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  1. have I already mentioned that I love the 49er and 29er deck layout and the control systems in general?
  2. here is the 49er layout with a retracting pole. it is somewhat different from what I sketched up but the basic principle is the same.
  3. I remember correctly the setup shown by be is the same as used on the 29er and 49er. There it looks quite clean, which on my sketch it surly does not. For a fix pole you can simplify it a lot: - Remove the orange pole extractor - the hoist line can go directly from the fixed cleat to the pulley at the mast base and up the mast to the top of the kite. - The three blocks on the bow are not needed. - the floating block is not needed Then you are left with the same system as for symmetrical kites with retriever lines such as my FD and also the 505.
  4. agree with post above, but this don't sound like a newbie to me...
  5. Not the best sketch, but this is how I have seen it on numerous different boats. I'm sure there must be better sketches around.
  6. No sitting! This is maybe the most important rule. No sitting and no mainsheet cleating.
  7. ask Hen Stackleton, he'll tell ya! Been there (not exactly there...), done that.
  8. the only thing for this: build your own.
  9. Need smaller main. Storm or trysail, or another reef or just a smaller main.
  10. Square-rule
  11. +1
  12. Hike bitches, hike! Sorry, not contributing at all.
  13. Hurricane?
  14. no sharks?
  15. Hit a shark maybe?