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  1. I would agree with "veterans" with a small v as anyone that served in any capacity can be so labeled but since American Veterans swear to uphold and defend the Constitution while the Confederates declared war against it I don't agree with the higher honor. Since the pardon seems to be your criteria, the two leaders convicted of treason during the Whiskey Rebellion were pardoned by GW so does that make them hero's as well? What about the Bundy's?
  2. "Like it or not, these are American Veterans and the vast majority of them were fighting "because ya'll were down there". " A bit of historical whitewashing going on here in support of rebels that took up arms against the United States to support a way of life built on white supremacy. Would you be so generous to the veterans of Shay's Rebellion or the Whiskey Rebellion?
  3. Keep in mind that history is ALWAYS filtered through the lens of the present, that's why historiography is it's own sub-field. That said, neither Washington nor Jefferson are remembered only as supporting slavery unlike the defenders of the Confederacy. A more troublesome figure would be Stand Watie; only Native American general during the Civil War but was the last Confederate general to surrender and was a slave owner. The Founding Fathers were known for acts other than support for slavery unlike Lee, Forrest, Davis et al. Their places of honor were created by the Redeemer governments after the end of Reconstruction.
  4. We've borrowed $20 against $276 (add the appropriate number of zeros), explain the crisis to me again? Since the majority of the debt is owed to ourselves, this seems to be a political argument rather than an economic one. https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/11/05/the-us-government-is-absolutely-not-16-trillion-in-the-hole/#4dbcc1823013
  5. The only two presidential impeachment trials were political, one was over a president firing a cabinet secretary (well within presidential powers and the other over lying about a blowjob. Impeachment, as it has been practiced, is a political process rather than judicial. Trump has said and done more than enough to be impeached but just hasn't committed enough of a political transgression to warrant the action.
  6. " After hearing that, the claims that they are now out of favour because they use the word 'Nigger' is fucking bullshit." Some years ago, I got dumped into teaching a "reading" class (not my certified area) in an inner city middle school and tried to use Autobiography of Malcolm X as a reading source. Despite the topic, which I thought would engage them, the use of the word nigger was so distracting that I had to drop the project. My guess is that the book would be a lot easier to use as a teaching tool without the distraction.
  7. There is no legal right of secession. Attempts to leave are rebellion and therefore treason. Texas v White " The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States." "... the ordinance of secession, adopted by the convention and ratified by a majority of the citizens of Texas, and all the acts of her legislature intended to give effect to that ordinance, were absolutely null. They were utterly without operation in law. " https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/74/700 But this discussion is a distraction, the momuments are NOT viewed as remembering the Civil War but as icons of white supremacy. That's why the Confederates, Klansmen and Nazis are rallying around them.
  8. "Said it in a debate-----and you actually believe anything any of them say in a debate? It's called blow smoke up the electorates ass to accumulate enough votes for victory. They all tell fibs-----it's not a fucking crime. Get over it!!!!!" And how do we determine when to believe what DT says and when not to? If he has begun running for '20, is everything he says to be viewed as "smoke"?
  9. "If you have anything to do with Trump, you are fucked. " And this, I think, was the Russian goal. They don't necessarily need to "get something" from DT as long as he destabilizes the US. Our foreign policy is in disarray with major allies alienated(Germany, France, Britain), opponents strengthened (China, Russia) and our international reputation tarnished by supporting thugs (Putin, Erdogan, Duturte). As the US, as the last Superpower, pulls back from Superpower responsibilities Russia looks more powerful. What else do they "need" from DT?
  10. Another solution is to cross sheet to to cabin top winches. Putting 2 speeds on the cabin, combined with Lopez blocks, allow you to get your heaviest guy outboard quicker with the next person forward doing the final grind. Takes one job off the driver but adds some clutter on the deck.
  11. "Yeah, that's my point. no one voted for Pence." Not true. Each elector has two votes; one for president and one for vice president therefore Pence got as many votes as Trump did. Under the original Constitution, the candidate with the second highest number of electoral votes which caused so many problems it had to be changed (imagine a cabinet meeting with President Trump and Vice President Clinton) by the 12th Amendment. Keep in mind, if Pence is impeached as well we get President Ryan.
  12. My, limited, understanding is that a major concern is the movement of chemical weapons into the mountains of Lebanon where they could possibly get into the hands of those fighting Israel. None of the majors want Israel playing a large role in this mess.
  13. "most US sailors are on the coast, the blue states are mainly on the coast.- so maybe being a liberal sailors is not too unusual" A little broad, I think. The Northeast tends toward liberalism (the old Puritans) but I would think that the number of liberal sailors begins diminishing when you get south of the Chesapeake. It would probably spike again in Florida due to the retirement immigration then plunge again when you get into the Deep South coastline. Texas is blood red. Pick up a book called "American Nations" by Thomas Woodard, it explains attitudes and voting patterns of the different regions in the US.
  14. "Impeachment is the legal process by which an administration rids itself of a hated, ineffectual or law-breaking chief..." Would have to disagree a bit with this, impeachment is a POLITICAL process rather than a legal one. No president has ever had articles of impeachment passed when their party was in power (Nixon's were bipartisan. a state that does not exist now) AND has only been used by Republicans. The idea that R's would impeach one of their own is stretching reason. However, the dripping of news as the investigation drags on may isolate the White House and reduce the R majority in the House in '18. The GA-6 special election and the Virginia governor's race will be interesting to watch for hints of an attitude change in the electorate.
  15. "why (IMHO of course) the really serious Christians monolithically support Republican politics," Because early Christianity's path to power was to align with authoritarian rulers (OK, almost all rulers of the period fell into that category) by offering hereditary succession rather than the Germanic election by witan or thing. In exchange for conversion, rulers received "God's blessing" upon not only their reign but their heir's as well as an effective and agressive ground level political organization. "Just convert, give us lots of land and make us tax free to get our backing.". Authoritarian rulers become a habit.