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  1. I14 x C420 Project

    Sure it works. Might not work perfectly but it will work. If you manage to get it one at very low costs, then do it. As mentioned above the question is if it is worth it. Enough of used unused I 14 lying around the world. Price to get it to you is the biggest issue. Any I 14 mast you get your hands on will most likely not fit your boat perfectly either - in the sense that you'll at least need new rigging. All I 14 are different.
  2. Finn sailing

    Thanks for the offer. Well appreciated. I'm not really getting any sailing time in at all. kids and stuff...
  3. RS700 Newbie Video

    Dude I totally dig your videos! I like your passion for sailing and the fact that you're really doing it, independent of what others people say. How often have you been out in the RS700 now and do you have a preliminary resume for blokes like you and me how are dreaming about the high performance dinghy experience? What's your take on the undertaking so far?
  4. Blue Balls

  5. Buying a Star

    don't do it
  6. Finn sailing

    ....what then would you do with all the oversize numbskull sailors? that was a coffee spiller! very funny!
  7. Finn sailing

    why not just sink all fins?
  8. go for it! (I'd say)
  9. moving up from a 420

    sailing cool boats is one thing, but sooner or later you will get bored of it if you are alone. What do you want from sailing? The occasional blast after work / school? Competitive racing? etc... the list is long. if you want a cool boat, then get the 29er. sail it well. travel to all events in our larger region first, then in all NA. join a club, get a coach, ... when ready hop over to the 49er. the 29er is a thrill to sail on its own. hands down. but after a year or two you'll get bored of it. might aswell get to sailboards...
  10. 4 days to kill in EU/UK looking for some racing

    where are you from? what classes do you sail? Check out weirwood reservoir south of london. There might be other bigger clubs around london. Weirwood was big 15 years ago but last time I was there it was much quiter (only a few lasers out and the odd other boat).
  11. AC 36 Protocol

    Great, so why do I need evidence?
  12. AC 36 Protocol

    So terry where is the evidence to your opinion?
  13. AC 36 Protocol

    Terry, this is fun. I said "I think". Is that fact or opinion?
  14. AC 36 Protocol

    Well I think that the world is flat. How do you call that?
  15. AC 36 Protocol

    I call that bullshit