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  1. 14th Most Dangerous Man In The World How did he get all the way down to 14th? I'd say that to statists, he might just be number one. To me, the world would seem more dangerous without his elk.
  2. .22 Tom

    Nuclear Option

    Most of the time because 9-0 is a very common result. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2018/06/28/those-5-4-decisions-on-the-supreme-court-9-0-is-far-more-common/?utm_term=.ecf5b82f4417
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    Open letter to Justice Kennedy

    I came across an interesting quotation from the Wise Latina this morning. http://www.ontheissues.org/Archive/SCOTUS_2000s_Sonia_Sotomayor.htm It's interesting because that's just not what happened. The law they examined in the Lopez case did not have congressional findings and that was a primary reason it was overturned. From the majority opinion: You can't look at congressional findings that aren't there. It's just as well not to examine footnote four there... So there WERE congressional findings of fact on that subject, but they were passed after the case was under way and the court pointedly ignored them, only noting their existence in a footnote. The Wise Latina is wrong about the gun free school zones act being struck down in Lopez. Some previous law was struck down. The current one has never been considered by the court.
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    14th Most Dangerous Man In The World

    In the unlikely event you're asking about the thread topic, yes. If you're talking about seeking out young prostitutes on SugarDaddyMeet.com, no. I know what words mean and don't mistake that for pedophilia, but it's still creepy.
  5. .22 Tom

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    I dunno. I guess.
  6. I was about to agree with you but my buddy's Nauticat has them and despite all appearances to the contrary, it's actually a decent sailboat. Better than mine, in fact, in December and January when he's out sailing with the pilothouse heat on full blast and the windshield wipers doing their thing. OK, how about: Anything with more than one fighting chair is not a sailboat? I'd say the topic boat breaks that rule. Masts on motorboats set me off and this one doesn't hit that button. It looks like it would sail OK. Just as well, IMO. In the 1980's I encountered a budget cruising couple who had converted a grouper fishing hull to a sailing trawler. I asked how fast it would sail and he said, "Depends how fast I have the engine going." When pressed, he did admit that they once found themselves reaching on a perfect angle in 25 knots and shut down the engine and sailed at 4 knots. The boat was a really nice cruiser made from a proven fishing hull. It was fine without a mast and I thought putting one on it was ridiculous. Still do. They seemed to enjoy playing with the useless sails in light Bahamian breezes though, and it did provide laundry hanging opportunities. So there's that.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I was so focused on trying to figure out how my legs and a steering wheel could occupy the same space that I missed him. Too funny.
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    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    If you were right, you'd expect to see the most "toxic" behavior among the demographics with the highest gun ownership rates. So you're wrong.
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    The Republican FCC Screws You Again!

    They can because the commerce power is more than broad enough to cover it, but... They shouldn't for that reason if not for any other.
  10. Most useful in getting enemy soldiers to laugh their asses off would be assault weapons like this one:
  11. .22 Tom

    What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

    We just manage that risk far better than other countries, resulting in our unremarkable suicide rate. Since we're THAT GOOD at managing this exponential risk you imagine, I imagine gungrabbing to lower our suicide rate is a fool's errand. Or maybe the restrictive gun laws. Or maybe just the number of laws, for those of lower intelligence.
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    I figured at least a tiny bit of the sentiment attached to the Kavanaugh allegations should appear in this thread. Otherwise, some might think the "concern for women" thing is just a political ploy by cynical people who don't give a shit about women who are victimized by their team.
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    NRA fans acting up yet again

    Same as always: DO SOMETHING. It's likely my wife caused this by putting a telescoping stock on her squirrel shooter. Good people understand that a scourge like her can't be tolerated.
  14. .22 Tom

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    If he's right, you'd expect the highest murder rates among the demographic groups with the highest gun ownership rates. So he's wrong.
  15. .22 Tom

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    That makes him no different from those
  16. They didn't shut it down. Not completely, some still parrot that talking point, but they're mostly laughed at now.
  17. .22 Tom

    Mitch McConnell being a cunt on gun control

    I developed a conscience Tom, so it continues to be painful.You no longer deserve answers That's nice. For the benefit of those without any conscience, is disclosing political $peech the right thing to do or not? Sorry no one else will ask. I think it's a good question regardless of the source.
  18. .22 Tom

    Whacking The Children

    Whacking The Children With a paddle, that is. It's not cruel and unusual punishment because it's not even punishment. That's really what the Supreme Court said. The NY Times said they deserved at least 5 whacks.
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    ESPLERP OK, so obviously they never worked for Congress and are terrible at the acronym thing. In Lawrence, the court said of anti-sodomy laws: Is prostitution abuse of an institution that the law protects? I don't think so but Justice Thomas' dissent in Lawrence suggests he does. It's short. Here's the whole thing: He specifically says it would be noncommercial conduct that he would vote to repeal if he were a legislator. I'm not sure why that matters. The Griswold case was about commerce: selling contraceptives. As for the right to privacy, I think he should look at the 9th amendment. James Madison thought so too.
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    Posts her real birthday AND info about her flow? That's a bold woman. I can see why regular beatings would be needed to keep her in line.
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    Coolboats to admire

    Me too. It's upsetting to see a boat like that outdoors and in the water instead of in a nitrogen-filled, dark room.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    One of the ad images:
  23. .22 Tom

    Whacking The Children

    The case discussed is an old one. They never "have to" rule on anything. They turn away most cases that are brought to them each term.
  24. .22 Tom

    14th Most Dangerous Man In The World

    Funny how the first amendment issue is uninteresting but TeamD types are VERY interested when sex with youngsters comes up.
  25. I share Doug's view of the problems with this one. There's no "trustworthy watchdog" that I trust to censor only what needs censoring. It's definitely true that the number and complexity of the rules are daunting for non-Duopoly types. These rules are written to exclude, not foster, competition.