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  1. Which three Asymmetrics?

    Like others have said, depends on what racing you do. To expand on my earlier post, we race mostly W/L with the odd coastal race. Mostly light to moderate air. Of course it also depends on your boat, but using the Melges 32 for comparison, the A2 is our go-to in W/L club races in 8-18kt of breeze. If it is light and you need to sail hotter angles we go A3 (we also go A3 in big air). The Zero has won us a couple point-to point coastal races when the air has been next to nothing and we use it like a genoa. If you already carry an overlapping headsail, the A0 is probably redundant.
  2. Which three Asymmetrics?

    We carry a Code 0, A2, and A3.
  3. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    If the desire really is simple, cheap, accessible, and the idea is to base something on the J/24 since there are so many cheap ones sitting around right now, why not just leave it alone? If the idea is to get more people out for phrf events, there is nothing wrong with a J/24 as is. The boat that won the C division beercans at our club this year is a J/24 that the owners bought for $100. A couple new class sails and consistent crew, and they were competitive. Maybe the idea should be to increase awareness that there are boats available that would get interested people out on the water for a minimum investment. If the idea is to create a one-design class that capitalizes on the J/24s that are out there and readily available, but friendlier for shorthanded crews, I would still argue that getting rid of the genoa, and then trying to compensate for the loss of sail area by incrementally reducing weight and functionality will just result in slowed-down J/24 one-design racing in anything but heavy air. On the traveler issue, I agree that the short traveler is pretty ineffective in heavy air, but in light air getting the boom above centerline (even if it's just a bit) for twist is critical. Taking this off the boat, along with several of the other "simplifying" modifications just rob the boat of any light air performance.
  4. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Asym on a sprit sails hotter angles. You need crew weight to keep it flat. Deck-mounted articulating sprit allows you to sail deeper, which might be better for a J24
  5. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    So you're talking about max crew weights. This is really only beneficial when it's windy. Our most successful time racing a Kirby 25, we were 3 up totalling ~520lb. If it was blowing we flew the #3. If it was 11kt or less we flew the #1. In big air a J/24 with a jib is enough fun, it's when it gets light that it's going to feel really sticky with no #1. I don't see why "simplifying" has to mean "making it slower."
  6. Caption Contest

    Vlad the "in-sailor."
  7. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    +1.... increase RM, A-kite on that boat with a retrieval line and you wouldn't need anyone on the foredeck. Could be sailed by 3 pretty easily. Less crew + less sail = less fun. Less crew + more RM + more downwind SA = same amount of upwind fun + more upwind fun = more net fun.
  8. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Also, bolting on a keel bulb can't be any more expensive than replacing a deck.
  9. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Lower c/g = less reliance on crew weight for righting moment. I'm no engineer, but a 300lb bulb would probably be as helpful as 2 dudes on the rail. If you want to keep class sails and make a J/24 still competitive with less crew, I see this as a way to maintain performance. Jib-only, no traveler just helps to depower the boat. Saving ~150# by removing deck gear probably doesn't compensate for the loss of horsepower from not having a genoa.
  10. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    this Class jib uphill.... big fuck-off A-kite downhill.
  11. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Having raced J/24s and a number of things that used to rate level-is with J/24s (Kirby 25, Merit 25, Capri 25) in point to point races as well as 'round the cans, I can attest that jib only is probably not competitive unless the rating took a major bump. Beamy, short waterline things like to be sailed flat, and only have an advantage when you can surf/plane. For us the formula used to be throw up the 155 and get a few beefy dudes on the high side. Shorthanded, jib-only in big air in point-to point races, we would get passed by boats with lower aspect ratio sailplans that had less heeling moment for the same amount of horsepower, and waterlined by things like C&C 30s who we owed 4 sec/mile. In lighter air things like U20s just stomped us downwind. Without changing the rig or putting a blob of lead at the bottom of the keel, I can't see a way of making crew weight a non-factor. Jib only is just going to be underpowered.
  12. Caption Contest

    4th mode realized?
  13. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Why get rid of the traveler?
  14. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    http://okcboatclub.com/files/phrf/class-rules/ic-24.pdf ?
  15. Why don't more people race?

    I applaud you for finding a solution that is applicable beynd your own boat. Many others just complain about low numbers on the start line.