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  1. Sparrow50

    Drones for sailing photography and video recording

    No DJI models are waterproof. If it goes in the drink it's over. Some good videos on launch and retrieval techniques. Since I singlehand typically, I may string up a sheet & just fly the drone into it to retrieve. No real advice on which model. Your call depending on your budget/risk profile. Here is one comparison done not too long ago: Sometimes waterproof storage cases show up in the used listings which is a good idea, although the standard foam case isn't horrible.
  2. Sparrow50

    Drones for sailing photography and video recording DJI Phantom series seems to be one answer due to the grab handles. Perhaps best to find a used one.
  3. Sparrow50

    SHAKA challenge ??

    A couple of us are heading over, rather a Gentlemen's race (yes, no ladies going that I'm aware of), which is to say neither of us will really be racing. I'm sure a drink or two will be on the line however. Sort of a, "hey let's hang in Hanalei for a bit before moving on." Because the ratings are rather diverse, 138 and -36, it will be a pursuit format so we may have a chance to meet up in Hanalei. Regarding the quarantine rules, the time enroute counts as time in quarantine. I shall carry my Q flag and provisions for the round trip.
  4. Sparrow50

    Lightning Strike Mitigation

    Looking forward to your experienced commentary on the podcast. Would love your reaction to it.
  5. It's complicated...first, size matters. Regarding the 2012 Transpac, the outlier is an Open 50. Seems foolish to want to wrestle with a pole on a 50' boat singlehanded. Yes there is extra distance but he also smashed the course record. I looked at a Santa Cruz 52 spin pole once: no thank you. Second, the SHTP is largely a tradewind race with conditions conducive to the projected area that the asymmetric provides. Most shorthanded races are in lighter air and involve more reaching. For a smaller 30-33' boat, yes the symmetric solution would provide flexibility in gybing and going deeper at the cost of only a little more effort. As Foolish and Pelle point out, there are some areas and races where it could be an advantage. However note also the report above says advantages disappear with wind less than 12 knots, which is most of the time in most locations. Some additional factors: Shorthanded sailing is often about energy management, and asymmetrics, especially if on a furler are just easier, saving energy for other potentially more important things. Wrestling with a pole on the foredeck is clearly less safe, especially offshore. If that is important to you, you might factor that in. Also, all right I'll say it: asymmetrics just look cooler. I'm sure there are other factors I'm missing.
  6. Sparrow50

    Lightning Strike Mitigation

    1) Yes 2) Yes 3) Yes But also, if I sail into a lightning storm, head downwind, power everything down, wrap electronics in foil, disconnect anything coming into the hull (VHF & GPS antennas, solar panels, and mast wiring, etc.) & wrap the ends in foil. Oh, and ignore the oven solution. Some open questions I have: Will closing fiberglass or lexan or wooden hatches make a difference? What is the effect of deck stepped vs. keel stepped aluminum masts? What is the effect of carbon masts? What is the effect of stainless steel vs. non-metallic standing rigging?
  7. Sparrow50

    Lightning Strike Mitigation

    Jeff Thayer has the best discussion I've heard about lightning: Since you have an hour to kill... go buy some aluminum foil... ...but don't feel smug in your expensive aluminum yacht. And you might show some love for 59-north.
  8. Sparrow50

    What tablet on deck?

    I picked up a Dell 7212 on eBay along with the keyboard dock for a backup PC. All good so far, but it hasn't been gale tested yet. Yes, iPads are not OK due to outside viewability. I thought I could get away with a new iPad Pro and waterproof case but no, it was a fail.
  9. I was planning on SF, but perhaps just Angel's Gate.
  10. Open 50, leaving in November.
  11. Just a couple of questions: Who is flying the drone? How many guys are hanging out down below? How do I get a custom sail number? Is this more fun than sailing a Laser?
  12. Sparrow50

    well this is bullshit

    Yes, absolute garbage. She is either a straight up liar or an idiot. I'm going with the former, an ideologue who is sure the ends justifies the means. Just like how early on the CDC told us not to wear masks because they wouldn't help. On second thought, maybe she really is an idiot. Then there is the idiot that put it in the article without any questioning.
  13. Sparrow50

    well this is bullshit

    Don't go paddleboarding either:
  14. Sparrow50

    Weather Routing Apps on iOS

    Hitch, you might look into Squid here: it also provides access to the Euro model and has good integration into Expedition. Similar pricing, unfortunately. Moon has good advice here. There is routing, and then there is routing. Expedition or Adrena are way ahead of TimeZero or the handheld apps i've tried in this area. Much more flexibility and credibility IMO.
  15. Sparrow50

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    Meanwhile, here in California: