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  1. what is it?

    I would say the bow reminds me of a saffier. But I can't imagine them building something like this.
  2. Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    as far I know 2 sets of plans are sold for the 8.5, one to me and one to the usa. I plan on starting soon with the central spine and/or beams, doing the big parts next winter. (i'm currently under contract, building 2 superyacht tenders. I prefer racing boats, haha) I don't know if any are sold of the 40 ft. (I'd be happy to build it, if anyone needs a boat builder ) The 8.5 livewire is essentially designed with lifting foils in mind. I'm now considering Z-boards, but final choice will be a while down the road. Daggerboard cases on my boat will be big enough for c's or z's anyway.
  3. DNA F4 - Coming to Newport in August????

    No, that was the G4.
  4. Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    1500 usd for full plans package.
  5. Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    The boat overall has quite a bit of volume. Because it is coming from the 8.5 class, and I wanted something similar, with storage space. Otherwise I'd asked for a large open beach cat. Bow volume is a bit less because I intend to use lifting foils. Probably some small changes will be done. I think the racks need to be longer. You're close Nyker! Build looks good from the pictures too!
  6. Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    Yes, basically. I own an old plywood monohull now, which I use for daysailing with friends. But it's just too inefficiënt. I've build on some pretty cool cats as well the last couple of years, so why not one for myself.
  7. Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    I asked Tony to do this design somewhere in april I believe. I informed about the ice box 8.5 metre design, and Tony felt he could draw up something suiting my wishes better. The design is about finished. This boat is not intended to fit in the 8.5 multihull class. Although it could be build as one. It is not my intention, however. Class seems inactive, and there is no class anywhere near me. It will mostly be used by me for daysailing and coastal trips at the north see. No usable bunks inside, Just a tent over the boom. So far I plan on building mine with lifting foils. Perhaps even as a full foiler. There is interest in building more, and plans are for sale.
  8. Gunboat G4 Foiler

    Will it be recorded or will there be a stream or something, Doug? I know how it's put together, but info on the passage would be interesting.
  9. Gunboat G4 Foiler

    I think you would only damage the leading edge. It requires tonnes of load to deflect it sideways. It would require a lot more than that to rip the foil of. I've guided some students to build crash cones for automotive use(I've build some cars too...), which where tested later. Knowing those results, and seen what is in the G4 foils, I don't see any possibility to inflict enough damage in one single hit, sailing at speed with normal weight on board, to get very worried about the foil or boat. Like I said, probably only leading edge, and that would be not that hard to repair(anywhere).
  10. Gunboat G4 Foiler

    you're not the only one, hahaha. Main foils look like they are positioned more forward from when the boat left the factory.
  11. i550

    So how's the plastic i550 doing? Has been quiet for a while...
  12. i550

    you'll need CSM/unifilo with an *ester layup anyway, or your stitched cloths will delaminate quite fast. I would go with soric for core, not stiffening up the panels too much, easy to place, and nice to infuse. Cheap, yes, high performance, no. Still light enough though.
  13. i550

    I did some research, I'm mostly freelancing in the composites industry now, but a small boat production would be possible. A polyester hull and deck could be made quite cheap. Faster to build and cheaper then a wooden I550(deck and hull in one week, alone!). With about the same weight, but little less stiffness. A core could be used to get both the weight and stiffness comparable. All vacuum infused based on the costs of materials here in Europe off course . No and No, efficient production methods like infusion can easily counter the cost for setting up production in cheaper country's, transport and import costs. About 3-5 kits/hulls should pay for tooling if you go cheap (no cnc'd plugs, polyester infused moulds)
  14. SpeedDream sails

    Great times, mono's lifting the keel out of the water to imitate cats, cats lifting the whole platform out of the water to imitate birds, and kite surfers abandoning the mast, and hulls standing on foils alone
  15. i550

    tempting.... for a few years now.... but my job, don't think I'll be building cars much longer, so to do #1: find new job Maybe I should just start building and selling I550's hahaha