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  1. GTim

    wait a fucking minute

    What the flying fuck.....items 13 and 14? Really? What the flying fuck????? This dude needs to get slammed by the law. This shit steams my clams!
  2. GTim

    So, we have to go to Maui

    Maui is one of the most beautiful places! Don't think I could live there but there is so much to do for visitors.
  3. Pics or it never happened.....
  4. GTim

    Sail or Bail?

    Bail....this thing may be the next One Aus.
  5. Just making sure here so don't be you have the centerboard model? and if so, is it DOWN prior to turning upwind? Other that than, shorten sail to make the boat feel balanced and your passengers more comfortable.
  6. GTim

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    So I'm curious as to the clubs that offer membership owned boats....are these boats piles of crap, or soon turned into piles of crap? Wouldn't the users be less inclined to take good care when using them if they don't have a real stake in owning them? Used hard and put away wet? How much does it really cost to own these boats, and is it coming off the backs of the regular members who already own boats? Someone stated above....if they offered a $500 a year useage fee......really? 500 bux? What's that going to get you in terms of maintenance and upkeep on a multi person boat (lightning, Sonar, J22, etc)? A respectable smallish boat at what, 5-10K? Rags for 3K every couple years......? Maybe being a long time racer and a taurus, polish Gen-X'r has my thinking biased that these people would want to sail successfully, but you have to have a very well maintained kit to do so.....maybe people at that level don't care about how they do?
  7. GTim

    Whatever happened to triangles?

    YES, this
  8. Sell your boat and buy one that you can afford proper parts and pieces for.
  9. GTim

    Daysailer suggestions?

    Flying Scot. A bit bigger, but can easily handle a small outboard, stable, sailed on inland lakes in many places. Available. Any you will be able to sell it later.
  10. GTim

    49 - 420's built wrong?

    Doug Halsey, I just read through that thread. 30 lb would make a difference for sure. If I had a hanging scale, I'd go weigh our cheater boat just out of curiousity.
  11. GTim

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Late follow up on this thread. What I learned.....DO NOT attempt when the forestay is not connected and mast not up. It went on very easily with the mast up and forestay tight. I did not need a halyard or even extra hands. It was nice that I had someone to feed it from shore, but it could have been a one person job. This was on a soverel 33.
  12. GTim

    49 - 420's built wrong?

    Just found this out last night. My son has been sailing/travelling with one of the "illegal" boats that our junior program bought. A memo came out from one of the judges in our area. It sucks because this is the nicest hull our club owns. So last night, as we were preparing to load for a regatta, we were shuffling teams and equipment. Better than getting chucked when you get to the venue though. I agree that the one design aspect must be kept and the mfr should have cleared with the class before changing their build. That being said, these boats are fat, heavy turds so I seriously doubt that there is any speed benefit from the changes. Perhaps long term durability.
  13. GTim

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Tried to snap it on this weekend but I would need about 8 more hands to have completed this alone. Even when it was warm and I used soapy water, I'd get a foot or so attached and when I would try to slide it toward the top, as soon as I relaxed my grip, it would jump back off. I knew right away I didn't stand a chance alone so I said fuck it. Going to wait till this weekend when the mast is up and more bodies available. having a TIGHT forestay will help immensely.
  14. GTim

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    I'm in a holding pattern till this fucking weather improves. However, the headfoil is "relaxing" in my back yard until then. It appears that it uncoiled a good bit over the past 2 days even with no sun, 40 degree temps and rain. Supposed to be warmer with sun tomorrow might give it a try. I cut it to length and drilled for the end cap. Just need to snap it on.
  15. GTim

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    I'm going to be doing a 40' long carbo foil this week, rig down, forestay tied between trees. Sounds like its going to be a biotch.