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  1. Islander 27

    So the 70' Ferro cement boat didn't work out? Islanders age good boats but with any 48 year old sailboats, check the usual items: mast step, chain plates, through hulls, etc, etc, etc. What are your plans for the boat? Its a little tight for a live aboard although I know a couple who lived year round on an Irwin 28 so its not impossible.
  2. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Great, now you got the idea in my head that X-Yachts is coming out with a 24' one design. I wonder what it would look like.
  3. Looks like the J/29 & J/24 back up for sale on Craigslist. Scam or scrapper bought and now looking to turn around before they have to be out of the yard. Anyone know what they went for? J/29: https://providence.craigslist.org/boa/d/29/6383715727.html J/24: https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/boa/d/24-boat-with-trailer-will/6383710432.html
  4. ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    Please walk away from this thing. I'm not going to call you stupid or ask what you're smoking, but I want you to learn form my "educational" experiences. My first lesson was when I bought a 1962 Navy LCPL launch (36' powerboat). Engine swap was a DIY job with too small of a diameter shaft and too long of a run. the boat couldn't go faster than a crawl without trying to spit the shaft out of the boat! instead of having it redone professionally, I sold the boat at a significant loss to purchase mistake #2, a 1976 Irwin 36 center cockpit. Once I started opening things up, everything was broken and needed to be repaired. After coming to the realization that another $30,000 and my time restoring the boat, I'd then have a less shitty but still shitty Irwin 36 so I gave up and sold that boat at another significant loss. I was 25 and stupid. P.S. don't buy a boat in the middle of winter, The wet spongy decking will appear fine because its frozen. Its amazing how sturdy frozen wood pulp feels under foot. During WWII they were toying around with the idea of building aircraft carriers out of frozen wood pulp!
  5. ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    Run! Run Away! Do not buy the boat. This is not a junk car you can have towed away for $100 when you're done. I wouldn't take it even if it were given to me for free. You will not be able to insure that thing and when you come home from work and only the masts are sticking out of the water and all your diesel is bubbling to the surface, you're not going to be happy. I'll admit these ferro boats were cool, but they are at the end of their useful life. Don't be left holding the bag. Find a 40' fiberglass boat and you'll have enough problems with that. Good Luck
  6. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Good build quality Fast Cheap you can only pick two. Pick the two most important to you to narrow your search for your next boat.
  7. you're telling me this bonehead "was in line to earn up to $160,000 in 2011 alone"??? I have a bodybuilder friend who had the same injury. He took 5 months off then got right back into it with no long term side effects. I hope his award came with the stipulation that if he ever steps foot on a boat again, he'd have to give all the money back. Not that anyone will ever take him out on a boat ever again.
  8. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    SA groupthink has conditioned most here to hate the Macgregor. While the Mac 26 may not be for me, I think its an interesting design and a creative solution to trailer sailing & power-boating. Many would agree with that statement with over 5,000 Mac 26's built and over 30,000 boats that have rolled out of the Macgregor plant over the years according to their website. I'm all about getting out on the water no matter what the boat. My first sailboat was a giant piece of Styrofoam that washed up on the beach next to my house. I found the biggest stick I could find in the brush pile for the mast and cut my bed sheet diagonally in half for the sail... My mother was not too happy about the bed sheet. That said, it is their American right to hate and ostracize the things that do not fit into their definition of sailing
  9. ORR in Long Island

    This is why the guy with the C&C 35 Mk I doesn't show up any more. And then we wonder why the racing fleets are disappearing.
  10. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    https://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/d/j24-sailboat/6264284956.html Here ya go. A short trip up I-90 from Erie. Forget about all us armchair, keyboard sailors telling you its hard to sail, uncomfortable, or trying to compare it to their obscure left coast boat. Fact is there are 5,500 of these things out there sailing around and you'll have a blast sailing one design. I have no connection to the boat for sale, just looks like a great deal for a boat in your area that appears to be ready to splash and race one design.
  11. J/22 vs Sonar 23

    J Boats, Sonar, Melges, Viper... These are all very different boats. The answer to what boat will best fit your needs can really only be answered by you: Dinghy or actual boat? Where will you keep the boat (dry sail at club, tow to ramp, mooring, dock, etc)? How will you be using the boat - racing or cruising? solo sailing? short day trips or overnight trips? every day after work or a handful of time a year? Is one-design important to you? what is your budget? Turn-key boat ready to sail or project boat? How experienced of a sailor are you? how experienced will your crew be? does the wife/significant other have an input? These are just a few questions I can think of off the top of my head. Be completely honest with yourself too. Learn from my mistakes. I bought a J/29 which was an awesome boat but it was not the right fit for me. No one wanted to come out racing. I sold the J then I decided I was now going to be a cruiser so I bought an Irwin 37 center cockpit as a summer cottage. My phone was then ringing off the hook from friends who wanted to come drink beers on it but I absolutely hated the boat. Sold that thing and now currently boatless. I should have never sold my J/24!
  12. Are J/24s Still Fun?

    They are not the most comfortable boats on earth and a little tricky to get your pointing/upwind boat speed dialed in, but they are great boats and very fun to sail one design. Sold my boat when our local one design fleet dried up. Glad to hear there are growing numbers in your area. A road worthy trailer helps keep winter marina storage fees down if you can keep the boat in your driveway like i did. it will also expand your options for one design racing. great value for the money.
  13. J/29 Shopping

    What will you be doing with the boat? Racing or cruising I owned a masthead outboard J/29 and loved the boat. I originally purchased the boat for local PHRF racing, but found it hard to get 8 people onboard which it really needed. If you have 8 people the boat is a PHRF weapon, if you don't you'll be on your ear the whole time. The boat really relies on crew weight to keep her down and sailing happy. I've sailed on a fractional rig version and found the same to be true. I was using the boat for cruising most of the time and grew to hate the interior so I ended up selling the boat and bought a cruiser. The J/29 interior is really just a sail locker. If you are looking to buy a race boat, a J/29 is 100% the boat for you. It is hands down the best competitive well built boat for the money. If you are looking to cruise, I'd pass. The J/29 is an all out racer. If the J is for you, take your time and really go through the whole boat top to bottom and invest in a good survey. It is a 30+ year old racing sailboat so I doubt you'll find one in perfect condition, but make sure the boat wan't neglected as a cheap "deal" can turn into a nightmare with these balsa cored boats.
  14. Choate cf 27 where areyou

    Hi Wally6800, I don't think the question has been asked yet: Why a CF27? It comes down to what you will be using the boat for. Your location says Glen, NH which is an hour away from Lake Winnipisaukee where I assume you'll be sailing. Lake Winne is big, but not that big. Do you need a boat that big? Would a boat that is easier to trailer make more sense? I was just up there last weekend and saw a lot of J/24's out there. The CF27 is a left cost boat and will be hard to find. If you're looking for a cool, quirky race boat, What about an Evelyn 32-2? There are plenty on the Right coast, affordable, most are ready to race, and many come with a trailer so you can bring her to Winne very easily. If I were sailing on Lake Winnipisaukee, I'd get a J/24, but thats just me. Good luck with whatever you end up getting.
  15. I'm in the market for a new sailboat trailer. Boat = 21' LOA, 4' Draft, 8' beam, 2,500lb, Fixed fin keel. Got my quote from Triad Trailers. I like the company and the price is good. I've had Triad trailers with other boats I've owned and they were great! However, as I'm not one to just get one quote and jump right in. I'd like to shop around. My Question is: Who else is making sailboat trailers??? I'm located in the north east/New England area. Is there anyone making sailboat trailers near me??? I can't find anything. I can't believe that sailboat trailers only come from North Carolina, Florida, or California Any advice would be appreciated. P.S - no PM's about your old used trailer