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  1. Frayed Knot Arts

    Hilarious and perhaps offensive Spinnaker Graphics

    The Vargas girl is not only lovely, but entirely too reminiscent! What would a graphic such as that cost (total cost with sail) AND from whom would one order/consult abot a similar item? Just finer 'n froghair, that.
  2. Frayed Knot Arts

    Hilarious and perhaps offensive Spinnaker Graphics

    That's bloody creative AND funny.... but it'll have a LIMITED audience! Still, limited as I am, I LIKE IT!
  3. Frayed Knot Arts

    Weed or Hash ?

    Wait...... what?
  4. Frayed Knot Arts

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    Better than over the bows, I warrant!
  5. Frayed Knot Arts

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    Naaah... sounds like he busticated a femur... now ain't THAT a bugger in Florida in June? 'Fess up, Leftovanovich, how'd ya do it?
  6. Frayed Knot Arts

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    Sorry for your troubles, goombah! Who'd you try to kick? Feel better, heal quickly, drink a lot. (And water, too...)
  7. Frayed Knot Arts

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Since 10/2009 for me, used the patch for two stages and managed to kill off a 2 pack a day/50 year habit. That's an equivalent, of course, as there were cigars and pipes as alternates (all inhaled) when SWMBO became activistic about smoking in the house. She WAS right...we had to "Kilz" the place twice to get rid of the Tar-Yellow before painting. Can only imagine what I looked like inside. It's pleasant to lay down at night and not listen to the "concertina music" of my lungs trying to perform their function. If you're trying to stop, get a quit-buddy and USE him or her.
  8. Frayed Knot Arts

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Figgers that it's a Storekeeper Third.
  9. Frayed Knot Arts

    What was it?

    Not possible to trace via bow reg numbers?
  10. Frayed Knot Arts

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    I just loved the whole mishegoss, but best of all was moving the "experiment" from it's natal location to the launch ramp with a FORK LIFT (or was it a front loader ) and dollys. This was absolute proof there is no God, as Hotsie temped fate and wrath with eveery decision he made.... deck screws into pine 2x4's (and not even the GOOD grade) holding plywood (see previous brackets)... and that totally clueless interview in the local paper which is how I discovered it... Priceless.
  11. Frayed Knot Arts

    Ireland to get first official nude beach

    I was "associated" with an Irish (County Clare) redhead (well, really, a Danish Sun-headed beauty) and we went on a trip to the USBVI (St. Thomas). I knew the whole thing was in trouble when she sunburned in the Olde Customs Office in Philadelphia just getting her passport updated. Seriously. Damn near blistered just from the fluorescent ceiling lighting.... got VERY pink and uncomfortable. Well, one (who hath experience in such things) knows that the only remedy for this is Noxema Creme, liberally applied and rubbed in to all skin surfaces, whether exposed or covered, makes no matter. I heartily recommend the treatment whenever you are young enough and silly enough to enforce it. (Ah, Shannon, God bless ye!)
  12. Frayed Knot Arts

    Is Clean gone ?

    Who put the whomp in the whomp-de-bomp-a-bomp?
  13. Frayed Knot Arts

    A Gentleman

  14. Frayed Knot Arts

    Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    All my friends in Philadelphia are right in the middle of a darts tournament using a 5 foot square piece of old pine with my face emblazoned on it and using Stanley hatchets as the darts. I have a headache right between my eyes, but THEY have to go out and shovel the crap sleet/snow/whateveah, while I sit here and look at Bradford Pears (disgusting revenant things they may be) because "Spring Is Sprung!, Da' Grass is 'riz'! I wonner weah de' boidies is?" East Tennessee is getting rain galore... should be great fishin' in the back-up lakes along the Clinch and the Tennessee... but now I gotta go mow lawn and like that. There's no winners, y'know? (Doug... I tried to get a liverwurst and onion at the local "deli" yestiddy... blankest stare I ever saw...)
  15. Frayed Knot Arts

    The Oscars - I’m Curious

    I get a delivery of "VARIETY" for two reasons: It impresses the living shite out of me post office and postman I get to follow all the in-fighting and back-stabbing surrounding the awards. I do NOT go to the "movies" any more (with five in the family, a "Movie Night" is fast approaching a feckin' car payment, d'ye ken?) for several reasons, another of which is I'm that fat as the seats (and my knees) make it unbearable to endure a fixed seat for over thirty seconds, and me bladder.... well, let's no go there then, ay? Netflix and Hulu are my friends for seeing recent movies, and -flawed as it may me - Rotten Qumquats does give a fair review for most releases...IMDB is another good source of yea or nae for watching these things and I've a VERY good DVD/Blu ripper/burner for the ones I like. So, YES. I'll watch the Awards show (just as I do the others, and or the same reason I get PEOPLE off the rack: they cover the GURLZ and the dresses! Give a holy shit who won what, I just love watching the GURLZ! And this year, I wanna see all the poobie-poo-boopie comedy stuff, the stage productions of songs... let's face it, these are the best things since Dean Martin, Andy Willliams and their ilk had "Variety" shows. It's Hoopla! It's feathers and show-girls. I have a subscription to VARIETY. I rest my case.