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  1. blurocketsmate

    Minimal Nav Systems for Coastal

    Especially for the PNW, with more locations than anything else I've found:
  2. blurocketsmate

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    Worth a try. Lots of windage. Riding sail is worth a try on many boats, and easy/cheap enough to acquire. I just didn't think it would work on ours.
  3. blurocketsmate

    Painting a racing dinghy

    ^^^ Looks good! Also seems like you spent a lot less than Perfection or Awlgrip would have cost. I would be willing to try it. Nice to support a South Carolina startup too.
  4. blurocketsmate

    Truck Rental to Move Large Boat - suggestions?

    After such good service from uShip I would never DIY this. I would bet uShip is cheaper too, and not just a little. Not to mention your time spent, probably better spent working on something else for the boat, or working to pay for it all!
  5. blurocketsmate

    Tankless electric water heaters?

    Household tankless electric use way too much power for a boat. Even the small ones are >10kW. Solar showers work well.
  6. blurocketsmate

    Mold in the wood?

    I use it a lot at home. Besides killing mold, the acid breaks up hard water deposits and soap scum, so it's great for cleaning showers, especially with a melamine sponge (aka Magic Eraser). Melamine sponges are great on wood too. Today I used one on some furniture that was water spotted from a roof leak. Took the water spots right off without rubbing into the finish at all, so it looked good as new after some furniture polish. Normally all the rubbing leaves an uneven finish, and still doesn't get the water spots off completely.
  7. blurocketsmate

    Catalina 30 :)

    This. Another issue is room to lounge comfortably. A lot of boats, especially older ones, have settees and dinettes that are dinky and/or badly proportioned. Even some fairly spacious boats have settees that are like church pews. Living where you can't ever get truly comfortable is a real pain. Make sure you can really live in your boat's interior. What works for someone else, may not work for you -- some well-known sailors are quite small in stature.
  8. blurocketsmate


    +1 ICW here closed to boating the other day, Waccamaw River too. The Socastee swing bridge closed to auto traffic this afternoon. Plan a trip a later anyway, after we're all mucked out. Please stop in Georgetown and spend some money to help them recover. I see the police boat all the time so plan on their presence. Outside between Southport and Charleston is usually easy. Shallow so no big waves.
  9. blurocketsmate

    No-Wear Chafe Guard, Any good?

    They look fine, but the skinny old-school SS rub rails work great when placed right, and look better. Stick-on may have its advantages though.
  10. blurocketsmate

    shit show (front page)

    I was gonna say that.
  11. blurocketsmate

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    "The classic film of Frank Dye's sail from Scotland to Norway via the Faroes in his Wayfarer, Wanderer, a 16-foot open dinghy, a boat that is now in the British Maritime Museum."
  12. blurocketsmate

    little River SC YC & Marinas ?

    Our local sailing community is here: I haven't had a chance to get involved, so I don't know how many boats they get, or how good the racing is. Little River has the most sailboats in the area, and the only racing that I've heard of. Where MBYC is, is well protected and safe. I think it's about 5 miles from the ocean. There are condos all around, and condo slips. Everything there looks a bit tired (but OK). There are nice, well protected marinas on the ICW all the way to Georgetown. But they're pretty far from the ocean. Georgetown is 10 miles from the ocean but sailing in Winyah Bay is nice, with lots to explore/cruise. There's no racing that I know of, but it has lots else going for it. More sailors should move here. The potential is great. Where you should live depends on what you like to do and be around -- the beach, golf, fishing, kayaking, nightlife, etc. This is the second fastest growing metro area in the US. It'll change a lot in the next 5-10 years.
  13. blurocketsmate

    The Zombie Fleet

    It was pretty shabby when I was there 11-12 years ago. I thought what a great opportunity it might be for someone who wanted a nice little marina in a great spot. Fishermans Cove is neato. The city/county/whomever should have acted a lot sooner. Now the cleanup/rebuild costs are probably a barrier to anyone taking it over.
  14. blurocketsmate

    cleaning spider poop off gelcoat

    I've had good luck with peppermint oil to keep the wasps away. Magic Erasers are great for spider poop, and purple-berry bird poop.
  15. blurocketsmate

    Upholstery fabric anarchy

    Zonker, Perhaps I'm being too hard on the non-marine stuff. The regular microsuede is great. It was on Blurocket for 20 years before we redecorated with a plaid Sunbrella. Another great one, and really cheap, is the chenille (Charisma?) from Bartson, which comes in lots of colors. It's child and Labrador-proof. Mostly I want to encourage people to look around, as there are so many options now. I agree completely on the rest of it.