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    Whoa wait just a minute pardner - we were discussing your .22 and now suddenly it's your wifes? Not going to bother digging here but perhaps that stock is akin to cutting the barrel length? You know, put there so a rifle can't be easily concealed? Back to the fuck you ignore pile Unca Tom. Both of us own .22's but I thought your comment that I quoted referenced all .22's when you said, "I don't know any reasonable person advocating banning anything 22lr." Well, my wife's .22, like mine, falls under the "anything .22lr" that you were talking about. The listed Senators think her gun is an assault weapon and mine is not. Details are here. And you're right that the reason that so many US Senators think her gun is an assault weapon is because the telescoping stock makes it more concealable. Except it really doesn't. It's slightly shorter and a lot bulkier, but still a rifle that would be hard to conceal. Also, the argument is ridiculous when applied to a woman who owns three different handguns for concealed carry. So do you think that a 10-22 is an assault weapon if it has a telescoping stock? I got the impression from your previous statement that you did not but your post leaves me in doubt.
  2. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    D'Ranger for US Senate! We need someone to counterbalance these folks, all of whom think my wife's 10-22 is an assault weapon: And BJ Porter for US Senate too! We need more US Senators who see the differences that BJ and d' are able to detect.
  3. This is the 18th school shooting in 2018

    Washington Post reporters? They say stuff like this. And I do own an assault weapon, which legislators in our state wish to ban and confiscate. I don't think that will make anyone any safer.
  4. Reasonable Gun Control

    I think semi auto rifle with detachable magazine, exempt rimfire and straight walled centerfire cartridges would work. More of a one and done, than on a case by case basis. That would immediately cover most of what people think of when they hear AW. It would include the HK91s and their clones as well as things like the sig mcx. It would also, hopefully, end arguments about loopholes where the AR design is modified slightly by moving the safety lever or dimensions and giving it a new name, or where substantially similar types of guns like the mcx are exempt and then used in the next attack. As long as we are talking about moving to class III and reducing wait times to 30 days, then I would prefer to be more inclusive of what gets called an AW. It would be nice to feel like we moved past this debate, and I think your proposal would do that, again provided the wait time for a tax stamp is not 2 years. Len's definition makes a lot more sense than any of the ones written by legislators that I have seen. If the "you" in "know it when you see it" refers to politicians, my objection remains that too many of them know that our .22's are assault weapons. Not too many here have shown the ability to identify the .22 matching Joseph Pelleteri's illegal assault weapon just by looking at this pic: The problem is that even if no updates indicate a problem, those "lifetime" permits sometimes just expire before the person in question does. The other problem is that one must $how a $pecial need and/or a $pecial relation$hip to powerful officials in order to get such a card. Knowing about these problems, I'd expect nutz to want some protections. I much prefer Saorsa's suggestion: As long as the flagged license is issued after a conviction and not just as a result of something like placement on a secret list for secret reasons, I have no problem with something like this at all. It's easy to avoid this kind of burden: don't get convicted of anything.
  5. Taking NRA money? VOTE THEM OUT!

    I'm not sure which ban you're talking about. I have a habit of reading assault weapons ban laws. 100% of them DO cover .22's. They qualify for every single ban I have read. Yes, your screwed up definition is a major issue. Many share the idea that objecting to one aspect of a law means objecting to all aspects of every law. I get it from drug warriors and gun grabbers. "You object to this bit of indefensible nonsense??? You must hate all laws! Move to Somalia!" It beats trying to defend the indefensible, I suppose. So does obfuscation like this: I disagree. Tom is throwing red herrings around like bread crumbs to pigeons in Piccadilly Circus. Any vaguely aware person can tell the difference between a .22LR and a .223. Atoyot is right. You and I and sail611 may be able to see a difference, but 100% of the politicians who write 100% of the scary looking weapons ban laws I have read are among the "not even vaguely aware" and that's why I keep bringing it up. I know that bringing up what legislators actually propose is considered dishonest and a red herring, but I will continue to do it. No "might" about it. I have said numerous times that I will stop talking about "assault weapons bans" covering our .22's the day after they stop covering our .22's.
  6. Mistermoon may recall the exact nature of the spar extensions. They weren't high tech. Like sticking a stick into the end of the gaff. Some Sun Cats have a vang. The shrouds didn't need moving. It was a used sail. It's still around and I have the current owner's number someplace. But your point is a good one that changing the rigging in any way is a bit advanced at this point. Back to my original advice: don't attempt to sail a Sun Cat in less than 8 knots of wind. Since the OP has a history of powerboating and I know from many hours of personal experience that a 15 Whaler is a great boat for Biscayne Bay, I'd say buy it for those wind-free days just as soon as your wife is in a good enough mood to say OK.
  7. If I sell my guns to friends, does that count as "getting rid" of them?
  8. Man saws AR15 in half

    I think it's a pretty obvious troll and the wrench adds to the comedy. As you said, it's not a pic of anything that's been destroyed and no gun in sight.
  9. Trump moves to ban bump stock like devices.

    Jocal is 100% right.
  10. Reasonable Gun Control

    I think you've seen how well-received that suggestion has been around here. The problem is not that legislators lump our .22's in with "assault weapons," it's that I point it out.
  11. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Labs are great but flying Labs are even better.
  12. I agree that it's easier to respect those who take a position and listen to others. Any thoughts on the bill under consideration?
  13. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It really is pretty amazing. The main use humans have found for the internet is, of course, porn, but bringing a pic of the wreck to us so quickly is a nice secondary attribute.
  14. Man saws AR15 in half

    Unlike the dim bulbs that smashed up their Keurigs to "boycott" the Keurig Co., cutting up your gun actually accomplishes something by taking a dangerous weapon off the streets. But if you just sell it like badlat did with his SCAR, that's pretty much the same thing, right? I think this question won't be answered because: 1. The answer is obvious, and 2. The important issue here is not getting dangerous weapons off the street, it's supporting the D team.
  15. Man saws AR15 in half

    The Uzi's on there seem to be $13,200 at the moment, but maybe one Uzi isn't the same as another. Some of those prices are astonishing. Who buys a $50,000 machine gun? Probably someone who wonders why anyone would pay that much for a boat.