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  1. So, your assertion is that, from the top of a 400 year pyramid of privilege, discrimination no longer exists and any actions responding to past discrimination are wrong? How is that any different than an attempt to lock in all the advantages of the previous centuries? It assumes that history and culture have no impact on current individuals but that everyone is born to the same opportunities to succeed, which we can look around and see that is not true (even at the White House level). Or you're asserting that an action that harms one individual, at the expense of helping a hundred, should not be tolerated on the basis of fairness even though that is the basis of the social contract and governance. This strikes me as a dangerous hyper-individualism that threatens the fabric of the community and nation . Or I've misunderstood what you're saying?
  2. learningJ24

    No (immediate) Covid-19 reinfection

    On the downside, there's some research into a second infection resulting in a more serious outcome via antibody dependent enhancement. Since we have two strains working in the US (Chinese on the West Coast, European on the East) it tends to fit within the realm of possibility that herd immunity is a myth. https://smw.ch/article/doi/smw.2020.20249 Another issue with the seasonality projections is that the mechanism of disease seasonality seems to be less physical and more social with the same disease expressing at different times in similar but separate locations. I'm not particularly optimistic about this yet, but that may just be a survival strategy.
  3. learningJ24

    So, Why?

    One of the best metrics for predicting academic, and future, success is the zip code.
  4. learningJ24

    So, Why?

    In an era where the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam are joining forces, anything is possible.
  5. learningJ24

    The Tara Reade hoax falls apart.

    Thomas Eagleton?
  6. Since you are actually looking at data (and seem to understand it), have you looked at a antibody dependent enhancement as a cause of deaths in the young? Similar to the cytokine storm, it theorizes that a previous light infection can lead to a fatal second infection by using the antibodies as entries into the cells. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12725690
  7. learningJ24

    18 Years of Lies About Afghanistan

    You paint an exceedingly grim picture of today's military as, instead of "protectors of America's freedom", simple executors of a single elected Executive's orders. That hints at a closer step to banana republic than I thought we had come.
  8. learningJ24

    18 Years of Lies About Afghanistan

    The what IS their responsibility? According to Gen. William DuPuy, the questions the general corps has to think about is "Who are we? What are we trying to do? How are we to do it-that is how should we fight?" If the demand is outside of the capabilities of the military, then they have a responsibility to say so. The tragedy of Viet Nam came out of the General's unwillingness to tell the Executive that the political objectives the war was supposed to achieve were impossible. How is that NOT their responsibility? It's their profession. "Burn the Bitch Down" is rarely a solution although it may scrape off the problem for a later solution. In the same way the line commanders are supposed to disobey illegal orders, so to the Generals should be expected to scream about misuse of the military.
  9. learningJ24

    18 Years of Lies About Afghanistan

    We'll have to disagree, 96 hours regardless of the outcome doesn't have the duration to justify being called a war in my opinion. I would also argue that by leaving the no fly zones in place we watered the seeds of 9/11 and GW 2.
  10. learningJ24

    18 Years of Lies About Afghanistan

    But war IS politics by violence; it's the job of the general staff corps to determine the desired political outcome and work toward that. In that sense, the last great general we had was Marshall. IF there is a misalignment of military and political priorities then is is incumbent upon the general staff corps to scream loudly about it to prevent a bunch of kids from getting killed (on both sides)for little or no purpose. Instead, we get careerists like Mattis who quit and cash in when they can't swallow it anymore. We're trying to fight 21st century conflicts with 18th century mindsets (is there much difference between us training the Afghan army and Britain training Indians in the 18th century? Including the East India Company/Military contractors?). It's not working. Except for the careerists, military industrialists an PMC's. Ref The Generals by Thomas Ricks The New Rules of Warfare by Sean McFate
  11. learningJ24

    18 Years of Lies About Afghanistan

    We have a military much like our healthcare system; the most expensive in the world which does some things exceptionally well but overall is a failure. Can anybody think of a war (not a conflict but a commitment of enough duration to warrant the label) that we've won since WWII? Korea was a tie (and viewed as a loss in Asia), Viet Nam was a loss, Bosnia? (I don't know enough about this conflict), Afghanistan and Iraq are losses (Gulf War 1 doesn't count as 96 hours is a battle rather than a war) with the wins small; Panama, Grenada, Gulf 1 etc. It's beginning to look like the point of the conflict is conflict rather than resolution with the involved parties (on our side) in the game for political, promotion and monetary advancement. At best, it's obvious, and has been for some time, that the lessons learned (other than "control the press" and "don't draft") from Viet Nam have been ignored.
  12. Was listening to a discussion of why conservative Evangelicals support people like Morrissey. Moore, Trump etc. with the explanation being that if they can forgive someone that has committed these kinds of offenses then their own transgressions will certainly be forgiven.
  13. learningJ24

    The US really has 11 separate 'nations'

    A companion text to Woodard's work is Albion's Seed by David Fischer. It's a deep dive into the cultural markers of the different groups of English immigrants to British North America. One of my big take away's was the observation that immigrants from Southern England viewed the concept of "freedom" as the freedom to take away the rights of others.
  14. Because the control is not absolute. When working with deeply flawed material the outcome is less predictable.
  15. learningJ24

    Last Straw For Lisa Page

    We hadn't recovered from Bush II before we got Trumped. It's possible that it takes 2 terms to recover from 1 term. Toward the end of Clinton's 2nd we were recovering from Bush I.