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  1. benwynn


    Missed the bolded part the first time for some reason. Sounds reasonable.
  2. benwynn


    Would you do the same today?
  3. benwynn

    Black National anthem

    Okay... So now am not sure at all.
  4. benwynn

    Black National anthem

    Okay... So maybe I'm not so sure.
  5. benwynn

    Black National anthem

    Have some patience, please. I'm sure someone here gives a fuck.
  6. benwynn


    Just was wondering what the plans of others here are. Our Thanksgivings are traditionally hosted by my brother and his wife, and are typically attended by about 20 people of family and friends. My brother is a nice guy, leans a bit left, but can be oblivious to obstacles when it comes to something he really wants to do. Asked him if Thanksgiving is still on, and he says "Yes, unless things change." Which is really odd, because I figure it should still be on if "something changes", which it won't. I mean... We would practically have to have a vaccine looking good NOW to hope for nationwide deployment by then. The Admiral and I have already decided we are not going. Where it gets interesting... I've got two sisters who are polar opposites on the political spectrum. The liberal Democrat told me she and her husband are not going. The conservative mid-western Republican Trump supporter: "Of course we will be there." She sounded really disappointed that we were not coming. I told her it was not just her and her husband we needed to avoid contact with. It was the hundreds of people they would be in contact with in travel, including 200 or so sharing a narrow aluminum tube with re-circulating air for 4 hours. There is no way for them not to imply that they think I am overreacting, and no way for me not to imply I think they have shitty judgement. At the very least, this will cause countless rifts within families over both of the big holidays. At most, it will kill a bunch of people. What say you guys? Already made a decision?
  7. benwynn

    Here come the Florida deaths

    The other thing is that a focus on the death count implies that folks are not familiar with what Covid-19 "recovery" looks like. It can be pretty fucking bad.
  8. I'm not sure we can validate this opinion unless she has some demonstrable outrage about black on black violence.
  9. benwynn

    Pence cancels campaign trips - something is afoot

    I get the efficiency of this. Skip the places that are already hot spots and start new ones. Probably a call from Putin wanting more dead Americans. Sometimes you just can't satisfy that guy enough.
  10. Enlighten us. Is "making a diplomatic complaint to Moscow and a demand that it stop" fired from an artillery battery or dropped from a plane?
  11. benwynn

    Drip Drip Drip

    McCain was a class act. As is his friend Biden. In another thread, all I had to do was quote Biden to get Dog and his elk to STFU.
  12. benwynn

    Hillary's indictment sooon...

    Run with it, dipshit. You are really on to something this time. Biggest thing since the faked moon landing. Does it bother you that there are enough people just like you to really completely fuck over our democracy? Does it give you any pause at all? Just curious.
  13. Here's a good lesson on just what I am talking about. It may not resonate much with @Dog as it is not a stammering fucking self agrandizing word salad from the guy he defends but does not support. It's an excerpt from a speech Joe Biden gave to graduates of Yale University in May of 2015. Bolding is mine: "... After only four months in the United States Senate, as a 30-year-old kid, I was walking through the Senate floor to go to a meeting with Majority Leader Mike Mansfield. And I witnessed another newly elected senator, the extremely conservative Jesse Helms, excoriating Ted Kennedy and Bob Dole for promoting the precursor of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But I had to see the Leader, so I kept walking. When I walked into Mansfield’s office, I must have looked as angry as I was. He was in his late ‘70s, lived to be 100. And he looked at me, he said, what’s bothering you, Joe? I said, that guy, Helms, he has no social redeeming value. He doesn’t care — I really mean it — I was angry. He doesn’t care about people in need. He has a disregard for the disabled. Majority Leader Mansfield then proceeded to tell me that three years earlier, Jesse and Dot Helms, sitting in their living room in early December before Christmas, reading an ad in the Raleigh Observer, the picture of a young man, 14-years-old with braces on his legs up to both hips, saying, all I want is someone to love me and adopt me. He looked at me and he said, and they adopted him, Joe. I felt like a fool. He then went on to say, Joe, it’s always appropriate to question another man’s judgment, but never appropriate to question his motives because you simply don’t know his motives. It happened early in my career fortunately. From that moment on, I tried to look past the caricatures of my colleagues and try to see the whole person. Never once have I questioned another man’s or woman’s motive. And something started to change. If you notice, every time there’s a crisis in the Congress the last eight years, I get sent to the Hill to deal with it. It’s because every one of those men and women up there — whether they like me or not — know that I don’t judge them for what I think they’re thinking. Because when you question a man’s motive, when you say they’re acting out of greed, they’re in the pocket of an interest group, et cetera, it’s awful hard to reach consensus. It’s awful hard having to reach across the table and shake hands. No matter how bitterly you disagree, though, it is always possible if you question judgment and not motive."