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  1. Trump Congratulates Putin on Stolen Election

    You accusing anyone of holding Obama and Trump to different standards is downright cute. It really is. Do you realize your comments on both Obama and Trump are still accessible? That your change of IDs isn't covering that up as you expected?
  2. I'll try to better. If I could get these reviews from.you on a regular basis it would really help.
  3. I hate fucking up a good joke.
  4. He probably gets some customized sadism. Like her spitting on his cannon and cracking him across the ass with a rolled up Period Table.
  5. From your Tale of Two Women thread: "So the 24 year old naive intern who is taken advantage of by a serial womanizer boss is slut shamed and viciously attacked by the Left. " Now you tell us an affair with her would be in bad taste. It's like you ask for it. And like it. It's getting too obvious. But I suppose it's cheaper than getting a hooker to slap you and kick you in the nuts.
  6. What is your utopia.

    I don't think any of you are taking Jack's homework assignment seriously. Now he'll get upset and tell us how bad half of Americans are. I was just getting started on my paper for him, and now I may as well not bother. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of the class.
  7. At least he's comfortable enough with his fetishes to just throw it out here on the forum.
  8. I'm sorry for being a bit short, but what in the fuck are you talking about?
  9. Texas serial bomber

    He was.
  10. A Tale of Two Women.

    "You just have to admire the hypocrisy of the left. There is an art to being this two faced." Oh yeah. That's just dripping with "original thought" and "positive change." Bravo. For most folks around here you've got to dig a bit to expose their hypocrisy. You, on the other hand, make it easy. You put it all in the same thread.
  11. The president's health

    Pictures can be misleading. And if the guy really only has an attention span of seconds, that's not enough time to get stressed about anything.
  12. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    iT'S OBAMA'S FAULT! Upper case and exclamation point. Just like the old days.
  13. A Tale of Two Women.

    Oh no. Now look what me and millions of other Americans have said. Blow jobs. On the Sabbath, no less. We are all in big trouble now.
  14. A Tale of Two Women.

    I'm not sure Jack can relate to this. You are not calling out the character flaws of "The Right" or "Republicans" based on what somebody wrote. Rather, you are calling out only Jack for something he wrote. Otherwise, be careful what you say. When you write to Jack you speak for millions of people. Their very reputations rest in your hands.
  15. A Tale of Two Women.

    Absolute horseshit. I see valuable insights and contributions from both The Right and The Left. ALL of America. You have no use for half of it. You spend the majority of your time here assaulting the character of Americans, based on them being on "the other side". That is dividing America, clear as crystal. Either you are completely oblivious to this, or are pretending to be. You are dividing America based on what you personally do. You think I am dividing America based on what someone else does. See the difference?