammar.
  11. Repastinate Tom


    U.S. Sugar files lawsuit against Army Corps over Lake Okeechobee management I'd like to see the sugar industry's protective tariff go away and tell the Corps that this is their new goal: But union$ $peak fondly of protective tariffs and so does the President so that's extremely unlikely to happen.
  12. Repastinate Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Mass Shooting In Texas Like most recent mass shootings, no one was killed, but seven is way more than four so TnP of DOING SOMETHING.
  13. Repastinate Tom

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Or maybe it's cool? I don't know. Is the 59 Impala an uglyboat? I Admire the color trim on the engine cover but only because I have to Admire something.
  14. Repastinate Tom

    Floriduh Man

    You're supposed to eat the wildlife or shove it down your pants, not feed it, if you're a real Floridian. I didn't know vultures were protected. Does that mean shooting them with paintballs is bad?
  15. Repastinate Tom

    When does Social media hate speech become a real Threat???

    Calling Informants "Snitches" May Be a Federal Felony The DEA and the informant considered the Facebook posts to be a threat. Snitches do sometimes get stitches, or drive-by's. Joy Edwards seemed filled with hate for the snitch. So was that hate speech?