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  1. Anyone know which teams for this edition got which boat from the last race?
  2. I don't think you have any recourse, but he definitely shouldn't have gotten redress for that race anyway....
  3. Anyone able to tell who was on the Vestas crew for the transat from the pictures?
  4. Can be a very awesome race or very trying. Safe bet at least part of it will be very difficult in one way or another. I'll be in again this year. Hope it's more like last time than the time before that.
  5. Does anyone know which boat this new Team Vestas/11th hour will be sailing? Is it the repaired boat?
  6. 2013 Annapolis Newport Race. Getting our ass kicked in a Noreaster headed towards block island after having drifted off the Chesapeake for two days. Whole crew except two or three are sea sick spread out below and it's pissing down rain. Skipper announces that he has to piss, looks down into the cabin at all the bodies and looks at me and just says "Fuck that. You might want to lift up your boots." Proceeds to take a piss right there in the cockpit. I have never in my life laughed so hard at the absurdity of the whole situation.
  7. Saw today that 52 SuperSeries has confirmed the sale of Interlodge to the Gladiator team. Anyone know the Scuttlebutt behind this sale? Seems pretty expensive to build a brand new 52 for just one regatta then sell it.
  8. When is this sale supposed to happen? End of the season?
  9. Not my boat, but rather a few in front of us. Screwpile regatta a few years back. They had added a distance race for the first time. Local J boat rounded the channel side of a day mark with some room to spare and parked it up on a shoal that wasn't supposed to be there. The funny part is that one of their competition (on a bigger boat) apparently decided that there was enough room between the boat (that was aground) and the day mark to go between them. The result was predictable. Scariest thing we hit was in the 2015 Marblehead to Halifax. Guy on the wheel is a know joker and says "it smells like whale farts or something". Not ten seconds later: WHABAM. Closest I've ever come to pissing my foulies.
  10. Is the live video archived anywhere? Just getting home from work and want to catch up!
  11. Broken V1? This is the third Chesapeake Bay J122 to suffer a rig failure since the 2015 Annapolis to Newport race. Is there a known weakness in the rigs in this class?
  12. Anyone have any idea about who is on team AkzoNobel besides Simeon?
  13. There are sailors who don't do drugs?!
  14. UFD is a new starting penalty. Like a black flag but you only get disqualified if that start goes off and you are identified as over early. If that start results in a general recall you still get to have a crack at the next start.
  15. The boat I sail on uses all Ullman sails and we have the fiberpath main and no1. I would NOT recommend these sails for your use however since you plan to leave them on the boat. It isn't worth having high performance string sails if you don't take care of them, and they do not like being left on the boom, furled on the headstay. However, they are great sailing sails and will give your boat great drive.