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  1. ajbram


    Just thinking that. I doubt running up a new flag was at all a priority if anyone was out there. Why not wait til after the rain subsides.
  2. ajbram

    Favourite Boat pic?

    This one is another favourite. The boats in the background are some of the rest of our fleet.
  3. ajbram


    That's old now.... video is no longer live.
  4. ajbram


  5. ajbram


    Frying pan flag now toast.
  6. ajbram

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Are Mount Gay hats cool?
  7. ajbram


    Are you still talking about the storm, or are you watching big tit porn again?
  8. ajbram


    Good luck and stay safe. Same to all of your neighbours out there. Scary shit.
  9. ajbram

    What's your boat beer?

    30 years racing is plenty long in my books. I know what I like. Just wondered what everyone else likes. If you have become so old that "any beer will do" for you, I assume you are a very shrively old bastard and have great difficulty "hoisting your main" without chemical assistance (I suppose for you, the thread should have been entitled "what's your boner pill of choice?"). You sir, are hereby entitled to all the piss-warm Natty Lite you can consume through your feeding tube. For the rest of you, Thanks for the great responses. Lots of interesting local crafties I have not seen. This has been our go-to of late.
  10. ajbram

    What's your boat beer?

    That piss is still around in Canada.
  11. ajbram

    What's your boat beer?

  12. ajbram

    What's your boat beer?

    Yesterday a crew member who sails with us only once or twice a year (but is coming tonight) asked what kind of beer the boat is drinking these days so that he can bring some. Below is the message exchange between him and the captain. It illustrates the following: 1. If you are an occasional crew member, it's very courteous not only to offer beer, but to ask the regular crew what their preference is. This is good crew. 2. Our recreational beverage situation has clearly gotten away from us. Enjoy. Crew [11:04 AM] I’m in if you still need hands...sorry I haven’t been any help this year and so I will be bringing the ice and beer. What kind of beer now a days? Cap [2:36 PM] The beer! It’s gotten to be so fucking complicated. Cap [2:41 PM] In the beginning there was PBR and ice. Then some hippies decided to put quality beer in a can. That’s where it first went sideways. Now there is gay beer (hard seltzer). Lemonberry water flavored beer. Beer flavored beer. Beer flavored water. Lime flavored water. But the one thing that’s remained constant is that it needs to be on ice. And packed in the cooler properly. Good luck in your endeavors. The important things are that we drink a lot of it (responsibly), sail fast, and have a good time with our friends and crewmates. It's also important that we don't run out and that we have plenty of water on hand as well. The type of beer really isn't an issue, but that being said, what's your boat's beer of choice?
  13. ajbram

    SA Front Page has gone

    Magnitude (or amplitude?) not up to your usual standards VWAP. THe quality though, surpasses your typical efforts. Congrats.
  14. ajbram

    SA Front Page has gone

    How did that work out for you boatpussy? Was that endeavour 'fairly successful?' I'm sure the FP feels empty without the clicks of a 'fairly successful businessman."
  15. ajbram

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Water temps that time of year in L. Michigan are typically low to mid 60s. I have no data for that day but some digging in the NOAA website would turn it up. It has been high 60s to low 70s the last week or so - warmer than seasonal averages.