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  1. Unicorn defined:
  2. Sparrow50

    Battery system upgrade?

    You may need a larger belt to drive the big alternator or get the most out of it. Different pulleys, etc. You can also add a second mount and have 2 alternators. Do you need a start battery?
  3. Sparrow50

    Solo Figure 8 record?

    Remarkable seamanship demonstrated, note the condition of his boat Moli upon return. An astonishing feat. So few Americans have even done a circle solo. Well done Randall Reeves!!!!!
  4. Sparrow50

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Woodpecker may have the right answer. I also love Icom but couldn't get excited about the MA500TR due to power. Offshore you don't need to keep a chartplotter lit up as it doesn't tell you anything, but you do need loud AIS alarms. On the Chesapeake you obviously do want to keep it lit up, so you have a complex decision to make. Here on the West Coast I only really go offshore, so I actually don't have a chartplotter or MFD, but use laptops and iPads. Maybe I'm crazy. If you can squeeze the budget a little for a wifi box to push out the AIS data, it's the bees knees to have that data on your iPad or Nav Laptop. Not to mention instrument data...I would want to process weather GRIBs heading to Bermuda and back a whole other can of worms and costs. Smile, it's only money. You will never forget the B1-2 and look back on it fondly many years from now.
  5. Sparrow50

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Rich Wilson?

    Tried sending you a PM, but system says you can't receive messages?
  6. Sparrow50

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Yes, get a transponder and don't look back. Turn it on and don't worry about competitors, especially on the busy Cheasapeake. I selected the Vesper 850 as I leave it on continuously and it has very low power draw. I fear boaters are getting lazy with watchkeeping, so if you are not on AIS, then you don't exist. Receiver built in to the VHF is good for redundancy as Gangbusters mentioned, and calling ships directly as they don't seem to monitor 16 very well. I use the Vesper splitter for the masthead antenna, and also have a stern rail antenna (4.5db) ready to go if needed. Use low loss cable and use a quality soldering iron and be patient soldering the connectors. It makes a huge difference.
  7. Sparrow50

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    Don't know where you are sailing or your rig type, but what do you do about a storm jib? Another reason for hanks. Also, tacking with a 155 singlehanded gets old quickly. Think about fewer, broader wind range sails to make fewer changes. Safer to stay off the bow. Main has a luff rope? Reefing is better with cars or slugs.
  8. Sparrow50

    Vesper Cortex

    Very impressive. Must be a total shock to Icom & Standard Horizon. Thanks for posting!
  9. Sparrow50

    Choosing boats we forget that will win on time

    This rings true to my ears when club racing overnight or longer. The older, cheaper, heavier, slower boats are more forgiving and take less effort than new expensive light fast boats. Cleating off sheets is de rigueur. The new boats must be tended more closely to keep to their rating potential, meaning much more work and no sleeping unless in stable conditions. The older I get, the less appealing light boats get. Day racing for a few hours? New boats properly sailed will kick your ass unless you get lucky with conditions.
  10. Sparrow50

    Best Offshore PFD?

    Hey RM, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Enjoy the Dingy Club, I've fond memories.
  11. Sparrow50

    Having dedicated starting battery, pros and cons.

    Simpler the better. I'm with Moonduster also. Here is my emergency backup. It's lithium-ion so less safe than LiFePO4 though. If you really want LiFePO4 they also sell the Crankenstein, but the price was hard for me to swallow.
  12. Sparrow50

    New foulies?

    This sounds like an advertisement for Grundens. I just picked up a Mustang Survival 6.5 drysuit. The material, zippers, and construction appear as good as or better than my six year old Musto HPX gear. I just have to get used to the Seal Team 6 black look.
  13. Sparrow50

    RRS mods for single-handed?

    No standard mods I'm aware of. OA would need to write something for their race. A good idea to standardize, though. If it helps, here is the language from PSSA: 3.1 The race will be managed and sailed under The World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 ("RRS") and these PSSA Standard Race Conditions as modified by the Sailing Instructions. Exceptions to the RRS are as follows: 3.1.2 For the purpose of determining the right of way between two contestants, Part 2 of the World Sailing Racing Rules shall govern, except that between sunset and sunrise, the following rules shall apply: "When two yachts are on the same tack and within three overall lengths (of the larger yacht) of each other, the yacht being overtaken shall maintain her proper course. The overtaking yacht shall keep clear, and neither yacht shall bear away toward nor luff the other." 3.1.3 One or more spinnaker poles or whisker poles may be used to pole out headsails. Two headsails may be used simultaneously on the headstay. This modifies RRS 50.2. 3.1.4 Outrigging blocks for sheets may be used to project additional headsail sail area. This modifies RRS 50.3. 3.1.5 Transferrable ballast is allowed, in the form of moving sails or other normal sailing gear or waterballast with density no greater than that of seawater. No transferrable ballast or gear may be carried above the level of the working deck with the yacht in normal laden trim. This modifies RRS 51. 3.1.6 Mechanical or electrical self-steering devices may be employed. This modifies RRS 52. They may also want to write in specific equipment usage requirements such as AIS transponders, PLBs, and jackline/tether/PFD harnesses.
  14. Sparrow50

    Profurl Rebuild

    I just did this with my LC42. I got bearing kits from Mauri Pro, then it didn't fit on the lower housing unit so I had to order seals and bearings from an industrial supply house, and reuse a circlip or two. I also had to drill out two of the hex bolts holding the drum to the housing due to corrosion from the last 20 years. If your proceed, you will need large circlip pliers (inside & outside) and a grinder to customize the nibs. Plan a day if you are fast and know what you are doing, two if you don't. Word from the rigger community is just replace, don't rebuild. After rebuilding mine, I agree. Better yet, convert to hanks.