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  1. Is Awlgrip really so much better than awlgcraft? I need to choose between the 2...
  2. Thanks for the precise response NoSurrender
  3. I am upgrading my instruments and was wondering if a Vulcan 9 (which has Ethernet) can replay radar and forwardscan from sensors connected to the Zeus 2 at the navstation below...... No one seems to know the answer..... Thanks for your help NoSurrender
  4. Make sure you have the latest cpu software. And enable HLINK. You need performance level. Regards
  5. Probably yes. They are much nicer looking than the new ones. Check lighting modes work properly
  6. Thanks ltsabimmerthing. My question was on outputting the H Link protocol from the H5000 via Ethernet directly to the computer running expedition...Any news on that? Happy Christmas day NoSurrender
  7. Does anybody know if it's possible get the HLINK data out of the H 5000 via Ethernet directly to my boat network and my PC running expedition? Thank you
  8. Problem solved. The sensor in itself is exactly the same. And so is the software inside the box. I finally got mine working but I ended up buying an original B&G cable. It seems that the compass sensor has more than one type of physical output, in different pins of the connector. When trying to use the cable that came with the KVh interface box, I didn't get any color combination to work.... Good that the H5000 is compatible with the gyro compass as well. Thanks Moondster for your help! NoSurrender
  9. I have spoken with KVH and they claim that the sensor they deliver to B&G is the same as the one in their standard KVH compasses. Same software even. So it may be that B&G changes something in the sensor or forces to output a specific message type somehow....I am at a loss.. Help much appreciated as I would really like to use my KVH sensor with a B&G H3000 system..
  10. Invaluable. Thanks! NoSurrender
  11. Thank you very much Moonduster I have the MEMS version so I need the software upgraded. Will try KVH. Meanwhile, do you have the cable details? That would be great Thank you
  12. Hi, Moonduster Where you able to finally interface a KVH Gyro to a B&G system in the end? I have one which I got on ebay, but I am having some problems...as the Gyro is not being recognised. I know ithe gyro works because when connected to the KVH head end, it works well Does it need a software update perhaps? Thanks a lot NoSurrender
  13. Any experiences, good or bad with RemoteVision? It has been in B&G´s range for a long time. I do quite a bit of single handling and I need some type of remote. Regards No Surrender