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  1. Wasnt SiFi the navigator? The reef is after that accident named "Luren" slang for Phone and too trick someone in Swedish.
  2. How to build large format display

    Originaly there where two KVH maxi displays on my boat (Compass and Log) First the compass got water in it so I back engineered how data was sent to the display and built a new one with 7- segment LEDs (Top) Then I added a LCD standard RS232 monochrome to see if the would work. (Middle) Not very good in direct sunlight Bottom is in photo a KVH display for speed but is replaced with a NASA yacht repeater. (Bottom) It displays only 1/10th of knot. I missing the 1/100th decimal though.
  3. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    Can Artemis challenge from an NZ yacht club?
  4. melges 24 keel movement

    No. Sounds like you need new delrins
  5. Melges 24 keel lifting eye

    They are out of stock. Any other suggestion?
  6. My toolbox got stolen so now Im missing the lifting eye for the keel. What size thread is it? 1/2"? Is there a standard lifting eye to purchase? Note that Im in Sweden so Inch sizes are not that common.
  7. Vendee Globe 2016?

    AIS signal not working any more for Thomas. Mast down?
  8. Melges 24 Worlds

    Im an outsider and like the tracker... Also jealous for not beeing there
  9. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Anchoring in Mindelo. He is going to have to fight to get people stay of his boat...
  10. Vendee Globe 2016?

    The way HB is going between the island there are big holes with no wind. I have raced from Sao Vincente to St Luzia and he will have alot to do...
  11. Does my mast really need spreaders?

    I have replaced my standing rigging on the X99 using the spin and genoa halyard. One side at the time though. Used the main halyard to hosit me up the mast to do the replacement. I heeled the boat over so only the side with correct rigging was loaded up.
  12. Artemis?

    Flipped i just missed 10 mi utes late in Irl
  13. Garmin GWIND + GND10

    I have a Raspberry Pi that does all the NMEA stuff. So I need theGND10 to be standalone to make it work
  14. Garmin GWIND + GND10

    On the GND10 there is a USB port that you can connect to a computer. Does it send AWA and AWS if you have the GWIND connected? I need to replace a tacktick windinstrument that is on the bottom of the sea.