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  1. Pachyderm disaster (poll)

    They have to remove the protection. Just not all protection. When I was a boy, you could drive across the Everglades without seeing an alligator. We had hunted them nearly to extinction and they had been given ESA protection. It was a felony to mess with one. It worked. The population came back. To the point that they were overrunning swampy places like my back yard. Tourists can stare at bunches of them all over the place. A bit slowly, the government reacted, removed ESA protection, and established lotteries for hunting permits. That's working too, but it required removal of ESA protection. The beehive thing is very cool in a lot of ways. Anything that's good for bees is good for everyone. Fencing out elephants is not easy but very necessary. Brilliant answer.
  2. The big swinging dick problem

    It is exactly the same, which makes me wonder if she thinks Trump unfit to serve due to his creepiness. I was thinking about our first thread here in which "grab them by the pussy" came out. For a brief moment in time, NGS was done with Trump. I was surprised by his reaction and basically asked him, "You didn't know this?" It soon became apparent that everyone (aside from NGS) was unsurprised, unperturbed, and "locker room talk" became the standard excuse.
  3. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    Oops. Logic failure. You're a bad person. (Of course I won't identify the failure.) Just prepping you for the coming responses.
  4. Family Farm$

    They're cool until the Tacky Police show up.
  5. The Mission In Niger

    I presume the answer is that I was exploiting the soldier but bhyde was not? I think we both posted his image to promote a view. Mine is that our meddling around the world has bad consequences. My other one is that there is no meaningful "resistance to Trump" because neither half of the Duopoly wants to give up the President's ability to initiate war.
  6. misuse of govt intelligence

    The Senate Intelligence Committee is hostile toward privacy. I agree with that. Feinstein has been a protector of the Surveillance State. It's not surprising to see Wyden trying to do something useful in this area. But if they've gone too far for DiFi, we have a bad problem.
  7. Bowling Green Massacre part two

    Conversations with a few neighbors led me to where these dumpers park their trucks. Today I did a little trespassing of my own and I have pics of all the license plates on their trucks and trailers. I recognized one truck from my neighbor's video. I got curious about who owns the piece where they're dumping. An LLC. OK, so who owns it? The guy whose family has the nicest park in town named after them, the guy who bought a Mega Lo Mart for his muscle car collection, and my dad's old realtor. Basically, the three biggest fish in this little pond. I called my dad's old realtor just now and told him how his land is being used and who is doing it. He says they install underground cables. And he, of course, has friends who know their bosses...
  8. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    Yes, I do. What makes you think .22's would be exempt? They've been assault weapons for decades in New Jersey and Florida grabbers consider them assault weapons as well. Do you think calling .22's "assault weapons" goes too far? How about the people here who want to end civilian ownership of guns? Too far? I mean, as long as we're calling out gun extremists and all...
  9. Bowling Green Massacre part two

    I'm not sure, CL. I know that a while back there was a proposal to run a water pipe across our land. I think they're doing that project about a mile up the road, but in the other direction than the one from which the trucks come and go. I don't think there's any petroleum activity in this area. I think there's some fracking further south. So I really don't know what kind of an operation might be doing the drilling or for what purpose. We got a sample and my neighbor took it to the county health dept for testing several days ago. No word back yet. I appreciate your offer but will wait and see if the locals can give us an answer. Spoke to another neighbor this morning. She lives closest and said I didn't miss them this morning. They came at 6:15 last night.
  10. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    I don't think people would be rounded up any more than CT is rounding up the scores of thousands of new felons created by their confiscation program. But because a license creates a potential risk if one of those confiscation programs comes to my state, I'd be very uncomfortable with the idea.
  11. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    We agree on this. I'll let anyone shoot here with us but no transfers to strangers ever. I haven't loaned out a gun that has left the property. Hunters do it all the time. I would do it but only for a short list of people.
  12. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    Sometimes there is such an exception, as in DiFi's latest gun ban bill, but only at a licensed range. I haven't been to one since I was a teen. We shoot in the back yard.
  13. This is An Example of Why We Don't Trust Gun Nutterz

    We're the only country with armed forces? What a strange world you live in. Here's a clue: violence is violence, even if it's committed by someone who works for a government.
  14. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    In practice, "no private sales to strangers" is my policy. I don't really see the need for a BG check if I sell one to a neighbor I have known for decades. But the laws always cover transfers, a broader category of activity than sales. If you mean "no private transfers" then I'd oppose the idea because it's silly to make me go through a background check before moving one of my wife's guns out of the way to get to one of mine in our safe. Can you admit that the goal of the two ongoing confiscation programs is elimination of "assault weapons" for current (California) or future (Connecticut) generations?
  15. Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    They're boldly claiming they have no other explanation, but not claiming cannabis was the cause with certainty. As the article notes, infants die inexplicably. So maybe this one was like the others, or maybe this one was the first human in history to die of an overdose. A few years ago. And despite legalization, it hasn't happened again since. Nor in the thousands of years humans have been using cannabis prior to this death. Yeah, I'm going with "like the others" as the more likely explanation.