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  1. High Flow

    How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    who needs sailing?
  2. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    I still don'T get it. Is this at the bottom of the mast? Can't be because otherwise you'd have compression again. So why does the halyard go back into the mast? Is it just under the mast top`?
  3. High Flow

    Seascape D2 aka 14

  4. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    I don't quite get it. What halyard is it and what section of the mast are you showing in the pictures above?
  5. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Great to hear you're still on it. Keep it up!
  6. High Flow


    Yeah, shit hit the fan!
  7. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    did the boat get wet?
  8. High Flow

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Did it float?
  9. High Flow

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    will it float?
  10. how many moth do you fit in a countainer? If you try to bother...
  11. High Flow

    What Are Your Sailing Goals for 2018?

    - Go sailing twice - If that does not work: go sailing at least once
  12. High Flow

    What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    Mildly Impressed.
  13. High Flow


    What's the point? Line honors and even more so the record is all that counts for wild oats. Losing one hours and thereby losing the line honors and the record is the same as DSQ for them.
  14. High Flow


    I don't know enough about the rules... but how much time would Wild Oats have had to take the 720 penalty (relief)? Could they have waited until just before crossing the finishing line? Or would they have had to take the 720 turn immediately? If they could have done it at any time in the race (with someone actually seeing them doing it), then what would be the reason for not doing it before crossing the line?
  15. High Flow

    Another what's the best dingy question

    Bal340 out, Proably a scam in the first place. To see who gets into the stupid discussion. Why even bother?