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    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    I'll be bringing my Nomad to at least one event this year. We've done Wurstfest the past two years. Looking to do that and maybe one more up near Dallas.
  2. carsondude

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    So is the class doing DCYC or Dinghyfest in May?
  3. carsondude

    VX Evo

    There's no doubt it's a kick ass boat and I hope it succeeds. Not a big fan of the Aero personally...
  4. carsondude

    VX Evo

    I agree completely that the boats are not comparable in technical terms. What I'm saying is that the market might not justify the additional features and characteristics over the other options at that price point. At the end of the day all the boats are competing for the solo dinghy market. Sure, the guy buying a user laser to dick around in is in a different market than the guy buying the VX Evo. But, it's still the same general market and I'm skeptical that a class can succeed at the top of any market cost wise. Im not talking about boat vs. boat features, I'm talking about what the market will support at what price point.
  5. carsondude

    VX Evo

    I was lucky enough to take a quick 10 minute test ride at Wurstfest after racing was completed. The wind was 5-8 so unfortunately didn't get to push anything. Roll tacking and gybing around the boat is incredibly agile but even for a big guy like me (6'1" 220#) I never felt close to going over, even in such light wind. The boom was easy to clear and the cockpit is laid out so well with the continuous control lines. Setting the spin is such a breeze, even easier than the incredibly easy process on the larger VX One. Of course the wind was light and easy but a few pulls on the continuous halyard and you're set. As Rod explained it to me on the dock - with no forestay the spin is very easy to handle and gybes are as simple as turning over and letting the wind blow it over to the new side. Once you mark the correct exit sheeting angle on the lazy sheet it will be even easier! I would like to take it out in real wind to get a better feel for it but I think this boat executes on what it's designed to do. I just hope the price point allows for the needed scale and fleet building to get a class like this off the ground. At ~15k all in vs an Aero at 10k and a nice user Laser at half that, VX is positioned at the top of the market. With more expensive sails, parts, and foils that the other 2 options - campaigning is likely to be let's say double the cost. With the Aero gaining momentum (at least locally here in TX) at it's lower price point, my concern is that people with 15-20k to spend on a boat would prefer to jump into a used Viper, VX One or other. Is there a market for this dinghy to actually penetrate and develop a class and move beyond "toy" status that plagues so many other expensive solo boats? I would argue that the price point is too high and Bennett should try to develop a price point that focuses on scaling the class and not upfront returns. I really like the Winter circuit that Bennett does and this is an example of a revenue stream that could lower up front costs in favor of long term revenues from owners and class building.