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  1. blurocketsmate

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    Chasing Bubbles came up in my YouTube feed the other day. So I watched the whole thing -- well worth it! I had never heard of it before, but a few years ago I saw the boat for sale on Yachtworld -- a battered Fast Passage 39 with pen scrawlings all over the interior -- and wondered what the story was. I wonder if anyone here knew Alex Rust.
  2. blurocketsmate

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    The 2HP Honda gave me no trouble at all. But for short trips in that size/power range I'd still rather have electric. They will get better.
  3. blurocketsmate

    Best paint-safe water-based degreaser?

    Great for oil, not so great for grease, IME. WD40 first then SG might be good. I may try.
  4. blurocketsmate

    Best paint-safe water-based degreaser?

    That may be a good idea. Oils break up grease very well. Like old-fashioned mechanic's hand cleaner, basically grease itself. I may give it a try next week. Even IStream's Quick N Brite has a coconut oil base.
  5. blurocketsmate

    Best paint-safe water-based degreaser?

    Both good suggestions. Thanks!
  6. There's grease on my deck from a crane that was working over my boat. It does come off with Dawn and a lot of elbow grease. Too much elbow grease, so I want something stronger. Also, no water available, only what I can bring in buckets. Strategy is to scrub before or during a big rainstorm, to wash away whatever's left. So, as strong as possible, but still safe for the paint if it doesn't all get washed away. Deck and topsides are painted with something like Brightsides, a bit dull now but still in good shape. Stick with Dawn and do a little each week? Boat soap? Bilge cleaner? Best citrus degreaser? Something else?
  7. blurocketsmate

    Marina Laundry

    I'm with you! For me, drop-off service was a good way around all the BS. Also not finding out the hard way about dirty/oily machines.
  8. blurocketsmate

    Marina Laundry

    It's been almost a decade since, but a lot of laundromats in BC had inexpensive drop-off service that was well worth it -- maybe twice what you'd pay to do it yourself, or to take yourself out to dinner. My time was much better spent doing boat maintenance, or whatever, than running back and forth to the laundry.
  9. blurocketsmate

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    I've always used a window scraper. The heavy duty 4" Unger ones are probably your best bet. They're super sharp and a bit flexible. Slice in along the edge, pulling up the vinyl, like a chef would slice the skin off an expensive fish. Most people just jam straight in, which doesn't work and will scratch. Sun, solvent, and ultimately a heat gun will help.
  10. blurocketsmate

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    I'll vouch for that arrangement. A lot of boats already have it, and it would cost quite a lot to add on.
  11. blurocketsmate

    H-Boat Renovation Project

    It's not safe for people either, and is banned in the EU. NPR keeps harping on it.
  12. blurocketsmate

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Back to the original post -- about a Torqeedo for an air-floored dinghy... Unless you need to go on long dinghy rides, electric is the way to go. In 9 years of cruising around the PNW, we rarely took dinghy trips longer than a few minutes. Most people don't. Our longest was maybe 2 hours around Princess Louisa. Other than that, electric would have been perfect, pushing our 10' aluminum RIB as well as our Honda 2. The Honda was best throttled way back, not quite as fast, but a lot quieter. Quiet is good. As I saw more and more people with trolling motors, I began to want one too. Charging every day would have been no problem for us. It may be for some. Torqeedos are neat but I'll let their owners speak to their reliability. There are several other brands that would work fine for a dinghy.
  13. blurocketsmate

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Have you seen the Electric Paddle EP Carry? Lower power but a nice package. Does anyone know what the Harbor 20 comes with?
  14. blurocketsmate

    Steep Ramp Anarchy

    ADA compliant? :-)
  15. blurocketsmate

    What Paint to Use?

    Did you tip it too or just roll? I have a mast to do.