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    If you don't like that author, how about Benito "Yet if anyone cares to read over the now crumbling minutes giving an account of the meetings at which the Italian Fasci di Combattimento were founded, he will find not a doctrine but a series of pointers… (p. 23)" At least among historians, Fascism has long been acknowledged as very difficult to define BECAUSE it's so flexible. It's been defined as corporatism, anti-liberalism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism when, in fact, it contains elements of all of these in greater or lesser extents as needed for the local conditions (rather like Trump admitting that "drain the swamp'was merely a phrase that got the audience worked up). The lack of a checklist gets hard-categorizers twisted up but it is one of those fuzzier forms of government.
  2. learningJ24


    "Our inability to pin fascism down does not mean that we can’t say anything at all, or that it’s all just a matter of opinion. Skepticism toward definitions does not mean that we can do without them altogether. Each definition of fascism tells us something, and each of them is more compatible with the others than their advocates assume. But none can tell us everything—even if we combine them all. Indeed, perhaps the most important step in understanding fascism is to always remember that we can’t learn everything that there is to know about the movement by categorizing it. Reprinted from Fascism: A Very Short Introduction by Kevin Passmore with permission from Oxford University Press. Copyright (c) 2014 by Oxford University Press."
  3. learningJ24

    Brexit, and all it entails

    "Putting a hard border back in place could well launch the whole sectarian issue again, people happily go back and forth for work and trade. This was the premise of being in the EU and nobody really wants a hard border in place there." Is there an opportunity for union if there's a hard Brexit? It would seem that the lack of a hard border would force the EU to apply pressure on Ireland to "do something' about the absence of a functioning border. Uniting in some form of Celtic Confederation within the EU makes some sense, particularly since Scotland would be inclined to join and perhaps Wales. Brexit could result in the destruction of the United Kingdom.
  4. learningJ24

    First Step Act

    "As much as they rightfully despise trump, the D's will miss a golden opportunity to flip him to their side by not manipulating him using things they know he cares about - which frankly is only himself. But if the dems could play to that, they could almost get a blank check to do what they wanted. " Possibly, if he was a "normal" actor but his track record of being a dishonest negotiator and throwing his own team under the bus argues against any kind of check, let alone blank. Add the absolute toxicity of being in the same room as the man then stir in the Republican Senate that will, quite probably, shoot down anything bipartisan coming from the House ("No" is an entrenched response in this Senate leadership) and Dem's really have little reason to try to play nice with the man. Probable scenario Dem House passes prison reform with Pres help. Left end of Dem supporters scream about working with the Pres. Senate shoots down bill. Pres blames Dems for passing a bill that wouldn't get past the Senate. Dems stand there with an empty bag and crap on their face for trusting that THIS TIME the Pres would act like a reasonable person. Who wins?
  5. learningJ24

    Keep America Great 2020

    Could you give a couple of examples? "Centrist" and "Conservative" seem to belong together as much as "Hillary Republican".
  6. learningJ24

    Trump is losing it

    With every election becoming a national one with only lip service give to the state itself, I think we're already there. As our population grows ever larger, we will have the increasing problem of our elected representatives becoming ever more remote from the electorate. A similar situation to republican Rome. And we've never clearly answered the question "Should a national Representative promote the best interests of their constituents OR the country?" We fought a war over the issue but can't seem to work it out ourselves.
  7. learningJ24

    President Cadet Bonespurs and November 11, 1918

    "Rat, you forget that the Lusitania was in 1915 while the US did not enter the war until 1917 ..." Not to mention Germany and Japan maneuvering to bring Mexico in on the Central Powers' side.
  8. learningJ24

    Trump is losing it

    Unconstitutional.Article IV Sec 3 "...but no new State shall be formed or erected within Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the junction of two or more States, or Parts of States..."
  9. "In Chicago, a city where killings have gained national headlines, the murder rate fell nearly 16 percent. There were 112 fewer killings in the city last year compared to 2016." https://patch.com/illinois/chicago/fbi-crime-stats-where-illinois-stands
  10. learningJ24

    US could lose a war with China

    When was the last time the US engaged in a conflict where we didn't have absolute or near absolute air superiority? As other countries caught up with our technology, just as their manufacturing did in the 1970's, a more equal conflict was inevitable. More equal='we could lose".
  11. "The land of milk and honey with the highest poverty rate in the nation....well done libs." And the world's 5th largest economy as well as the land of Nixon and Reagan.
  12. learningJ24


    Let's try Umberto Ecco's characteristics of Ur-facism The cult of tradition. “One has only to look at the syllabus of every fascist movement to find the major traditionalist thinkers. The Nazi gnosis was nourished by traditionalist, syncretistic, occult elements.” The rejection of modernism. “The Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, is seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense Ur-Fascism can be defined as irrationalism.” The cult of action for action’s sake. “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation.” Disagreement is treason. “The critical spirit makes distinctions, and to distinguish is a sign of modernism. In modern culture the scientific community praises disagreement as a way to improve knowledge.” Fear of difference. “The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus Ur-Fascism is racist by definition.” Appeal to social frustration. “One of the most typical features of the historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups.” The obsession with a plot. “The followers must feel besieged. The easiest way to solve the plot is the appeal to xenophobia.” The enemy is both strong and weak. “By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.” Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. “For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.” Contempt for the weak. “Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.” Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.” Machismo and weaponry. “Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.” Selective populism. “There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.” Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak. “All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning.”
  13. learningJ24


    "Well, he thinks bullet points are science." Jesus, don't say "bullet" or Tom and Jeffie will swoop in and hijack this into a gun thread.
  14. learningJ24


    "Simplification to labels for the endpoints is not adequate. Over-specification of the variations along the line simply creates more labels and points of contention." We put labels on categories or classifications and have been doing that, at least, since Aristotle. Specificity useful, people just have recognize how tight the tolerances are. The contention comes from not recognizing the tolerances. Eisenhower Republican and Clinton Democrat describe a range,albeit very small, but with no logical reason for contention. Another example would be the previous election; how can we discuss trends in voting patterns if we don't use labels, backed up by data, such as "young, female and suburban" or "older, male and rural"?
  15. learningJ24

    the good guy with a gun

    "Harris said the officer shot an innocent man and that people on the scene tried to warn police that Roberson was a security guard. “Everybody was screaming out, ‘Security!’ He was a security guard ... and they still did their job, and saw a black man with a gun, and basically killed him,” Harris said." https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/black-chicago-security-guard-shot-by-police_us_5be9a032e4b0caeec2bbcbb3