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  1. They look polite. The SAF has joined the ACLU in saying they won't support such demonstrators. The whole thing reminds me of these people: Walking in Venice, FL with their guns because we have an exemption for those on their way to or from hunting and fishing activities that allows open carry. They meant no harm, caused none, and were carrying their guns specifically as an act of political expression. And now it looks like we're down to the GOA defending their elk.
  2. But were they cool with them? I hear that's just as bad. And far more common.
  3. That's it. A boat tank generally inhales and exhales once per day. If it's getting humid air and this goes on long enough, you'll get phase separation. But it has to be humid air and takes longer than most cars sit. When my truck is going to sit for a while I fill it with 90 Rec no ethanol fuel.
  4. The EPA still wants to wreck our boat engines. BoatUS has a petition about it. http://cqrcengage.com/boatus/app/act-on-a-regulation?0&engagementId=389053
  5. You aren't talking about rights here, just regulations. Meh. I'll remember that one when the regulations restrict or ban a right you care about protecting. Meh, they're just rules about voting. Meh, they're just rules about abortion. It's going to be fun.
  6. Assembling armed used to be required. It was called a militia muster. In other contexts, it was also called a mob or riot. If those guys wanted to cause trouble, we'd know their names by now. Apparently, they didn't. Just like the much-feared armed attendees at the NRA Convention and the Republican Convention. They're just ordinary assault weapon owners like yourself, Joe.
  7. Sounded very much like a pre-election W or Obama, didn't he? There are at least a few Congresscritters who are skeptical. I would like to see that happen but I think too many Americans have sent traditional Duopoly interventionists to Congress.
  8. I'm not sure how nor why. The answer to "why" seems to be to paint posters here as racist because that's what substitutes for an argument these days.
  9. True with respect to the human race but what about mules? They're sterile because the genes almost, but do not quite, match up. But a horse and a donkey can fuck and make a mule. Yet there is a difference between the two and the offspring is neither. http://genetics.thetech.org/ask/ask225
  10. My wife agrees with you but I don't. Why do they "need killing" more than other murderers? They can be locked up. It's you who feels a need to kill for vengeance. It's really not necessary. Especially when you look at how it really works out.
  11. This one is funny just because the last few pics are smartphone screen shots. I picture the technophobic seller somehow coming up with a plan to get a pic off his damn phone that first involves screen-shotting it. Oh, and the mainsail is just laying all over the place. And he probably needs to trim a zero off the price and pray for a sucker to come along and fall in love before this one gets permanently added to the Zombie Fleet. https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/boa/d/kelt-sailboat/6274381734.html
  12. No, not "supports." The new line is that you're cool with it. Much like LenP is cool with racists, TMSail is cool with Nazi's, and I support racist murderers. Whether it's coming from Clove Hitch, Bus Driver, or Troll Rosenberg, it's the same "demonize the messenger" BS as always.
  13. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug in society, LSD can help, and saying either of those things is very, very bad and will get you fired.
  14. Lots of things. For example, whether you have that right in public places like your attached garage or front porch or only inside your house itself. Whether your state can confiscate previously-legal weapons. Whether "arms" includes battlefield weapons like Joe's .22. Whether, as in New Jersey, you must convince a judge that your possession of a battlefield .22 or other assault weapon serves the public good before you can enjoy the privilege of owning one. Whether the delayed confiscation of Billy Backstay's naughty magazine really makes us any safer. There are others but which arms are to be banned and confiscated and where you can have the rest are the biggest issues.
  15. What's to love about the death penalty? Unnecessary killing? The fact that the unnecessary killing is occasionally the killing of a person who did not commit the crime in question? Spending a shit-ton of money and decades before "justice" is meted out? The fact that it has never been shown to be a deterrent? Help me out here.