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  1. EL FARO sinking, NTSB animation

    I see similarities to aviation accidents where in cockpit weather was a contributing factor. In aviation there is several minutes latency due to the time required to create a radar image. So even if the receiver is showing the radar image was just received, the image is already what the weather was a few minutes ago. Placing too much trust in the near real time weather can lead to decisions that take you were you likely would not have gone without that false sense of security. In this case the crew seems to have placed too much confidence in where the storm was predicted to be and disregarded information that was counter to that assumption. There is also ample evidence of "normalization of risk" ie, doing risky things so often they become the norm. Going to bed before the weather report comes in and waiting until after you've had your morning coffee is probably not much of a risk most of the time, however when you are sailing towards a hurricane it might not be the best practice.
  2. VA is a shall issue State. Come at me with a hammer and I'm dropping the hammer until you do.
  3. LIke the price of slips is not high enough already

    I work in DC and have a good idea what kind of Charlie Foxtrot it would be if there was ever a mass evacuation. I too have eyeballed the options at the local marina. Get across and down the river just a few miles and my sisters house is an easy walk.
  4. Stolen Beneteau 373 from Panama City, FL.

    Jeez, we're a cynical bunch. First thought through my head was pretty much post #2.
  5. Crew Overboard Drill Requirement

    I do only one race a year and yes I have the crew out and we practice sailing MOB recovery. That said, since it's an overnight race, if anyone went overboard at night, I'd do a quick stop, crank the iron genny to go get them, and call it a night. No use risking loosing sight of them at my level racing for one race a year.
  6. Annapolis Boat Show

    I tell my friends, where power boats are about Scotch and Strippers, Sailboats are about Scotchbrite and Strypeeze.
  7. Rail Meat Songs

  8. Maryland Governor's Cup

    Only 40 some odd boats for the Annapolis leg so far. Death of many cuts or are registrations about to pour in?
  9. Lot of questions in retrospect starting with what repairs could be done in Ft Myers but not Sarasota.
  10. Down the Bay Race 2016

    Congrats All.
  11. Down the Bay Race 2016

    Go Blew by You.
  12. Melges'es Found in Georgia

    Licke a youngere Steave Tyllere. I was thinking Joe Perry.
  13. Bad Band Names

    Nashville Pussy.
  14. today's cockup

    This particular cockup is still on my "Not Yet" list, but that list is getting shorter every year it seems.
  15. 2hp outboards

    My Yam 2.5 is in the shop now for Ethanol related damage to be repaired but the it has always run fine. It just started dumping gas due to damaged seals. I mainly choose it due to light weight and finding a great deal on one.