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  1. Tom, can you just slide the akas out of the sockets and then turn the main hull on its side or upside down and insert the board to look at twist angles and cant? Thats what I do with both my boats, and they're much bigger.
  2. Nice! That's a good idea too! I was close to an hour from trailer to water previously, I want to get down in the 15-30 range myself. Down here in TX you melt if it takes too long! I have carbon inside carbon tubes, but with a lot more gap. I think thick UHMW tape at 9, 12, 3, and 6 will do the trick for me.
  3. Jetboy, I was searching for my own build but thought I'd share some resources I found for UHMW tape for those sliders, t least once you get them milled or order smaller OD sections. Tape thickness ranges from .03" to .12", or 3 mils to 125 mils. http://catalog.cshyde.com/viewitems/ategories-tapes-with-adhesive-uhmw-tapes-1/uhmw-tape-acrylic-adhesive https://www.findtape.com/film-tape/uhmw-skived-teflon-tape/c124/ http://www.eplastics.com/slick_strips
  4. Hey French, I have built 2 tri's, a 23 footer using a Nacra 6.0 and a 20 footer using an A-cat. Both boats I had to get custom furling jibs made for precisely that reason. Attaching the jib tack to a dolphin striker on a cat is always higher than a center hull on a tri. Not very compatible with trimaran dimensions. I used Skip Eliot of EP sails in Costa Mesa, CA. He is easy to work with and charges reasonable rates for very good sails. I use technora-flex material in a crosscut style, which is perfectly sufficient for boats this size, tri-radial carbon or string 3D is overkill. About $600 for the custom jib.
  5. Hey Tom, glad to see it almost ready to use! You've done an amazing job. Would you be willing to postal few photos of the sliding mechanism/shims/uhmw pieces please? I am re-building a boat with a sliding mechanism, and I want to improve it. Before re-build it worked alright, but certainly not the smooth and quick I was looking for. Basically I have a tube within a tube, with the inner tube wrapped in u how tape. Can you describe how the Astus slider works and pots a few photos please? I've never had the opportunity to see one up close and examine. Thanks and Merry Christmas, Adventure Tri (Mark)
  6. In 10knots and flat water Osprey Is tacking through 90 and staring to come alive, probably doing 9-10 knots upwind. Below 8 one of us is sitting forward on the bow trying to get ass end out, which typically helps .5-1.0 knots. In 8-10 we're still forward on the tramp, but not on the nose. In 15-18 she'll do 14.5 true upwind in relatively protected water. I'm with the other guys, your sails are definitely an issue. Our Main is still good after 7 years but we need a new jib. In any case, Merry Christmas to you and everyone else on this thread!
  7. We use a Honda 2hp longshft on our 23 foot, 1100 pound Osprey. Goes about 6 knots in fairly calm seas. Not sure why anyone would need to motor in significant wind except to get out of harbor, you'll go far faster under sail! And we can always get out of the harbor, albeit slowly, even in 30 knots. Pretty certain 5hp is overkill for a 20 footer!
  8. Dayneger, Oprey is a home built 23' tri w/ no cabin. Main hulls is a heavily modified L-7 ama, Amas are extended Nacra 6.0 hulls. Won the PNW multihull championship this year. Probably get another rating hit . See my icon, and check out video. Video picks up speed halfway through.
  9. VP, see my comment on Astus thread....not likely for this waterline length if not foiling...
  10. VP, Doubt it. Osprey walks away from Sprints, 24's, M-23s, 28s, and many 31s in over 12 knots of breeze. Yet we don't sustain 20+ knots of boat speed. Maybe perfect angle and totally flat water like the speed course in Namibia along a sand bar.... But that's not real world sailing. Formula 40 cats like Dragonfly, yes they can. Astus is a real cool boat though, as is the Searail, Pulse 600, Weta, TC 601, and anything else in this class. I love seeing the variety of innovations, methods, hull shapes, trailering mechanisms, etc. that is showing up, all of them functional and effective in their own way! Hope they're all successful!
  11. Nice job on the boat Jetboy! Good idea Ed, and I'd like to get the down low on that myself for my most recent project.
  12. Fat point Jack, if you go on their page, it look like it's not just vapor-ware, they have molds, a mast etc. however, it doesn't look like it's been launched or tested yet. The fact that it is being built in France, multihull hotbed of the planet, gives me hope it will be completed and followed through on.
  13. That's got my name written all over it! Next toy after next windfall! As much as I like tinkering and building, there's so much design and technology in good foils and where you put them, that it would take me years of experimenting and tens of thousands of $$$ extra to perfect, it's easier to buy something that already works, IMHO!
  14. Wish I could be there Mike! Did you hear Osprey won the NW multihull championships his year? That's your L-7 ama widened and internally structurally modified as our center hull! Won two of the four races outright, not even on corrected. More wind this year helped!
  15. Really nice job Jetboy! Like the paint job too. Can't wait to hear how it sails and see some video.