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  1. Even the most well known store indicated to me that they never know how many, which type, or when they will get parts from LP. I needed a little plastic mast cap and had to practically go to the dark web to find one. This smells like a turd because it is one, being dropped on one of the perennial top 10 one design classes. AND IT STINKS!
  2. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    He couldn't have paid for the bowling anyway, he was living in the gutter at the time.
  3. scotw

  4. Why would you post if you didn't bring it up? And why wouldn't you bring it up? GEEEEZZZ
  5. Any info on this boat?

    But it has a TV!
  6. Sunfish. Easy to sail, doesn't swamp when capsized, has autobailer, rig is very adjustable for weight of sailor and wind conditions. If in trouble, the sail can be lowered. Located everywhere and CHEAP.
  7. There are many sides to look at. Could it be that the windsurfer was hot-dogging and went over to buzz the powerboat and misjudged? The other way around maybe? Maybe the windsurfer spun out. Happens frequently when the fin ventilates in choppy conditions sending you flying sideways like when dinghy sailing with the daggerboard up. Hopefully details will be forthcoming and information shared in the interest of prevention, not for assigning blame. Either way, you are looking at a 35 lb rig plus weight of rider versus hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds of powerboat. Terrible outcome. And as mentioned above, as sailboats travel faster and faster, this may become more prevalent.
  8. This is definitely a tragic incident, more so because the powerboat was a "life saving" boat. I have had a few somewhat close calls with powerboats while windsurfing. I sense that it is mostly due to unawareness of the powerboat as to the speed (and variability of speed) of the windsurfer. You could go from planing to slogging in an instant on a gusty day. If they are coming up in your blind spot (windward hip) you may not hear or see them. Windows in the sails help tremendously with visibility to leeward, but not always. I have come to the realization that it is in my best interest to gybe early and often to avoid any potential crossing situation with power boats. It is a match up that sadly the windsurfer surely loses.
  9. http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/windsurfer-was-struck-killed-by-uw-lifesaving-boat-authorities-say/article_4835b5e3-2c81-5873-8234-b249d0a07bc0.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share What's up with that? Any one local have more details?
  10. what is it?

    Fazekas Gabor's P26 V2
  11. Ouch!

    I wouldn't want to use ANY of the deck hardware after looking at that! Do you guys see a plate even? Looks like the deck skin was holding it.
  12. Eight Bells Linda Tillman

    Outstanding contributions to the sunfish class and sailing community as a whole! RIP Linda.
  13. Melges 40 - Ho Lee Fuk

    Only thing interesting in this thread is the resurgence of the robot rant
  14. Predict Wind

    I haven't used the paid version of the site, but often look to it for trends or more specific. I am VERY disappointed in its capabilities. It has been wrong so many times that I don't rely on it any more. The weather channel 10 day forecast has been better. Maybe its geographically challenged in the great lakes, but I give it a thumbs down.
  15. Hypothetical Friday - Dream Boat

    Another friggin Friday post without the goods.......