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  1. moving up from a 420

    sailing cool boats is one thing, but sooner or later you will get bored of it if you are alone. What do you want from sailing? The occasional blast after work / school? Competitive racing? etc... the list is long. if you want a cool boat, then get the 29er. sail it well. travel to all events in our larger region first, then in all NA. join a club, get a coach, ... when ready hop over to the 49er. the 29er is a thrill to sail on its own. hands down. but after a year or two you'll get bored of it. might aswell get to sailboards...
  2. 4 days to kill in EU/UK looking for some racing

    where are you from? what classes do you sail? Check out weirwood reservoir south of london. There might be other bigger clubs around london. Weirwood was big 15 years ago but last time I was there it was much quiter (only a few lasers out and the odd other boat).
  3. AC 36 Protocol

    Great, so why do I need evidence?
  4. AC 36 Protocol

    So terry where is the evidence to your opinion?
  5. AC 36 Protocol

    Terry, this is fun. I said "I think". Is that fact or opinion?
  6. AC 36 Protocol

    Well I think that the world is flat. How do you call that?
  7. AC 36 Protocol

    I call that bullshit
  8. AC 36 Protocol

    seriously? Ashby no longer a Kiwi?
  9. RS700 Newbie Video

    Yeah! Much better than sitting on the rack!
  10. Quant 17 Foiler

    that's where I used to sail. Or to but it in other words: Thats where I used to look for wind. They found a some. lucky them
  11. One line asymmetrical hoist and set.

    correct. I keep mixing them up in english.
  12. One line asymmetrical hoist and set.

    Option 1) is more complex to setup but easier in handling once setup correctly. Check the dimension and space in your cockpit and deck as it might not work out completely as you intend to have it. Where do you stand when hoisting the kite? You don't want to be standing too far back. On the other hand you need enough space between the clamp and the mast (D/2) to pull enough length on the clew line to get the clew to the tip of the pole. Option 2) (not shown) is easier to setup (less blocks) but more difficult in handling. You need to pull two different ropes. I would suggest the following procedures: - Hoisting: Pull clew line first, once the clew is a the tip of the pole then pull the halyard. - Retrieving: Uncleat the clewline (not necessary in option 1)), uncleat the halyard, pull the retriever line (halyard) to douse the kite and into the sock. Retrieving isn't that more complicated with option 2) but it is the hoisting where you have to pull two lines separately. all clear?
  13. One line asymmetrical hoist and set.

    I think the fixed sprit / pole is what he is looking at. With the fixed sprit you have the two options: 1) One control line which automatically hoist the kite and pulls the clew to the front of the pole (clew line). This single line (haylard and retriever line) also retrieves the kite and pulls it into the sock when released from the clamp and pulled in the other direction. 2) Two separate control lines, one for the kite (halyard and retriever line combined), one for to pull the clew of the kite to the front of the pole I tried to put together a sketch for the option 1). It still looks more complicated than it is. One problem is that the distance from the end of the sock to the tip of the pole (D, as marked in the sketch) is quite long and the boat is quite short, there are dimensional issues aswell. SINEO+22017092115520.pdf
  14. do they burn well?