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  1. kh3sd

    Flying Tiger

    Saw the 118 sails up on a boat with red stripes in the NYD race. Guessing that was ACPs hull with the new boats gear? Was just curious to see the new boat go and wasn't sure what the story was. Hope to see you fellas out this Saturday again. Happy New Year and congrats on the new boat. I'm pretty sure those numbers and stripes were supposed to be changed to blue... You'll know when you see the new boat... That was hull 81 with the 118 sails/crew
  2. kh3sd

    Flying Tiger

    It looked something like this
  3. kh3sd

    Flying Tiger

    An order of 10 FT 7.5's went to that area for an adult sailing school.
  4. kh3sd

    Flying Tiger

    Southern California fleet is alive and well. Hull 83 is just getting into the fleet with her new owner and FTB has a new FT10 (hull 118) in a container and on the way to San Diego! Hoping to get six or seven boats for Long Beach race week at the end of the month. Shameless plug... FT 7.5 offered for sale in the classifieds.