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  1. learningJ24

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    At least in this part of the country, the school system's authority is based on "in loco parentis", to the extent of using corporal punishment despite DOE guidelines. Children are not considered capable of fully accessing the rights of a citizen and so face restrictions on rights. We don't want 15 year old kids buying guns, booze or cigarettes because they are not deemed mature enough to do so AND because of that lack of maturity they don't have the full measure of responsibility for their actions. Communities have increasingly demanded that schools expand into the role of parenting and yet also demand that schools follow the morals and ethics of each individual family while not upsetting ANY child. How could ANY system operate effectively under these expectations?
  2. learningJ24

    The Patriot Party

  3. learningJ24

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    When I was teaching APUSH, there was a colleague that left his law practice to teach history but volunteered to handle school based legal issues. According to him, other than minor drug possession charges, the most frequent legal issue to deal with was parents suing the cheer coach for not promoting their kid (upper middle class district).
  4. Not arguing with your observations, just taking the historian's view looking at the most enduring domestic terror organization in US history (KKK) and it's origin in the veteran community as well as it's infiltration into law enforcement. Also, digging into the Global Terrorism Database for military/veteran representation shows a significantly higher incidence than in the general population. If we can assume that, based on voting patterns, say 15% of the population in general holds some measure of Right Wing Extremist views, what, in your opinion, would be the multiplier for the socio-economic class/regional origin for RWE members of the military?
  5. Since currently serving and veterans make up about 7% of the population...
  6. learningJ24

    The Patriot Party

    Not necessary to move the Capitol, remote working has become more mainstream. Just have the new Rep's state in their home states for a year and work remotely, then switch. More EC votes, Congress critters are within arms reach of their constituents, cheaper to maintain. Of course, the next census would shift the apportionment to the more populated states after the next census but everything in politics is a mixed bag.
  7. learningJ24

    Day 1, Press Conference 1

    Gawd, give us boring at least for a little while.
  8. learningJ24

    The Patriot Party

    An easy answer to this is to double the number of members of the House. It can be done by statute, restores some of the balance between small and large states in the EC and would make districts smaller and more easily challenged by "walk on' candidates. Republicans locked the number at 435 in the '20's, a hundred years is enough.
  9. learningJ24

    Free The Swamp

    Like a child grabbing the cookie jar while mom is standing there with a ruler.
  10. learningJ24

    Free The Swamp

    "Self interest" isn't an ethic?
  11. deleted, already posted.
  12. After getting his money cut off, do you think he will hesitate to throw ANYONE under the bus and wave as it rolls on? He will now just shift to defense, ignore criticisms and cash the checks. He inherited Ronnie's Teflon suit.
  13. More likely would be declaring a Jubilee Year of full debt forgiveness.
  14. learningJ24

    A message for our righty elk

    Race has been a driving force behind policy and history pre-dating the Constitution. Many of the complaints of Trump supporters, if examined a bit closer, have their roots in racism. A complimentary factor is the honor/shame system of many of the regions supporting Trump. "In a guilt culture you know you are good or bad by what your conscience feels. In a shame culture you know you are good or bad by what your community says about you, by whether it honors or excludes you. In a guilt culture people sometimes feel they do bad things; in a shame culture social exclusion makes people feel they are bad....People are extremely anxious that their group might be condemned or denigrated. They demand instant respect and recognition for their group. They feel some moral wrong has been perpetrated when their group has been disrespected, and react with the most violent intensity." David Brooks It's not surprising that it is the artifacts of the Old South, from racial attitudes to Lost Cause (burn the bitch down?), that are causing the difficulties since we never addressed all the questions that arose from the Civil War in regard to how the freemen would be integrated. Since that time, we've struggled with the conflict between the promise of "all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with these inalienable rights..." and the reality of how the descendants of the freemen are treated. As their political power increases, is the friction any surprise? Interesting read https://frenchpress.thedispatch.com/p/where-does-the-south-end-and-christianity
  15. I think we can count on some interesting court cases coming out of this. The argument could be made that, just as someone's movement, internet access etc. can be limited while under indictment, once impeachment articles have been passed the President's pardon powers are suspended, particularly for the offense listed. Bad news for all those Capitol youtube stars.