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  1. Paint the foils in a hi-vis colour, preferably orange.
  2. Indeed, why would you go to all that effort when for £10 you can get one of these?! http://www.bosunbobs.com/en/Talamex-Clinometer/m-1635.aspx?gclid=COKgg4nlg9QCFc-6GwodD4QBGA&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=UnitedKingdom
  3. Have a look here for a benchmark on how to restore an IOR era Ron Holland race boat. The result achieved by anarchist FOP is incredible. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/117372-restoration-ron-holland-ior-racer-flirt-of-paget-2/ Good luck with your project. Thijs
  4. They could always make their own drinks after leaving the dockside and finishing their drinks.
  5. How is it different from requesting permission from the Race Committee to use a replacement spinnaker for the remainder of a regatta if you've shredded your measured in spinnaker beyond reasonable repair in the time available? At the RC's discretion surely.
  6. I think you've gone the wrong way with your conversion. They will be working in metric so conversion is nearer 1,434 imperial watts or 358 imperial watts per grinder.
  7. Yeah, noticed the average 87.5kg weight thing and wondered how much that would save on the boat over more typical grinders. Is the say 50kg weight saving significant in terms of these boats? There is a maximum crew weight and everybody wants to be as close to that as possible. If your grinders are lighter, others need to be heavier. It is also worth considering that boats are built to the minimum weight and are then brought up to maximum weight because max weight is faster. Out of interest, I get why max crew weight is desirable but why is a heavier boat faster? Doesn't more weight require more lift and therefor there would be more drag? And if heavy is fast wouldn't you build the boat close to max weight and make the platform as stiff as possible with the extra cloth/resin at your disposal?
  8. Perhaps, behind the curtains, this billionairs family is an active funder for team BAR.800px-The_British_royal_family_on_the_balcony_of_Buckingham_Palace.JPG Not sure about that, they are looking at a £370m bill for refurbishment works to that building alone!
  9. Thanks TR for all your updates on positions. I sailed 27,381.6 miles
  10. We'll, rolling the dice and going right of that last low hasn't been quite as disasterous as it could have been. Now we just need to come up with a cunning plan to get through the high sat in the bay of Biscay
  11. Thanks for all your answers about the routing software. Just seen Hutspot77 pop up ahead of me and I thought I'd had a good run up to and through the doldrums until I saw that. Nice work. Maybe I'll need to think about routing software but I quite like working it out myself and not sure if I have any more time available than this is starting to take up, as I get more nervous now that I have more to lose!
  12. Well it been a long journey back from the depths of 75,000 in the Indian ocean after I had an excursion into the ice zone and then did a Vestas, but this evening I made it to a 4-figure ranking. Let's see how the doldrums play out. Out of interest how many people are using routing software and how many are just using the info as they see it in the game? Looking forward to the final stint back to Vendee.
  13. Have had exactly the same experience, have gone from 124 to 90,000 and back up to 45 this morning as I was looking for the least painful place to gybe out and get some west. First time I've played, got the options pack and enjoying playing with my son, great way to get him to think about the 'big picture'. I wonder how many thousand places an hour I'll lose?! Thijs.
  14. Now that we know they are all safe, could the incident have been a version of this?
  15. Seen from your Instagram site that you are also doing work on your house as well as trying to complete the most meticulous rebuild of a yacht with a deadline weeks away. You are a glutton for punishment. If anyone needs proof of the phrase, "if you want something done, ask a busy man", they just need to reference to you! Good luck with it all. Thijs.