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  1. benwynn

    Voter Intimidation, 2020 Edition

    Well that settles that. Thanks.
  2. I've heard Trump called a lot of things. You would be the first that I've read calling him a pearl clutcher.
  3. benwynn

    They shoot horses, don't they?

    Seeing some excerpts from his rallies. He seems to be slowly becoming a full blown stone cold fucking lunatic. And this is just because the polls look bad. It Bind wins, Trump will seriously lose his shit. Think of the worst that could happen and it's plausible.
  4. benwynn

    An impending crisis for PA

    The deficit.
  5. Things must be really looking bad for Trump. The Fox News Propaganda Network is pretty much All Biden All The Time:
  6. Great. Another rightie free thread. This is getting boring.
  7. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    He not a human. He does not have genitalia.
  8. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    Did anybody catch what happened after each event was over? Biden stayed to answer voter's questions, apparently even after the cameras were turned off. Trump got the fuck out.
  9. benwynn

    Commander In Chief

    Great song and video. I recently saw a Trump rally where he entered to Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American". Then I realized that the first line of the chorus is not grammatically correct: "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free." "An American"" is not a place. It occurred to me that this might be a very fitting song to sing at his rallies. Blind patriotism while you repeatedly fuck up without knowing it.
  10. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    Called it. Not just unfair, SO unfair.
  11. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    He was asked softball questions. They treated him with kid gloves. It was so unfair. The mainstream meeeeedia once again is fawning over him. I recorded it and haven't seen it yet.
  12. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    To me. I thought that was obvious.
  13. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    Someone just told him he was handsome when he smiled, and looked for his support for DACA. That person was a fucking genius. If he is elected, look for complete Trump support of DACA.
  14. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    He handed the SC nomination choice and the Roe V Wade questions well.
  15. benwynn

    Trump's Town Hall 10/15

    She's going after all of his shit and less on his plans. He can lie about both but I think he's more comfortable lying about his plans. Christ... He will be pissing and moaning about this on twitter, as will his sheep right here. This week on Poliltical Anarchy: Unfairapalooza. Starts tonight in a thread near you. Don't miss it.