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  1. Koa out with starter motor issues (from the yacht tracker), very sad for the crew on board.
  2. Looks like Hartbreaker is back in the race, despite earlier reports and 0kts at Eden for a bit. It ain't over til it's over. Good on 'em!
  3. Hartbreaker looks to be retiring (tracker/their Facebook page)
  4. Retired with steering damage. Thanks for confirming. How did you hear? I thought I had every possible channel covered? 😜
  5. Koa at sub 5 kts for over half an hour...
  6. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-07/missing-yachtsmen-believed-dead-after-nsw-storms/7072984 Unbearably horrible.
  7. The NOR lists a change to Rrs 55. See the website.
  8. Medium boat series happened last weekend, kinda sorta - Indian, concubine, ichi, cougar, black jack etc etc Looking forward to the big boat entertainment from my desk, might have to bring in the far seeing glasses.
  9. Funny discussion last night about the various traditions and superstitions around re-naming a boat and what needs to be done to make sure the good omens stays on your side. Mullet catching, dry hauling, champage smashing - it was all sounding pretty ceremonial! Came on here to find a thread on it and couldn’t see one – surprised! So starting one myself … (because if it gets written on anarchy, it must be true ) What are the rules arounf boat re-naming?
  10. No different digs this year, tactician sold is unit,, not very nice. We have some other accom up near the school on the "main road" . Book us in, I can see Andy as the new master chef. I think we have our boat parked next to yours for the week. We best flash up the dockside esky. Good luck on the trip to SP, hope you have some long service leave!!!, Nice one, we are in behind the old yacht club so I'll word Andy up, he's a pretty good cook. Good news re neighbouring boats - dockside esky is on! I'll speak to the boys and makesure we have something big enough Was a slow old trip north, but good times. Flew back first thing this am for work today :| Bit of dust on from last night. No rest for the wicked!
  11. Not all of them! You in the same accom as last year Pillow? We will have to return the favour and have you guys over for dinner this time
  12. Should be some fun racing for you - I heard Local Hero are looking at making the trip south this year too.
  13. Local Hero 1.059? new rig?? Same rig, no overlapping headsails. Well thats the way it was at Audi.......... If LH is 1.059 its up a few clicks since hammo last yr I think.
  14. Here's a close up of the boom: http://www.sailingimages.net/galleries/aws-26611/ui/8413718754e0e88765ab4b
  15. Peregrine is div c irc Agree, nice looking boat and well sailed.