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  1. Johannos

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Why? They've just got shown ineos boat 3....
  2. Johannos

    Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    I haven't started, and to be honest I might never start. Work is getting in the way, I've been basically living and working in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland for the last couple of years, so not a lot of time to spend in my own shed in the Netherlands. On the other hand, it would be one of the most fun boats to sail ever, so who knows, I might start with a few small parts and finish it in a year or 15. The 40 is a modified 8.5, to be used as a charter boat to sail with guests in a nicer climate. The project never went through so none is being build yet that I know of. If anyone would be interested, I'd be more than happy to get a team together and make it happen.
  3. Johannos

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Hell yeah, girls who go through so much shit and are still giggling happily, wifey material right there. Awaiting for your YouTube channel Jess, show some sideboob and you'll have half of the forum subscribed instantly. I'll subscribe even without, forgot what tits even look like anyway.
  4. Johannos

    Mini Globe Race 2024 - Classe Mini 580

    No, it's built over frames. Not really one design either with all the different options for plywoods and glass. Plenty of room to play with the hull shape a little as well, few mills here and there are easily blamed on poor alignment and bad craftsmanship. Classrules are not very tight and leaky, but the class is controlled thightly by the organisation. Plenty of room for major conflicts in the class. And sadly still relying heavily on the mini name and heritage. It's more marketing than proper class (and probably race)management. The idea of a entry level homebuilders ocean racing class is cool though, but there are mini plans available for homebuilders as well. I'd rather put my hours in a proven but slow Didi mini and measure and race it in a well managed class than to put it in this semi commercial organisation. But there are plenty of people who buy plans, I guess the high costs and professionalism in other classes puts them off, and instead they choose this cheap option. I'm still following the whole endeavour though, guess the marketing part is working
  5. Johannos

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale? Ex Telefonica blue coming up for auction next month.
  6. Johannos

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    So ABN 2, the White one, boat 1 is still in Abu Dhabi on the parking lot. But whatever happened to black Betty, Delta Lloyd, ABN 1? Anyone know the whereabouts?
  7. Johannos

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Yes, hundreds of them.
  8. Johannos

    what is it?

    Lowrider L12 from AST, the foiling dinghy non foiling version.
  9. Johannos

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Vendée globe seems to do a lot better, probably because it's more of a race than a sponsor village world tour, with a few boats following it around to put some kind of 'extreme' story behind it. Stop selling the race to sponsors and start selling it to people again.
  10. Johannos

    Foiling Minis 6.50 - The new Breed

    It's on Marc Lombard's website. Been looking for a design, this one might be it.
  11. Johannos

    Foiling Minis 6.50 - The new Breed

    Interesting hull. CFD-Mini-2016 (1).pdf
  12. Johannos

    dutch ac entry

    Withdrawal from AC, shift of resources to the Ocean race, start development of a crewed imoca and sailing team, build it in the Netherlands to gain experience in high end race boats. When key positions in management and logistics, sailing, development, and build team are filled and have gained experience, start finding funds to get in to an AC campaign. Let's go!
  13. Johannos


    Go back to the 70's and allow lifting foils and rudders. Ok, the 70's where never a hit by numbers, but offered close racing, plenty of extreme, and where probably the coolest boats around, even the underfunded ones. Most races had an older generation boat competing for the cost of an 65 campaign, and they where still in the picture. Probably more interesting than a rebranded anonymous 65 coming out of the same factory as every other boat. Just imagine an evolved VO70 classrule, even with only 3 new boats each cycle the class would still be interesting, on the extreme end of the sport, and unique enough to have their own rtw race. And probably be fast enough to be interesting in the other big races.
  14. Johannos

    dutch ac entry

    “We are the best boat builders in the world,” she said. Ah! That's why so many raceboats are being built over there!
  15. Johannos

    dutch ac entry

    Join what? All they have is a pr campaign.