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  1. Mascis is legendary. And you've probably never heard of him.
  2. ajbram

    Random PicThread

  3. ajbram

    Sex Island???

    And the antibiotic starter pack?
  4. ajbram

    Surf Anarchy

    If you're gonna surf a lake, surf Lake Superior. Here's a friend of mine paddling into a decent dawn patrol set last January. I didn't take the picture, so can't take credit.
  5. ajbram

    what is it?

    Scotty, maybe you should have posted this to Dildo Anarchy?
  6. ajbram

    what is it?

    Parker Intellinder actuator from Oracle Team USA Controls foil pitch.
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  12. ajbram

    If You Love dogs......

    They know way more and are way more perceptive than we give them credit for. My wife has a chronic illness and our dog will just watch her to make sure she is ok. If she's not feeling well, he won't leave her side and will look super concerned until she tells him she's alright. The fairly major surgeries I have had in the 5 years that Farley has been with us (2 ankle rebuilds and a shoulder), he has not left my side - sleeps with his head on wherever the surgery was and licks around the cast when the pain is bad. He also thinks he's human, but in reality, he's a better person than most people I know.
  13. ajbram

    If You Love dogs......

    Labs are just the best. Farley (AKA Adventure Puppy) knows all about the finer points of hiking, whether it's on the boat or on the trail.
  14. ajbram

    Any cool bicycle builds lately?

    Yeah, I always felt like those were a little easier on the tires.