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  1. Uncooperative Tom


    I agree that sometimes those white hats that hackers wear seem to be the reversible kind. Inside out and it's black! Surprise! But there are also those geeks who don't really have that financial motive. They're determined to prove they can find what others missed and they'll stay up practically forever to try. I think you might be even more suspicious than I am. Careful, that can lead to Uncooperative attitudes.
  2. Uncooperative Tom


    Fooling a doctor about investments is a bit different from fooling him about his area of medical expertise. From the PC Mag article quoted above: I just find it hard to believe they're fooling all the geeks all the time about geekery.
  3. If I'm in a home and the people who just deported my parents know where I am, I might just be Uncooperative enough to seek a different home.
  4. Uncooperative Tom

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Sounds like you've been consistently on the grabber side with respect to the thread topic. After all, I have no medical condition that requires me to use my .22, which hasn't ever been used for much hunting. So you're a consistent supporter of banning my assault weapon. And an assault weapon owner yourself. What's your medical condition again? Where do you hunt? And for what? Your "few second delay" idea sounds a lot like a "smart" gun. Meaning: not all that smart.
  5. Uncooperative Tom


    I thought June would be soon enough since it's usually too soon. Now there's a giant, comma-shaped storm named Alberto going by offshore.
  6. Uncooperative Tom

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    Got him beat. I have a bench grinder, a bunch of vices, and a bench vise! And someday, I'll have a 40 x 30 steel carport for my boats that I ordered in January. But not, apparently, before tropical storm season.
  7. Uncooperative Tom

    Cliff's Red Flag Thread

    Here ya go, Cliff! Happy to help!
  8. Uncooperative Tom

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    I thought you were "neutral" on the main TeamD gun control goal of banning (assault weapons, ordinary .22's). Which side are you on?
  9. This is similar to the definition in a place like NY. If you know how to work your wrist properly, it describes the knife I'm wearing if awake: Mr. Gray certainly found out the hard, hard way that ignorance of that law is not a defense.
  10. Uncooperative Tom

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Tom needs some new moves, he;s in a rut which suits him. He needs new reading material, IMO. Thanks for the constructive criticism, Joe. Nice to hear from someone who can discuss a variety of subjects instead of just guns, isn't it, mad?
  11. Do people in England know if they're carrying a gravity knife, mad? Do you have cops who know the wrist motion that turns various ordinary pocket knives into illegal gravity knives?
  12. Uncooperative Tom

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Yeah that's really going to disrupt the flow of conversation among forum participants in the Kelo v New London thread or the asset forfeiture thread, to name a couple of examples.
  13. Uncooperative Tom

    NRA paymaster in Mueller/FBI probe and sanctions

    Stay tuned! Tomorrow's hijack of this thread will be on the commerce power.
  14. Uncooperative Tom

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    I have offered links to a dozen or so non-gun threads to those who complain that I talk about nothing else. I thought it would be funny to make them wade through a bunch of them to find a thread in which to launch their usual false complaint. Don't worry. Those threads are all about things other than guns and will soon sink off the front page again.
  15. This thread probably needs $ome Koch $peech About Chain Migration It can take up to 45 years for an immigrant to show up in the United States, gain citizenship, and bring in the next single link in this chain. As a result, the U.S. annually admits only about 2 to 2.5 family members of immigrants per 1,000 residents, the same rate as Canada and Australia, countries with skills-based systems Trump says he favors. ... While Trump's description of chain migration and its effects on American population is false and misleading, it serves a clear political function. It's a signal to his base that he gets it and is looking out for their interests, which include not simply making America great again but rolling back the supposedly still-growing tide of newcomers invading the country from non-traditional places such as China, India, and Mexico (currently the three largest sender countries, in decreasing order of immigrants).