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  1. Misogyny in sailing?

    Would they admit it if they had?
  2. Fallen Comrades and Long Lost Loonies

    Comes it now the Christmas(Channukah)(Kwanzaa)(Yule)(Get Nekkid In Font Of The Fireplace)(Whattevah) Season wherein we all celebrate our families, friends, tits, our friend's wives tits, and in which we invoke the mammaries of those who seemingly are no longer with us. All Hail The Great KU! Wherever hast thou got unto, still do we remember thee (although NOT in Gear Anarchy, fer sure!) and thy many posts of girls, ladies, wimmins and mermaids. Wish you was here.
  3. Schrodinger's Waterline

    ("I forgot the question...")
  4. Misogyny in sailing?

    Look. Of COURSE there is mysogny in sailing, as there is in almost ANY endeavour where the Male is, and must be, the incepting and superior force (which woman first hollowed out a log and went out on the water?) but women (especially like those pictured above n 109 and 115, and the little blonde with the male milk cow) are necessary to the true enjoyment of the sport, especially if you wind up somewhere where you will need something to barter for water, food or repairs. Can't very well trade the sails, and mostly, the natives don't go for undies, coloured cloths, beads and the like, but one of the sisters in 115 should get enough supplies to get all the way from Aceh to Madagascar and still have enough left over to take a trip up to the Drakenbergs for Christmas. I dunno why anyone would WANT to, but you could. (Incidentally, and in defense of males with larger aurolae, you may notice HIS are shaved and I bet that blonde cutie keeps them trimmed and tender.) (DAMHIKT) Oh, and Bimbo? Still waiting.
  5. Misogyny in sailing?

    Yeah, y'are. So show us yer tits.
  6. SA Groupies?

    Who's Ed? Or, prhaps.. Who's Ed?
  7. According to the CSA calendar, the 2018 HR is on!

    Mate: The Donald can do it! Just ask him!!!
  8. I thought Newbies hadda post a piccy of thesir girl/S.O./wife's boobs?

    Feckin'.... odd. Izzat you widdout the sunhat?
  9. Puerto Rico and the Hurrican

    I've been dropping a BUNCH o' Pesos to the Redd Cross and the Sallies for P.R. relief since I used ta' live there in San Juan for five + years back in the mid and late Sixties. (Don't ask) A nicer place and a sweeter population I have NEVER encountered in my many, many years of perambulating this ovate and unusual globe. If you have some disposable income (money you do not need to survive upon, or maintain your ex-wife/kids) SEND it to the relief effort. I will be impoverished thru donations to the Island's relief for some time. Won't you buggar yourselves along with me? (Beggar yourselves...?) (OK... someone tell me how I could have possibly phrased that somewhat better?)
  10. Ain't seen dick for new boobies. Face it, that's the ONNY thing the feckin' forums are good for, So?
  11. 50' Sailboat FOR SALE in HI. Craigslost Gold

    DaWoody! Spot on. Funny!
  12. Mini Pirate Ship ... For Cheap!

    Who bought it, George MacKay?
  13. Excess skin on your lady parts? Make jewelry.

    Ahhh...Yuk? Guess I'm just not all that "Metro" in my sexual...
  14. Irma, oh shit

    ^ Terrible line! Are you an the Gal still hi and dry?
  15. never fuckin' mind