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  1. vtsail

    ORC optimization

    So long as the measurements were taken accurately (spin poles measured, jugs weighed), this is the only fair way to measure your stability. I'm a naval architect and we perform this exact experiment multiple times a year to determine the lightship weight and centers of gravity for ships and crane barges. As far as the correlation between ORC and PHRF, all I can say is there is very little (none) science behind PHRF. ORC might not be perfect, but I have found it to be generally more realistic than PHRF.
  2. vtsail

    J22 Trailer

    Shot in the dark, but does anyone have/know of a used J22 trailer on the east coast for sale? Ours is getting dodgy and probably should be replaced. Thanks.
  3. vtsail

    Annapolis Newport Race

    It's a great race dominated by local knowledge in the Bay leg. All that being said though, you can overcome a poor performance in the Bay if you nail the ocean part of the course. In 2017 we were DEEP after the Chesapeake leg which we spent very little time preparing for since being a Bay boat we had gone "down the bay" plenty of times to just do it. We were wrong. However we prepped very hard for the ocean leg and nailed that portion of the race to easily win our class. I would recommend looking at the CBOFS website for current and weather forecasting. Also important to look up the flowrates at the Conowingo dam in the days leading up to the race. If flow levels coming out of the dam are high you might never see a flood tide going down the bay...
  4. vtsail

    J/111 downwind sails

    3 times. In my opinion it is the most interesting of the three bigger east coast ocean races. It's a lot more tactical than the others with the inshore leg and the leg from Block Island to Newport. However you can still do well if you nail the ocean part and screw up one of the other legs. In 2017 we were deep exiting the bay but crushed the ocean leg and wound up winning our day overall (two different start days, on this occasion every boat that started on Saturday beat every boat that started Friday purely due to the weather). My suggestion is due in large part to your sail inventory. The Halifax race demands that you have a versatile reaching inventory which it seems you might be lacking. I think you would be able to race the boat with your currently inventory easier in the A2N as it tends to be much more of an upwind downwind type race course.
  5. vtsail

    J/111 downwind sails

    If you are considering an offshore race this summer let me vouch for/suggest the Annapolis to Newport over the Halifax race. Warmer but probably also better suited to the strengths of the 111. Also likely to be more 111s to sail against in that race as well.
  6. vtsail

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Are there crew lists published anywhere?
  7. vtsail

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    To be fair I think they sailed the Dehler 30 OD for the first time either Wednesday or Thursday before the race....
  8. vtsail

    “Two Bridge Fiasco” (Annapolis)

    It's going to be crowded and spicy. Pretty amazing to get this many boats signed up for the first year of a new event. I suspect this will be the first double handed race for many of the participants (myself included).
  9. vtsail

    charlie enright

    Realizing that Charlie wasn't on board going into Hong Kong, what is the bigger regret from the last Volvo Race: the collision with the fishing boat or the dismasting? Which one will he learn the greater lesson from?
  10. It's also a rating issue. I believe that the symmetric kite gives advantages in IRC and ORC in certain situations. So it can be a ratings play as well.
  11. vtsail

    C&C 30OD values today

    Ramrod couldn't have sold already could she? Cant find the listing on yachtworld...
  12. vtsail

    Keel Modification - Who Can I Call?

    I would avoid Scott if at all humanely possible. He has screwed me on some jobs in the past (for work not sailing). I would work with Jim Taylor out of Marblehead, MA. He has done a lot of quality engineering projects for us for sailing purposes.
  13. vtsail

    what's your yacht club doing?

    Our club has had to lay off many of our long-tenured and valued employees due to having to close the restaurant/bar, cancelling catering/banquet events, and cancelling member events. Many of our members, instead of lobbying for reduced fees, have offered to pay the balance of our annual dues right now in hopes of taking care of the people who work for the club. They have suspended the restaurant minimums as the restaurant isn't open.
  14. This blows but it is probably the right call.
  15. vtsail

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    That looks like a stressful day on the water.