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  1. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    They might not be if only people that have never touched a gun are the only ones making rules. Not sure which question you were answering nor what your answer means. Can you start with a yes or a no instead of a might?
  2. Trump Proposes The Use of Mini-Nukes in Warfare

    On paper, no. He can respond to attacks against us. In reality, yes. He can initiate war, including with nukes. And getting rid of him doesn't get rid of the problem, which is concentrating that power in one man. Get rid of the man, you may (eventually will) get another one like him. Getting rid of the power is the answer. In reality, not just on paper. But neither half of the Duopoly wants to deprive their guy of that power, so the only people who say such things are people who will never be in power anyway.
  3. Next up! Al Franken

    Yep, saw it here just the other day: And yes, I called out the bigotry. Oddly none of the usual opponents of homophobic bigotry did the same. Can't figure out why.
  4. Thank You, Donald Trump, Florida is Blue Forever

    I wonder how predominantly Catholic Puerto Ricans feel about abortion? If they tip the scales and pass a ban on our .22's, I won't comply. But do Puerto Rican's hate .22's as much as native grabbers?
  5. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    But muzzle loaders are extremely scary because they come with "silencers."
  6. Family Farm$

    Helpful link.
  7. Hang the rich

    You might want to handle this topic with care, Billy. When the hanging of the rich starts, it'll start with those rich people who are most conveniently visible and available. You know, landlords. Who take all kinds of deductions and sail yachts in their spare time.
  8. What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    Some crazy talk from another thread. Does the lack of a response answer your question, Jeff? The stock response to this is "Tom is stupid!" It doesn't work when you say the stupid stuff. You stymied them.
  9. Why the Focus on Gunz?

    Really? If a minor gets access to OR is in possession of a gun, the law has been violated. In other words, just opening the safe is access. Picking it up is possession. And in either case, a law covering transfers covers the situation. Now extend that to the "universal" background check requirement. It would look like this: If a minor ANY PERSON gets access to OR is in possession of a gun, the law has been violated. My wife is a person.
  10. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    AR15's are becoming lethal enough to be accepted by hunters
  11. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    There's a wrong scale and a creepy scale. Some may not even register on the "wrong" scale. I gave an example in the nuked thread on this topic: a guy I still consider a good friend who had a relationship with a close friend of mine when he was 50 (which seemed ancient at the time) and she was 25. When they broke up, her whole family remained close to him, and still do. It was still kinda creepy and I love them both. Nothing wrong though. Then there's the wrong scale. And it goes far. BJ mentioned a power relationship. I'd put Clinton in that category. It goes further. Like Cosby knocking them out. Or Franken messing with an unconscious person. One was joking, one was not. Bad joke, waaaay worse non-joke. Then there's the legendary third rail. Moore chasing a teenagers. Even that goes further. People somehow have sex with very young children.
  12. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    When are you getting rid of your battle gun? You know that a challenge to the New Jersey law defining it as such would have to survive in light of Kolbe, right? So it would have to be defined as a battle gun. Why do you have a battle gun in the first place?
  13. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    Well, no. Perhaps you missed it, but I was thoughtful enough to originally put the topic post in a thread about STOOOOPID laws. It looked like this: For those who aren't interested in model details, let me boil it down: Billy's gun could easily be mistaken for an evil assault rifle, especially if someone put black plastic on it, My wife's gun could easily be mistaken for the most popular .22 sold in Canada, because it is. But we're only supposed to pay attention to such details and actually try to emulate Canadian law sometimes. And we're supposed to ignore little details that make no sense. Or just be Uncooperative.
  14. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    I'm not a dictator. And discussion of the situation leads to "we don't care about pesky details, just support us without question or examination." So I'm Uncooperative.
  15. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    For further reference: