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  1. USA 5184

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    I'd wait out the season then do it when the boat is back on land for the winter. You'll want a heat gun as it makes short work of the whole process. I've removed huuuuge ugly decals from the side of a 1984 J/29 using a whole bottle of goo-be-gone, a box of razor blades, and a rag. Wish I had used a heat gun. If your boat is of the same vintage mine was, the vinyl letters may be removed, but the gel-coat outline will never ever go away. My brother removed all the decals from his boat and it was just fine, but its a 2009 and has only seen the light of day for two seasons. If the decals have been there for a ling time, the only way to make the outline truly go away is to paint the hull.
  2. USA 5184

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    YES and YES! Water pump was shit, couldn't keep oil in the engine and couldn't keep coolant out the engine! Gotta say though, it started first try every time. Had 3,000 hours on the clock.
  3. USA 5184

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    Thanks Dude! Also, I forgot about the engine. Make sure you do your homework on the engine and make sure parts are still available. After my J/24 & J/29 (both outboards) I decided I no longer wanted to reach over the transom to start the engine so the criteria for the next boat was an inboard diesel engine. I didn't do my homework and bought a boat with a Perkins 4-107 diesel. Big Mistake - I drove myself crazy trying to find parts for it and was a big reason why I decided to sell the boat.
  4. USA 5184

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    Have you ever owned a boat before? you pretty much need a survey to get insurance on a boat. Plus its also good to have someone who isn't emotionally involved to give the boat a once over. I have always had my brother or a friend look at any boat I was considering and have them give me their honest opinion. Freewheelin- Take some pictures and let us know how it goes. The Beneteau 305 is a nice looking boat. Not the fastest bot in the fleet but I hear they sail well and come into their own when the wind picks up. Cabin looks like a 35' boat. Hope all goes well. If the Survey and sea trial is good, getting the registration signed and a bill of sale signed is enough to get the boat registered back in NY. Ask to see the owners license and match it to the registration. I usually take a picture with my phone of their license - no one has objected to me doing that yet.
  5. USA 5184

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Fast40 Submarine40
  6. USA 5184

    Radio controlled sailing

    EC12 class on the East Coast of the US is alive and well, just wondering if Connecticut EC12 sailing still exists. There are 4 clubs listed as having the class in CT but I'm not sure if they're still active. Great White - I'm not sure who built my hull. The builder is not listed in the boat registry and inside all I can find is a hand written "468"
  7. USA 5184

    Radio controlled sailing

    Found this EC12 in a thrift store. Just started the restoration. Class website says #468 was registered to the class in 1975. Can't wait to get this thing sailing again! Any EC12 sailors out there?
  8. USA 5184

    Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    Lots of old boats around? laminate a card with who you are, what your doing, how to get in touch and leave it on all the boats you can find. Make a facebook group and/or website too.
  9. USA 5184

    Totally lost...

    My advice is to not get hung up on the electronics or the number of old sails the boat has. Boats collect sails over time because the sails get worn out, the owner buys a new set, but he can't part with the old set because he remembers how much he spent on them originally. I bought a J/29 with 10+ sails, but it was priced as if it had no sails because nothing was worthy of being hoisted up the mast. I pretty much bought a nice boat with 10 bags of garbage on board. If the budget is $15,000 and you're going to spend all $15,000 on the boat, then i guess it is important that it have at least one good set of sails. Personally, sails and electronics are the last thing I look at when looking at a boat. My first priority is checking the chainplates, bulkheads, mast step, keel bolts, stanchions and engine. Also, walk around the entire deck to check for any soft spots or excessive spider cracking. These checks will tell you of you have a good boat or not, then you can look at the sails and electronics. Sails and electronics are easy fixes that can be done over time while everything else mentioned above is not.
  10. USA 5184

    Thoughts on wide beam shoal draft cruisers

    go for a test sail and find out for yourself. I had an Irwin 37 with a 4' draft and no centerboard. It wasn't the best upwind, but it exceeded my expectations of how a boat that big with only a 4' draft would point. The build quality of the boat itself was shit though. I also had a Tangerine 18 with a 2' draft and no centerboard that was the worst sailing boat I've ever been on.
  11. USA 5184

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Bob, I'm a huge fan of your work. The Francis Lee is by far my favorite, very reminiscent of the Ray Hunt 510 which I also love. Why did the client for this project chose carbon fiber for a 36,000lb cruising boat?
  12. This looks really cool. I clicked on the link and I'm not about to spend $55 on it so I ordered a red and a green piece of Plexiglas on amazonto keep on the boat. if it doesn't work, I'll just throw 'em out
  13. This is exactly how I navigate. I also confuse blue for green sometimes, the color purple does not exist, and to this day I don't know what "Teal" is
  14. I don't think it "fixes" color deficiency. I hear that people still fail the color-dot test as it impairs other colors you can see like yellow, etc. I think the glasses just filter some light so that red and green are more apparent.
  15. I guess I'll just order the glasses and find out. I am both red and green color deficient. I never knew I had a problem until I was shown the color-dot book where there are supposed to be numbers in the dots and I was unable to see about half of the numbers. I also totally failed the Farnsworth lantern test. When I was in high school I wanted to go to a maritime academy but when I found out I can only have a provisional daytime captains license, I scrapped the idea. Now I'm just curious as to what this green color is that everyone keeps talking about. Apparently there are lots of dark green hulled boats I always thought were black.