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  1. Have a look here: https://foilingworld.co.uk/how-to-buy-an-f101 There is only one used availible now
  2. Here is the spec https://foilingworld.co.uk/technical-stuff There is also a smaller main and a selftacking jibb avalible now.
  3. It gets up on the foil in 6-8 knots of wind when singel handing it Here is from last year in that wind range
  4. I did this analysis and ended up buying a F101. It fits your wind range perfectly and I use it both for singel and double handed sailing
  5. Jammen

    best new foiler for beginner?

    The F101 is super easy to foil with. I also have a windsurfer with foils. That is a bit harder. But both have in common that they dont like seaweed... One advantage with the F101 is that you can bring a friend out and foil :-)
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    Sunset pictures

  7. Jammen


    My first controlled foiling on the F101