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  1. blurocketsmate

    Cruising Cats in the PNW why not more?

    I'm with Veeger and Zonker that it's far from the source, and they don't ship easily. There aren't that many in SoCal either. I've seen as many Farriers as anywhere else, and a few Dragonflies and Geminis. And homebuilts. The increased costs are no different from anywhere else.
  2. blurocketsmate

    Stable Centerboard Dingy

    Vanguard Nomad?
  3. blurocketsmate

    Revitalize worn ropes/sheets?

    Laundromats have 'em.
  4. blurocketsmate

    Night Runner is on the market

    For a liveaboard it's not much different than taking care of a house. I'd do it. Not this year though.
  5. blurocketsmate

    do big race boats depreciate?

    ^^^ I'm not quite that far gone, but living a similar story.
  6. blurocketsmate

    Tourist Power Boat Anarchy

    We have one of those here: I was a mate last fall for a captain friend. Great fun - lots of bachelorette parties!
  7. blurocketsmate

    Seattle/Puget sound open boat and trailer sailor advice

    Not just environmental regs, but overall expense of keeping a boat in the water will probably end that for smaller boats that can be hauled out. I think people are waking up to this.
  8. blurocketsmate

    Seattle/Puget sound open boat and trailer sailor advice

    Your best answers will be from the R2AK/Watertribe crowd. But there are no keywords to attract them to this thread. Note what people are using successfully for R2AK and Everglades Challenge. I don't mean winning, but finishing without too much trouble. (It often blows like stink.) I'm sure a lot of boats come up for sale, already well-sorted for what you want to do, and may come with enthusiastic help. So network in!
  9. blurocketsmate

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    All those fancy Colligo, etc., fittings are neat, but plenty of folks are using plain thimbles and lashings.
  10. blurocketsmate

    Help me out with some MORC History

    I hope to launch mine, but I'd let it go to someone who's really interested (it's a project). Should be great on WL courses, fast downwind with the board up, running deep with the big masthead chute. Great for the Southeast, shallow draft to begin with, and a keel shape and strength to run aground safely.
  11. blurocketsmate

    Canvas Cover Questions

    I wouldn't call it an achilles heel - it's plenty durable. But other brands like Outdura have cropped up with better DR numbers as a selling point. There are now several top brands and they're all good.
  12. blurocketsmate

    Fair Winds Patrick

    Just heard from another YouTube sailor - very sad.
  13. blurocketsmate

    Patrick Childress down with COVID

    I just heard about it from some other YouTube sailors - very sad.
  14. blurocketsmate

    A request regarding acronyms & abbreviations

    I was always amazed at how the WW2 generation could hear things on the radio that I didn't even recognize as speech. "Herman had to bail..." "There's a German on your tail!"
  15. blurocketsmate

    Towing with a rental truck?

    My last driver towed my boat 300 miles from northern FL to SC. My trailer had broken springs, so he offered to fix that for an extra $150, if I would just order parts that he could pick up on the way. This, after showing up a week earlier, on schedule, and finding my trailer not roadworthy. He had towed Vipers regularly between FL and the Mid-Atlantic. He arrived w/ my boat dead on time. I've since turned others on to uShip. They've had great luck too. And I've met guys locally who are taking tow jobs part-time. They're mostly retired, with experience as truckers, and have nice trucks (retirement toy). They do it to meet others who are into boats, classic cars, RVs, etc. - and to help pay for their favorite toy. No dipshits.