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  1. Great video smackdaddy. I'm with you on the iPad. Before smartphones, we used Maptech/MemoryMap on an iPaq (remember those?) Notes on power draw: https://secure2.pbase.com/mainecruising/ipad_charge_ I have iNavX on an iPad 2, and an iPhone 4 (not even a 4s). Both work fine. It's nice to have the backup. When we first got original iPhones, Google Maps satellite view came in handy, immediately, more than once.
  2. None being produced but still plenty on the shelves? The online dealers still have it listed. Also, doesn't Trinidad SR have Irgarol, while plain Trinidad and Trinidad Pro do not?
  3. A guy in a blue blazer at the old yacht club explained it to me: "They're just not Corinthian."
  4. I've thought of it! I wonder how many cans for a 30' mast. Also how it would hold up vs. others.
  5. Thanks all. I didn't know I could use IP 2000E, which is plenty familiar. Also, I agree about using 2-part PU after doing all that prep. How super-clean does the aluminum have to be for zinc chromate primer to stick? I'm not sure I can get all the anodizing off.
  6. Paint is flaking off so it has to be done. Why very ugly? It looks like it was dark anodized to begin with, then roughly sanded or wire brushed before painting. So not clean silver aluminum underneath. What's the easiest, cheapest way to make it presentable? 30' long for a 24' cruiser, and I would be doing it myself.
  7. Some people may prefer to sleep in the cockpit anyway. And don't overlook camping on the beach.
  8. Great pics! With Mom in tow we made it to Brookgreen Gardens, just north of Pawleys. So we missed the totality, but it was a great afternoon anyway -- like a big garden party with glasses...
  9. Glad to see growing interest in this kind of thing. I didn't know about the N2E in a Pcat. F18 would be similar but faster, with way better clothing and gear these days, so easier and more comfortable.
  10. Is there any racing near where you live? Get on as crew. Most sailors are glad to teach, even a complete newbie -- especially if you're reliable, and easy to get along with.
  11. We had a great one with PVC pipe supports, bent gently over the boom into a nice arc, for a lot more headroom underneath. It looked nice too. Sunbrella fabric, about 12'x16', and 2" PVC pipe. Tied to the shrouds and lifelines, fine in 35kt winds. 5 min. to set up or put away.
  12. You guys are killing me! I miss it.
  13. If I hear anything solid on local news about traffic, I will relay it. No specifics yet, just "beware."
  14. In coastal SC the totality will be visible from the north end of Pawleys Island, just south of Myrtle Beach, to Folly Beach, just south of Charleston. In between is lots of great cruising! I'll probably head to the Georgetown waterfront w/ Mom. We go there a lot. Biggest bummer -- the Ravenel Bridge bike path will be closed. Traffic statewide will be a nightmare. They're saying a million people will come to SC, but it may be more than that. Unless it rains.