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  1. learningJ24

    Nothing But A Cheap Suit

    Don't overlook the shoulder pads showing through the fabric.
  2. learningJ24

    Trump's on his christian right hobby horse again

    "Poe's law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the parodied views." Sadly, the paragraph is uncomfortably close to the truth for the middle right portion of the mangled apricot fucknugget's base.
  3. learningJ24

    Russian German pipeline

    "China and to a lesser degree the EU that is practicing mercantilism with the US." No first world nation ever achieved that status via free trade because protectionism is required to develop the industries. "Free Trade" becomes a national mantra when an economy matures and the 1 percent want to export their capital for higher rewards. An add-on benefit is that it reduces the probability of world conflict by interconnecting economies.
  4. learningJ24

    Trump's on his christian right hobby horse again

    Not at all, he's their poster boy. Living proof that God's forgiveness is always available (without God's favor, how would he be President?), always criticized and embattled just as they are, castigated for speaking ";the plain truth" like them, bringing on the End Times and supporting Israel, lifting the Chosen People into influence by appointing judges that support 100 year old positions (or older), putting women in their proper place (as God intended). What's not to like?
  5. learningJ24

    Russian German pipeline

    "Free trade is a foundation of conservative economic principles." I thought that was mercantilism, it was liberals that suggested free trade.
  6. learningJ24

    Trump/Putin Meeting advice

    "When talking to Putin, pretend you are one of your employees talking to you"
  7. learningJ24

    The Senate

    3 points = "crush"? What polls and what's the margin of error?
  8. learningJ24

    When You've Lost Juan Williams...

    "Something tells me the irony in his statements is lost on him." Unless it falls on his head.
  9. learningJ24

    Will Cohen Flip?

    "My Attorney Gives All" to prosecutors.
  10. learningJ24


    But aren't a President's moves and statements a reflection of and of importance to a voting public? Even GW recognized the importance of statements and appearances to the stature of the office but this president stumbles around like the drunken uncle at Thanksgiving. The Mueller investigation is important, as is Stormy, his tweets, campaign speeches, wife's callus fashion choice etc because in an increasingly imperial office the mood of the prince impacts affairs of state.
  11. learningJ24

    Juggling bigly

    I have both empathy and sympathy for the family farmer and none for the big corporate enterprises. " three quarters of all U.S. farms gross only $50,000 a year and currently account for only 4 percent of product sales. " https://www.cnbc.com/2014/05/06/state-of-american-farming-big-producers-dominate-food-production.html Punitive taxes on absentee landowners (and yes, I'm one) and subsidies for family farmers living on site would be, I think, in the nation's interest. A lot of good things come off a farm that have nothing to do with consumption.
  12. learningJ24


    "Maybe you should tell the rest of the mainstream media to stop covering him then." Are you really suggesting that the media not report on the statements of a sitting President, particularly since he tends to act upon them? I would think that media silence would tend to encourage this president's excesses.
  13. learningJ24

    When You've Lost Juan Williams...

    " it's a cult of personality" Didn't we begin that with Ronnie and George W.?
  14. learningJ24

    SCOTUS pick today

    We'll only have the Best Judges, believe me. "Tulsa attorney John O'Connor, who is being considered for a federal judgeship that would span all of Oklahoma,..." " O'Connor's membership in the Brother House of Tulsa, a decades-old men's club. Durbin said the group discriminates against women and read aloud from a Tulsa newspaper article that stated Brother House's mission was to "develop male spirituality and fatherhood in response to male bashing from the opposite sex."" "The 63-year-old corporate lawyer has never been a judge or clerked for a judge, according to a questionnaire he answered for the Judiciary Committee. A small minority, 20 percent, of his legal work has been done in federal court, he wrote." https://newsok.com/article/5601074/john-oconnor-an-oklahoma-judicial-nominee-faces-questions-about-tulsa-mens-club
  15. "The only way to disrupt chaos is through consistency of message that appeals to 51% of voters." Dem's have difficulty with consistency due to the coalition nature of the party, unlike the iron discipline of the R's. I'm not sure they haven't come up with a message that appeals to 51%; the political system has changed so that majority opinion influences less than the opinion of wealth. Hillary popular vote 48% Support for same sex marriage 64% Support for access to abortion 66% support for free trade 52% support for ACA 54% Support for tighter gun control 68% (various sources, mostly Pew and Gallup) Which 51% should they target?