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  1. Quite close all the time, RdR will be interesting !
  2. semelis

    Barcelona World Race 2018/2019

    All claims by the Spanish government about the independence movement being bad for the economy have been proven false. Knowing their methods, some kind of pressure or just cutting promised support is very likely; if the continuity was already difficult, it wouldn't take much to shut it. I can dig out references to this claims (Catalan economy not being adversely affected and foul play by Spanish government), but not to actual interference with the BWR thought.
  3. semelis

    Team Actual west-ward tour

    Back to Team Actual: No hope to recover the trimaran, but Actual is firmly engaged to participate in the December 2019 Ultim race.
  4. semelis

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2017

    After Gabart record this must be frustrating !
  5. semelis

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    But he found a bride in the meantime
  6. semelis

    Team Actual west-ward tour

    Rebuild, maybe not, but the floats, and the hull maybe could have some use.
  7. semelis

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    42 was indeed the answer. Amazing to make it in his first try.
  8. semelis

    Actual Ultim actually lost

    Coville also did many great things. It's not cursed at all.
  9. semelis

    bi-directional Proa

    Small coral atolls have wood shortage too. "The Ninigo islanders have to make their canoes completely out of driftwood, logs sent swirling down the rivers of the mainland 200 miles away then carried by the wind and tides to the islands." "Do you make many was?" Jim asks. "No. I have to wait for the right type of driftwood to wash up on the beach." "How often does one come?" "About every two years. Sometimes longer. So I wait." Update 2013 9 September 4.html
  10. semelis

    bi-directional Proa

    No crowded waters did help too with that choice, I would think.
  11. semelis

    bi-directional Proa

    My favourite too In some places it was the other way around: a twisted rope in the centre keeping all the wooden bits together. There are more, almost every conceivable way, in
  12. semelis

    bi-directional Proa

    On tensegrity: Partially, yes, but you want a log, not a string, to be the lower part of the structure, so no pure tensegrity structure to connect the ama to the vaka if the connection must be out of the water. Actually, the marshallesse system substitutes the tetrahedron with a rope under tension There are other examples from traditional pacific lashing systems:
  13. semelis

    Team Actual west-ward tour

    Joyon capsized once at the start of a North Atlantic record attempt, but he didn't have any problems with the boat that I remember. I know of no reason to blame the accident of Guo Chuan on the boat. Coville did 2 round the world record attempts, each one in about 2 months, slower than Joyon but actually faster over real distance sailed. He bumped against things and almost capsized at the start of one of those. Material fatigue or wear over the years do seem quite plausible to me.
  14. semelis

    bi-directional Proa

    The 2 extra beams would help keeping the ama parallel to the vaka, I think. Should be lighter than a very beefy central aka.
  15. semelis

    Team Actual west-ward tour

    I assume the Chilean Navy were well aware of the record attempt, but still the reaction time have been superb. The amas start up in opposite sides of the main hull, and are linked to it no only by the cross-beams, but also by a lot of other stuff: net, rudder links and foils lines to get them up and down are just the more obvious. I find very normal that they are still on the corresponding sides even after the beams broke and the boat capsizes.