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  1. I'm the troublemaker, frenchie.
  2. Political responses by elected officials to similar incidents can be found here, here, and here.
  3. Looks like a giant piano. Needs a giant clown playing it.
  4. The personal right and the miltia clause intersect at the people. That's us.
  5. Haven't you learned yet? When something is apparently uncited in a post of mine, look upthread. You might find mention of an uncooperative federal judge. You might have been complaining about repeated mentions of him for weeks. And, as usual, it appears you might not have read his injunction.
  6. And this is why I'm not allowed to touch them. At least, on the list of reasons.
  7. Nanothermite is addictive.
  8. My thoughts and prayers are not political. What is political about this topic?
  9. I'm not allowed to touch her cast iron stuff. Apparently, it requires special care and feeding.
  10. The law has been slowly evolving to accomplish that result since Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific RR, but has been moving in the opposite direction from the one you and Bent favor.
  11. I agree with your point about more laws = less enforcement, not to mention less respect for the law. In particular, as I've mentioned, parents I know don't have a lot of respect for the pool fencing law. They view them as govt-required eyesores/nuisances that do little if anything to enhance household safety. Getting back to hurricanes, I'm considering a shipping container as a sort of "hurricane bunker" shed to protect those things needed first/most after a storm. There are various ways to secure such a thing to the ground, but before you suggest concrete, I have to get a permit to make anything larger than 3' x 3' out of concrete. I can see the drainage issue in an urban area but the rule is county-wide. I fail to see any point at all to this rule. I'm allowed to put up a pole barn. No permit. Just build whatever. Might fly into a neighbor's home in a hurricane. Oh well. But don't you dare put a concrete pad for a shipping container.
  12. Thanks for the morning chuckle, Joe. A priceless addition to this thread.
  13. No stove? My wife just got a new induction stove. It loves to heat cast iron and does it in a big hurry. But she won't let me burn orange wood in the kitchen.
  14. Enough Is Enough would be a good title for a bill repealing the suppressor tax.
  15. You can lead a congresscritter to war, even if you're Trump, but you can't make him declare it.