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  1. learningJ24

    The Obama Legacy Is.......President Donald Trump!

    "Sure it is. The millions of honest hard working Americans that voted for him did it because he was going to be cruel and hurt fellow Americans. What a complete crock of shit. " Not sure that is a complete crock; there is a large contingent in the voting populous that is all for being "cruel and hurt(ing) fellow Americans." as long as they are the OTHER. The 'undeserving poor" through work requirements for support while cutting programs such as CHIP, increases in fines and outsourcing of judicial processes, cuts to public education, removal of legal status for Dreamers etc. And that is without getting into the militias defending their right to shoot US servicemen or law enforcement officials or white supremists advocating removing anyone not lilke them. There are a lot of people that, as long as the pain is not directly upon themselves, are happy to see that pain applied to someone else. Trump is tapping into that desire.
  2. learningJ24

    Edrogan/Turkey Game Plan?

    What is NATO policy on one member country invading another? Shades of Italy invading Ethiopia.
  3. learningJ24

    FBI wire tapped Cohen weeks before raid.

    " TDS: Trump Deep State? Trump Dick Sucker? " Trump Deification Syndrom
  4. learningJ24


    "but the peasant majority were better off with him than before." I had a customer some years ago that claimed to have been a radio beacon operator for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. His story, which always sounded right, indicated the peasants were solidly behind Castro due to Batista's treatment of them.
  5. learningJ24

    Trump: 'I Would Give Myself An A-Plus'

    "I disagree, Trump supporters wanted a bully, someone who would go in and knock heads and create change. That's the window they see him through, what disturbs you, excites them. I realize that is hard to fathom, I know, that I have a hard time seeing him through that window, but it's right brain vs left brain. They know all the mistakes, they just hope that the big ticket items like peace in the Middle East, and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula happen to save the day." Perhaps a little more basic than this, He is just like his supporters (the true believers rather than the opportunists) in that he comes an unearned sense of entitlement, a deep ignorance of the history behind our systems of government and an ungovernable rage at anything that doesn't give him what he believes he deserves. Combined with a distaste for facts and an enthusiasm for sensation, his unfiltered rantings are viewed by the faithful as "authentic".
  6. Don't forget his caving to DeGaulle's demands for support in retaking IndoChina.
  7. learningJ24

    Comey interview transcript

    "....say 2-3 minutes waterboarding and he'll spit out the truth.... " Can we field test this idea on the Great Cheeto?
  8. learningJ24

    This site just another liberal echo chamber

    Could someone REALLY give me just what the f---- it means to be a conservitive? I've studied history and economics my entire cognitive life but I can't figure what "conservitive" means in the modern tense. Please excuse misspellings, buddy's wedding. lot's of beer....
  9. learningJ24

    Trump to pardon Scooter Libby

    Are we looking at this correctly? Let's say Arpio is a market test; what's the result? Pardon Scooter; who cares? what's the fallout and how did the procedure work? This may be practice.
  10. learningJ24

    And, away we go!

    "It’s like a Roman emperor just running around like a child" Tiberias, Caligula or Commodus?
  11. learningJ24

    New chemical attack in Syria

    So what would the cost estimate be on this strike? $800 Million?
  12. All of this makes Comey's statement about Trump acting like a mob boss ring a bit more true.
  13. learningJ24

    Even Paul Ryan Sees The Writing On The Bloody Wall

    Not sure "getting rid of" Trump, ie:impeachment, is the best route as it would provide more cover for R's to get nothing done. Remember back to Clinton and Nixon, during the impeachment process Congress was so focused on the impeachment process that nothing else moved. Let him keep talking, pass bills with veto proof margins and let him keep the Blue momentum going for 2020. What could get done? DACA, funding the ACA, roll back tax breaks to shore up SS...
  14. learningJ24

    Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    But the question was "what was Rosenstein's role in the WARRANT?" (emphasis mine). Looks like the information went from Mueller to Rosenstein to SDNY to a US Attorney who consults with the Criminal Division at Justice then to a Federal magistrate. http://digg.com/2018/michael-cohen-office-raid-meaning
  15. learningJ24

    A timely article about boys

    Nor sure I agree, it seem that we're connecting to others in different ways that increase the self selection of groups. Not so much "atomizing" as "like draws like".