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  1. USA 5184

    Help me out with some MORC History

    The front page picture that accompanies this post is misleading. On the front page, the post talks about wanting to find an early '60's, solid fiberglass, classic sailboat 24-27' from the beginning of the MORC era, but the picture that accompanies the post is of a late '80's Mariah 27 from the end of the MORC rule era...
  2. Huh, that Wilson-marquinez look like it should be a J/Boat. a J/83
  3. I'd have a wooden J-Class yacht built by Brooklin Boat Yard with modern construction technique a la Frank Gehry's Frogger.
  4. USA 5184

    Freedom Boats / Freedom 39 Ketch

    Gary Hoyt was the founder & designer of Freedom yachts until 1985 when he sold to TPI. After the sale Gary Mull designed the lion's share but the 39 is a Ron Holland design. This is why there are two very different types of Freedom's. The 28, 40, & 44 Cat Ketch boats were the earlier designs by Gary Hoyt and have a more classic look with plumb bows and flush decks while mull/Holland era (the 30, 36, 39, 40/40, & 45) models were more modern/regular looking boats. The earlier Hoyt boats are usually seen as better quality, heavier, and are seen to be the preferred choice for offshore sailing and liveaboards. The later TPI era boats are more mass market boats that were faster, but not meant for extended offshore use. That said, the TPI boats were still built very well and have identical hull and deck construction and similar inter woodwork as J Boats from the same era. Cored hull and deck can be a concern, but just like a J Boat, if it was maintained well it shouldn't be a problem. If you have not sailed a stayless rig before, they can take some getting used to and as mentioned before they are not the fastest in light air, but when the wind picks up, they are a joy to sail. They are almost effortless to sail and when a puff hits there is no need to let the sail out. The top of the rig will bend spilling out what it cant handle. The boat barely heels over any further, it just goes faster! I have a 20' Mull designed stayless rig boat and it is really a great boat. The fact it is so easy and forgiving to sail really makes it great boat. I have not sailed the Freedom 39 but I bet it shares the same characteristics.
  5. USA 5184

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    Rent a J/22 and go sailing! Then when you're up in Boston... go sailing again!
  6. I had an Irwin 37 and it was extremely poor quality. Looks like the competition models were a little nicer though. That said it is a 46 year old boat that is not worth much of anything even in good condition. Check the standing rigging, check the bulkheads, check the keel/hull joint, and check the rudder shaft. slap a $250 outboard motor mount on the transom, then find a $250 9.9 or 15hp on craigslist and call it a day! glass up all the through hulls and you'll have a worry free simple day-sailor
  7. USA 5184

    G-Flex vs. Plexus - ABS plastic boat repair

    Welcome aboard Shorefun. I recognize you from the HunterOwners forums. My Hunter 216 Plexus repair has been holding up very nicely has exceeded my expectations. The stuff does set up extremely quick! if I had to do it over again, I'd probably use Plexus MA 425. It has a much slower cure time.
  8. USA 5184

    Bulkhead repair with G-10?

    I'm looking at a few J/27's as well as Evelyn 32-2's for sale in the northeast. Although I have not yet seen any of the boats, they are all 30+ year old racing sailboats and most likely all will need some deck and bulkhead attention. With the J/27 it would probably be replace the section of the bulkhead under the chain plates and outboard out the hull. On the Evelyn it would be easy to do a full bulkhead replacement. My question is: has anyone used G-10 to repair/replace a bulkhead? how has it held up and is it worth the crazy high cost? I found this nice write up on an Evelyn 32-2 bulkhead replacement:
  9. USA 5184

    Just got the letter....

    Perhaps now we can buy a bag from our neighbor who owns a small business instead of one made in a sweatshop and whos profits line the pockets of already rich corporate 1%ers who don't know or care about you or the humanity of the people who made the bag. Or we can wear the Mt. Gay hat we got for free at a regatta and use an old bag we already have in your closet for our gear instead furiously spending it on a bag or hat with our boats name on it. Maybe we can see just how unnecessary the purchase really is and donate the money we would have spent on a worthwhile cause... Or maybe we'll just pay the new increased price and go about our day as usual.
  10. USA 5184

    Running backstay placement?

    I was doing a little research and I found a Hunter 216 on Sailing Texas with a square top main with backstay. Boat has sold but does anyone know the previous/current owner? I'd like to talk to them. Ad said the boat was located in Melbourne, FL. Anyone ever sail against this thing? The picture shows the standard spinnaker but the ad said it has a masthead spinnaker as well.
  11. USA 5184

    Running backstay placement?

    A backstay might be an option. I see that they do sell a different masthead with a backstay attachment but I'm still not sure if it would clear the back of the boom. I guess I'll tie a string to the top of the mainsail, raise it, then lead the string to the stern any see if the backstay option could work without getting caught by the end of the boom.
  12. USA 5184

    Running backstay placement?

    I have a boat and I have a spinnaker and I'm looking to combine the two. The boat is a Hunter 216. Spinnaker & pole are from a Catalina 22 which is why I chose 4' above the jib tang. "I" dimension is 21.92' for the hunter 216 and 25.83' for a C22 so I figured I'd put the spinnaker hoist at the height it would be on a Catalina 22. Both boat and spinnaker are worth nothing and just looking to have some fun before the boat cracks in half. I Know, I Know... bring on the Hunter 216 bashing. I've heard it all, but it is a Glenn Henderson design so the guy who brought you the SR 21,25,27,33, and Henderson 30 also penned the Hunter 216 so I've decided to call my boat a Henderson 216. If you've ever sailed one you'd know it really has some decent performance for what it is and this spinnaker should make things more exciting. My boat never had the spinnaker package so it does not have the bowsprit. I'm a symmetrical spinnaker guy anyway and this should run deeper for better PHRF W/L performance.
  13. USA 5184

    Running backstay placement?

    They are intended to offset the new larger spinnaker loads, but controlling forestay sag would be nice too, hence my dilemma, put the primary intention is to keep the mast upright in a breeze.
  14. USA 5184

    Running backstay placement?

    I am in the process of fitting a spinnaker to a fractional rigged boat and cannot decide on where to place the running backstays. Anyone have any advice? Here is a little bit if info about the setup: 22’ Boat Forestay meets mast at 22’ above deck Forestay is 6’ below masthead Spinnaker hoist will be 4’ above forestay (26’ above deck, 2’ below masthead) Swept back single spreader rig. Chain places go all the way to gunwale. 100% jib only. Mast does not taper above forestay No back stay, main has too much roach and boom goes too far back. Boat was designed without a backstay. Boat was designed to fly and asymmetrical off a sprit. Spinnaker hoist was designed to be just above the forestay tang. New spinnaker setup will be a symmetrical spinnaker flown off a pole.
  15. USA 5184

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    ^ Wow 7 to 93... I'd like to meet your handicapper and I feel sorry for those racing against something like a Farr 40 with a PHRF rating of 93