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  1. High Flow

    what is it?

    That is all very relative. Only because you want more money does not mean you are not rich. And so on...
  2. High Flow

    what is it?

    Carbon boat shit. Literally
  3. High Flow

    How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    who needs sailing?
  4. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    I still don'T get it. Is this at the bottom of the mast? Can't be because otherwise you'd have compression again. So why does the halyard go back into the mast? Is it just under the mast top`?
  5. High Flow

    Seascape D2 aka 14

  6. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    I don't quite get it. What halyard is it and what section of the mast are you showing in the pictures above?
  7. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Great to hear you're still on it. Keep it up!
  8. High Flow

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    did the boat get wet?
  9. High Flow

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Did it float?
  10. High Flow

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    will it float?
  11. how many moth do you fit in a countainer? If you try to bother...
  12. High Flow

    What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    Mildly Impressed.
  13. High Flow

    Another what's the best dingy question

    Bal340 out, Proably a scam in the first place. To see who gets into the stupid discussion. Why even bother?
  14. High Flow

    Finn sailing

    Thanks for the offer. Well appreciated. I'm not really getting any sailing time in at all. kids and stuff...
  15. High Flow

    RS700 Newbie Video

    Dude I totally dig your videos! I like your passion for sailing and the fact that you're really doing it, independent of what others people say. How often have you been out in the RS700 now and do you have a preliminary resume for blokes like you and me how are dreaming about the high performance dinghy experience? What's your take on the undertaking so far?