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  1. A history of the 2nd Amendment

  2. Stop eating beef?

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him!

    Guilty. Right there. Leaving the scene when you have shot someone is never OK. Anyone should know that, especially a cop.
  4. #UnitetheRight

    I think you have to bring up porn to get college students (at least the guys) to remember that we have a first amendment. Inoffensive expression needs no protection.
  5. Harvey Weinstein

  6. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    There was even a Manifestly Unsafe Voyage spinoff thread, though I'm sure it has been archived by now. I think I defined a MUV as "whenever Rimas strays beyond wading or swimming distance from a shore." But the Coasties don't enforce my definition.
  7. He knew what he signed up for

  8. Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Opiod deaths down in Colorado That's an unsurprising result. I saw that cannabis extract helped my dad when our fanciest opiates couldn't any more. BTW, I'm a huge fan of our fanciest opiates. They gave me some kind of synthetic morphine when I broke my hip and it zapped the pain pretty effectively for a couple of hours. They had to keep giving it to me all day and all night until surgery the next day. I was prescribed Oxycodone to take home and only wound up using a few of them. I'm hoarding the rest. I also learned in a bit of self-experimentation years ago that it's a bad idea for me to smoke pot as a pain reliever. I had injured my foot and had not had the foresight to hoard any opiates. The result was a slowed perception of time and a more acute awareness of each throb, allowing me to experience each one more fully. So that sucked. We're so afraid that people are going to become hooked on these opiates but I suspect most are like me: I don't see anything fun about them. They don't even give me a buzz. They just erase pain really well. If I have no pain, they're useless. On the way to the hospital with my broken hip, I had my wife grab whatever opiates I had hoarded and took half a something. I don't remember what. I did it because you arrive at an ER in pain and then wait and wait and wait before seeing a nurse and waiting to see a doctor and waiting some more and waiting for your prescription, followed by waiting at the pharmacy, and hours later (at best) you get a damn opiate pill. At least, that's what usually happens when I injure myself. It turns out that if you walk into a hospital and give them the idea that you might have broken a hip, there's a distinct possibility that you'll have a blood clot and drop dead. Hospitals hate it when you do that. They had me in a bed with morphine in an IV in minutes. I didn't tell them they were putting that morphine on top of half a whatever that I took in the car.
  9. Oh Crap! The lid just blew off my Collusion with Putin

    Even the NY Times wasn't really buying that one. BTW, a funnier screen name would be "Rod 'Em!"
  10. Thank you John McCain

    I'd rather not choose between Trump's half-baked nationalism and McCain's "duty to remain" policeman of the world.
  11. Stop eating beef?

    Speak for yourself. He's speaking for any critter with forward-looking eyes and canine teeth. Critters who might eat you. Like you, for example.
  12. A history of the 2nd Amendment

    There are lots of unobjectionable parts of the status quo and that's one of them for me. I wonder though, do you agree that we've seen a substantial change when we're looking at the last generation of legal owners of ordinary rifles in several states? Or does that seem like an insignificant change to you? For the better? For the worse? How about the "scores of thousands" of new felons in CT? A significant change?
  13. FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    Yes. And speaking of BS... Except that, as noted upthread, when Holder heeded Congress' call to "shelve" the program, there was an exception that swallowed the rule. Holder was interested in appearing to stop the flow of loot without actually doing it. Damning with faint praise, but that is better than Sessions' attitude.
  14. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Nope. You could be like frenchie and learn something.
  15. Stop eating beef?

    Pigs are even smarter and yummier too. Cattle don't have any parts that make bacon do they?