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  1. I find it striking how much stock people put in the office of the president of the united states, whomever might hold that position. Ask a former member of the National Socialist Workers party what can happen when you put all your eggs in one basket… I implore you all to think for yourselves and realize that Covid is not just one man’s problem, nor is it just one state or even country’s problem. I think any reasonable person can come to the conclusion that he didn’t want to insight unnecessary panic on the American people. Trump is not America’s dad as Obama was and doesn’t have the professorial diction Obama did. Those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome will always fight every decision makes. When he closed the boarders, “He’s a xenophob!!” or when he says we can reuse a mask, “He has no idea what he’s talking about!”. In the end, I believe the decisive action of closing boarders saved lives and wearing reusable face coverings is now the norm. The TDS’ers and their tireless quest to find the “smoking gun” is exhausting just to watch. “HERE IT IS”, “LOOK OVER HERE! I FOUND IT” the media shouts daily. Its almost a disservice to their own pursuit as they’ve supersaturated all outlets with “the smoking gun”, that if they ever actually found the real McCoy, it might go unnoticed or simply no one will care because they’ve been soo conditioned for it. I think it is important to realize that no one person has all the answers even (especially) of you hold the most powerful political position. This is an unfortunate, but natural virus that has caused a global pandemic. The virus doesn’t vote in elections nor does it care for our politics. We are all in this together and it’s up to all of us to take the necessary precautions to keep our family, friends, and communities safe.
  2. Does it matter what he said or what he did? Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) mandates that everything he does or says is absolutely and unequivocally wrong. Those suffering from TDS would never stop and ask themselves what would have been the correct or acceptable response because they know there couldn’t possibly be one. I guess I could see how putting all the worlds scary problems on one man can be convenient and comforting to some.
  3. USA 5184

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    If you have to ask, the problem is probably you. The touch of a light air guru is a skill not possessed by all. If you’re sailing a cruiser/racer with the sails strapped, constantly pinching, and complaining to your crew, it will not motivate them. Also, when a crew knows there is zero chance of being in the winners’ circle, what’s the point of trying super hard? The race then becomes a casual sail. It could just be the boat. Are you competitive in medium or heavy air? No boat can be the best in all conditions. If you just can’t cut it in the super light, why not join your crew in the relaxing day sail? You can’t win ‘em all. I believe owners spend lots of time and money on the boat and gear, but tend to neglect the most valuable asset: the crew. If you’re not going to win in light air, use it as training exercise. Try something the crew might not have that much experience like a letterbox drop or a windward takedown, or play around with crew weight to see what effect it has. Make it fun and you might learn something. Sailing is a wonderful sport in that you constantly learn something and I’m a firm believer of you get out what you put in.
  4. USA 5184

    Fantastic masts, and where to find them

    What kind of boat is it? Is the mast a replacement or is this a "I want to build a boat" dream? A solid wood mast on anything other then a tall ship is not going to work. I'm assuming a 22m mast is going on a boat 22m or less? Most wooden spars for pleasure boats are hollow and constructed of regular strips of lumber
  5. USA 5184

    Older J/30 galley update

    Its cored everywhere and there was no isolation on any through hulls or deck fittings, that will be your job to do As for the Keel sump area, I'm not sure. I had a 1996 J/24 and 1983 J/29 and I honestly don't remember if the sump area was solid glass or of it was cored or not.
  6. USA 5184

    Older J/30 galley update

    I personally think J Boats got the galley right on the older boats. I'm not quite sure why everyone is obsessed with the larger galley. I've never cooked a three course meal down below on any of my boats nor do I know anyone who ever has. All I need is a cooler for the beers and sandwiches and I'm all set. A big galley looks great at the boat show, but for practical use of the boat, I'd be happier with the extra quarter birth for sail/miscellaneous storage, or an extra bunk. I love J's, but they are fully cored hull and decks. Its a 40+ year old boat so it wont be perfect, but they are still usually pretty solid. Check the hull between the keel and the stuffing box. Worst case with the J/29/30 is water sometimes gets in from around the shaft and settles in the core in this relatively flat area. Other then that, the usual suspect: Bulkheads, stanchion mounts, rudder mounts, around deck hardware, etc. J/30's are a really nice all around cruiser/racer. If you end up with an older one, I wouldn't spend the extra money updating the galley. If the galley is super important, look at a Catalina 30 of the sale era. They aren't as fast or as good looking in my opinion, but they have one of the largest, best laid out interiors of 30'cruising sailboat from that era.
  7. USA 5184

    what is it?

    better question: WHY is it?
  8. USA 5184

    Help me out with some MORC History

    The front page picture that accompanies this post is misleading. On the front page, the post talks about wanting to find an early '60's, solid fiberglass, classic sailboat 24-27' from the beginning of the MORC era, but the picture that accompanies the post is of a late '80's Mariah 27 from the end of the MORC rule era...
  9. Huh, that Wilson-marquinez look like it should be a J/Boat. a J/83
  10. I'd have a wooden J-Class yacht built by Brooklin Boat Yard with modern construction technique a la Frank Gehry's Frogger.
  11. USA 5184

    Freedom Boats / Freedom 39 Ketch

    Gary Hoyt was the founder & designer of Freedom yachts until 1985 when he sold to TPI. After the sale Gary Mull designed the lion's share but the 39 is a Ron Holland design. This is why there are two very different types of Freedom's. The 28, 40, & 44 Cat Ketch boats were the earlier designs by Gary Hoyt and have a more classic look with plumb bows and flush decks while mull/Holland era (the 30, 36, 39, 40/40, & 45) models were more modern/regular looking boats. The earlier Hoyt boats are usually seen as better quality, heavier, and are seen to be the preferred choice for offshore sailing and liveaboards. The later TPI era boats are more mass market boats that were faster, but not meant for extended offshore use. That said, the TPI boats were still built very well and have identical hull and deck construction and similar inter woodwork as J Boats from the same era. Cored hull and deck can be a concern, but just like a J Boat, if it was maintained well it shouldn't be a problem. If you have not sailed a stayless rig before, they can take some getting used to and as mentioned before they are not the fastest in light air, but when the wind picks up, they are a joy to sail. They are almost effortless to sail and when a puff hits there is no need to let the sail out. The top of the rig will bend spilling out what it cant handle. The boat barely heels over any further, it just goes faster! I have a 20' Mull designed stayless rig boat and it is really a great boat. The fact it is so easy and forgiving to sail really makes it great boat. I have not sailed the Freedom 39 but I bet it shares the same characteristics.
  12. USA 5184

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    Rent a J/22 and go sailing! Then when you're up in Boston... go sailing again!
  13. I had an Irwin 37 and it was extremely poor quality. Looks like the competition models were a little nicer though. That said it is a 46 year old boat that is not worth much of anything even in good condition. Check the standing rigging, check the bulkheads, check the keel/hull joint, and check the rudder shaft. slap a $250 outboard motor mount on the transom, then find a $250 9.9 or 15hp on craigslist and call it a day! glass up all the through hulls and you'll have a worry free simple day-sailor
  14. USA 5184

    G-Flex vs. Plexus - ABS plastic boat repair

    Welcome aboard Shorefun. I recognize you from the HunterOwners forums. My Hunter 216 Plexus repair has been holding up very nicely has exceeded my expectations. The stuff does set up extremely quick! if I had to do it over again, I'd probably use Plexus MA 425. It has a much slower cure time.