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  1. Look for anything written by Eric Foner or Gordon Wood. Foner is the one of the most respected authors on Reconstruction in the field and Wood is the same on the Constitutional period.
  2. "I've been saying for a long time here that the right to vote has far more consequences than the right to gunz. Not only should we be certified/recertified to vote, but we should have to pass background checks to keep the vote out of the hands of dangerous people who might misuse that vote or handle a ballot carelessly. And then once a voter passes a background check, they need to be trained correctly in how to vote. Oh, and it goes without saying that one must have a photo ID in order to vote." It sounds good until we look at how the same idea was implemented in the past. Perhaps we could go for two and exempt everyone whose grandfather voted in a presidential election. Funny how, with the South in political power, these old ideas float back up.
  3. " The real solution to this is to address the electoral college head on with a constitutional amendment. We passed the 25th as a result of the Kennedy assassination and this situation is much more dire to the longevity of the nation. So we either disband the EC and go with a popular vote, or we force the electoral college members to be unbound and unfaithful, able to vote their conscience irregardless of party affiliation as the founding fathers intended. " Simpler solution; triple the size of the House to around 1200, shifting the electoral votes toward population, creating smaller districts with more responsive representitves and reducing the dollar effect (someone could win by knocking on doors rather than TV ads). This can be done legislatively rather than changing the Constitution. For a bonus, insert independent commissions to apportion the districts.
  4. Due to a couple of crew failures, I'm looking for someone to sail with us at J24 Na's in Houston May 24 -28. Middle position (mast or tactician).. Please contact Kevin Mott 405-924-6380 nw_history@hotmail.com
  5. Not at all. But if we're going to use the "war on police" bumper sticker we should at least keep track of the scores. None of the deaths should be "acceptable" but should not be ignored just because some are people most don't think worthy of consideration. It's kind of interesting that just by putting raw numbers up, without any commentary, elicites a "fuck you" and a "police officers deaths are acceptable" when nothing of the sort was stated or implied. Says more about those looking at the numbers than the numbers themselves.
  6. "Was it over when the Germany's bombed Pearl Harbor?' Nope, when we dropped THE BOMB on Hitler.
  7. Officer deaths 2017 41 17 gunfire 17 vehicular Civilian deaths by police gunfire 317
  8. A conspiracy theory keeps bouncing around in my head; T makes intemperate remarks and the markets move in a predictable direction. He then walks the the remark back and the markets recover. Is it a reasonable possibility the someone in the family is cashing in on these movements?
  9. One of the reasons for the charter/private/home school movement is to avoid mandated high stakes tests. The larger problem is the teaching styles required by the high stakes testing mandated by GW and No Child had driven out the skill of critical thinking in favor of rote knowledge needed for the tests. Then, due to a lack of a unified set of standards and no curriculum, the rote knowledge is not reinforced in the later grades. Finally, before getting on the "Schools ought to ..." band wagon, consider that Marzano (the current educational research god) determined that taking every standard K-12 students are required to master and applying the amount of time research indicates is needed for mastery, students would need to go K-23. Trying to cram too much into too little time has put us in this state.
  10. "I'm telling you, a progressive "flat tax" on income with no deductions or loopholes for individuals." Jeff, to what extent, if any, do you view the increasing concentration of the nation's wealth as a danger to the American Dream and way of life?
  11. An interesting parallel to the United incident. United said "get him out of there" and someone got hurt. It appears that United will be ruled as liable. Differences?
  12. " Traditional cavalry were all but useless in our own War Of Northern Aggression" Not true. While cavalry as a shock force (similar to armor) was rendered obsolete by long range accurate fire, cavalry as scouting and screening (more similar to helicopter) was vital to the Civil War. One of the factors leading to the defeat of the rebels at Gettysburg was Lee's inability to control Stuart who took off and allowed Buford to detect the rebel forces. Granted the Buford's fighting his unit as dragoons rather traditional cavalry allowed the northern army to arrive in time, it doesn't diminish the value of cavalry as scouts. One of the scenarios that gets wargamed is keeping Stuart under control and holding off Buford allowing the rebels to escape Gettysburg and threaten DC. The Plains Indian wars and the response to the Villa raid were the last gasps of effectiveness for horse based cavalry.
  13. " Just another stupid study trying to paint all Trump voters as racist nazis..." After listening to a couple of T supporters talking about how Katrina was the greatest thing to happen to New Orleans because it "washed the dark off the streets", the study may have a point.
  14. A way of restricting $peech would be to issue each candidate x number of radio and TV minutes, 'donated" have the stations as a part of their licensing of public airwaves. When these are expended, done. Any outside organization that buys political ads must disclose all sources of revenue to buy space. Wouldn't stop but would slow the influence.
  15. I don't recall where I saw this but some time ago an article on the popularity of conspiracy theories stated that the tendency to believe them is exceptionally well rooted. The basis is that since the greatest threat to any person is another person, the mind runs through all possible threats and prepares for them. Conspiracy theories are manifestations of our profound distrust of "them". Or they're all true and the mind control beams through the cell towers make us question.