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    AC36 Auckland NZ

    I'm not saying that is not the way of professional sports ... I'm saying that the pretense of a nationality rule 'based' on the DoG is disingenuous and if you want to assert nationality beyond CIC you should go all the way. The AC was never about 'professional' sports or sponsorship by corporations until DC fucked it up because he couldn't find a billionaire to fund his quest after losing the cup. The AC is supposed to be a pissing contest between rich yacht club members, not professional sports teams. I'm sure NZ has a reasonable supply of billionaires to fund an AC campaign, but the clubs have lost control. In any case, demanding that the sailors are nationals has always flown in the face of cup history (even when done by theNYYC).
  2. Teal67

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    I agree that the constructed in country clause should be far stronger than the bastardization of the rules for Bermuda. The intent of the Stevens and the others who gave the cup to the NYYC was to prove that the Americans could build better boats than the Brits. In in most cases the technology 'edge' turned out to be the deciding factor and when the cup has changed hands it has usually been because someone built a faster boat. Basically, I think if ETNZ was really interested in true nationality rules and really wanted the teams to be 'national' (i.e., the 'friendly competition between nations') the very first thing they should go after would be the foreign sponsorship money. To me, the idea that foreign nationals would be paying for an AC defense or challenge is far worse than having hired foreign guns steering the boat or grinding. If they were really serious about it they would set similar nationality rules on sponsors, owners, designers, and engineers, in addition to returning to proper CIC rules and their self-righteous personnel regulations. However, I suspect a change like that would cut their budget a little too thin for comfort.
  3. Teal67

    AC doesn't really interest core sailors

    If the Deed of Gift were simply restored to some of its original wording, there are a couple of phrases that I think would correct the issues. Restoring the 65 foot lwl minimum in conjunction with the phrase "Vessels selected to compete for this cup must proceed under sail on their own bottoms to the port where the contest is to take place." would not only help to get rid of the overly fragile little skimmers, but would eliminate the incentive to race away from your home waters (it does not exempt the defender from having to sail to the competition). Of course, like getting agreement to sail on "ocean courses, free from headlands", that's not likely to ever happen now that the professionals have figured out how to control the AC in order to provide full-time employment.
  4. Isn't the 'or thereafter' is referring to the AC Qualifier not the match? In the section on the match, there is no 'or thereafter'. Whilst I think the defender should NOT be in the qualifier at all, the provisions for the match follow the DoG requiring that the defender name their vessel prior to the first race and cannot substitute it once the match has begun.
  5. After the collapse of the shed, the remains of America were cut up and distributed. Here is a picture of one of the pieces. The caption reads: THE WOOD OF THIS PLAQUE IS FROM THE SCHOONER YACHT "AMERICA" PRESENTED TO THIS VESSEL FOR COMPETING IN THE NEWPORT-ANNAPOLIS OCEAN RACE JUNE 1949